Adobe Photoshop For Mac 10.7

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When running Photoshop from a non-Administrator account, Photoshop requires read access to some system-level folders and read/write access to some user-level folders.

Adobe Photoshop For Mac 10.7

Note: A user account with full administrative rights is required for installation.
Read/write access is required to the root folder of any non-boot drive that is specified in Photoshop's Preferences as a scratch disk.

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Read/write access is required to any folders into which you've saved files.
Read/write access is required to these user-level folders:

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  • Mac OS: The User's Library folder. To access this folder, see Can't see user library files in Mac OS 10.7 and later.
  • Windows: The User's AppData folder. This folder is located under the Users[Username] folder.

Read access is required to these system-level folders:


Adobe Photoshop For Mac 10.77

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  2. The all-new Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Mac OS X v.10.4 (Tiger) make this a great time to be an Adobe customer on the Mac platform. Adobe and Apple have worked closely together through the development of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Adobe Creative Suite 2 to ensure that our software is fully compatible with Tiger.
  • Mac OS: The System Library folder and the Application folders.

Note: The System Library folder is different from the Users' Library folder.

1. Choose Go > Computer

2. Select Macintosh HD > System > Library.

  • Windows: The Program Files folder (for 64-bit program installations), or the Program Files (x86) folder (for 32-bit program installations).

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