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Good news to all SMC fans, the PC version of Super Mecha Champions is finally out and it features stunning high definition (HD) graphics unlike the mobile version and the emulator. This is also good news for both PC and mobile players as some of the PC players play in the emulator version, which gives some advantage to PC players in matches against mobile users. With this, PC players has their own separate server to play. If you're using NVIDIA cards, it also has additional features that utilize the NVIDIA physx making the game more realistic in terms of environment, fights, and debris explosives. Super Mecha Champions is an anime-mecha battle royale and action shooter game developed by NetEase, where you'll be playing as both pilot and its gundam like robots against other player, who ever stay alive until the final match circle win the game. Currently, there are two available servers available for SMC. SMC-PC-Asia (Playable on June 1, 2020)SMC-PC-US How to Download PC Version You can download the PC version from their official website at: (3.12 GB) How to Install Extract the zip files and open up setup exe file. It will then asked you what preferred language you want to use. The available language are Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and English. Once you've done selecting, click Confirm. Accept the Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Optional, you can select your installation directory. Once done, click Start Installation. Wait until the installation is complete. After that, it will then launch the game. Then select the server with the least ms to have lag-free experience. For now, you can select SMC-PC-US. The SMC-PC-Asia will be available on June 1st. That's it, you're now free to play the SMC in your PC. If you have problem installing the Super Mecha Champions PC version, let us know in the comment section.Battle

Anime Battle 4.0 Anime Battle 4.0, great 3d graphics upgraded with the new version available.Make perfect fights with close to 50 playable characters. Naruto, One Piece and Pokemon with the new characters participating in the necessarily try. Anime Battle is back with a huge update adding no less than 17 new characters! The great thing about this version 2.2 is the addition of the main characters from the Dragon Ball Z series, namely Goku, Vegeta and Gotenks. Aug 29, 2020 - Gameplay and download on the website of the game Anime Battle Climax (compilation by TrafalgarLawzz), Made based of checking engine M.U.G.E.N, in good old. Download Anime: Battle of the Cosmos for PC - free download Anime: Battle of the Cosmos for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10, Nokia, Blackberry, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo - free download Anime: Battle of the Cosmos Android app, install Android apk app for PC, download free android apk files at Over 50 characters from the strongest eras in Shonens history. Smooth Retro Bit style gameplay. Battle with your favorite Anime icons and settle once and for all who is the strongest! #retro #action #multiplayer #arcade #anime.

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Anime Battle 4.8

Fighting game featuring no less than 32 characters from the most popular animes, but also from video games such as BlazBlue (Ragna and Jin Kisaragi). You will thus find your usual heroes from Naruto, One Piece or Bleach, but also characters that we see less often as Kirito, the main protagonist of the excellent anime 'Sword Art Online'. Each character has specific skills and transformations making fights very tactical and exciting.
NB: The game is particularly large, please be patient while it loads.
Game Controls:
AD: Move
S: Defense
J: Attack
K: Jump
L: Dash
UIO: Key Skills
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