Aclara Kv2c Meter

Enhance utility practices and empower customers to proactively manager their water usage


Enhance utility practices and empower customers to proactively manager their water usage


Aclara KV2C DEMAND FM16S 320A 120-480V 3P4W. Aclara KV2C Utility Grade Meter. Reads kWh and 30 Min. Service Voltages 120/208Y or 277/480 or 120/240. Socket required. 7 Terminal 320Amp. View socket for this meter (4-MF-D7T320SHO) View the wiring diagram for this meter. Aclara KV2C Demand Utility Grade Meter Reads KHW and 15 Min. KW Demand 200 AMPS Service Voltages 120 Network, 120, 240 or 480 Socket required 5 Terminal 200 Amp Matching Socket (required): 5 terminal, 100 amp 5 terminal, 200 amp View the wiring diagram for this meter. Add Output Pulse to any meter (Pulse value = 10 watthours) for $70.00.


Why point-to-point networks are the foundation of
distribution automation and grid modernization


Pedernales Electric Cooperative to implement
350,000 RF endpoints across 45 cities, including Austin.



Redundancy, cost-effectiveness, and integration with outage management solutions are the keys to success.


See how utilities use a grid monitoring solution to reduce wildfire threats.


Learn how to collect, analyze and use smart grid data to add value to your business

Ge Kv2c Meter Manual

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Aclara Kv2c Meter

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Harness new insight from every AMI metering endpoint in your network.

Aclara’s residential and commercial smart meter solutions bring accuracy and clarity into power usage across an electric utility’s distribution network. Our full range of Smart Energy Meter products offers robust, flexible and configurable technology for every metering requirement from basic, energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering functionality – with multiple communication technologies.

A versatile electric meter for energy-only advanced smart meter solutions, Aclara’s line of smart residential meters comply with ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.18, ANSI C12.19, ANSI C12.10, ANSI C12.20, and ANSI C37.90.1 standards. Aclara’s I-210 meters combine smart grid functionality with precision measurement, broad communications options, load management support and advanced billing and CRM capability.

Reach a new level of highly accurate revenue metering, advanced real-time instrumentation and true power quality for your commercial and industrial customers. Aclara’s kV2c electric meters comply with ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.18, ANSI C12.19, ANSI C12.10, ANSI C12.20, and ANSI C37.90.1 standards.


The SGM series delivers a comprehensive line of smart meters that are designed to comply with IEC standards. The Aclara SGM series links both usage and power quality data with advanced smart grid functionality such as demand response, time-of-use billing and remote management.

Aclara Meter

Bring the power of new smart grid applications to your commercial customers with Aclara’s complete smart meter platform for advanced demand response programs, power quality measurements, and data collection and monitoring needs.

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