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Blade & Sorcery delivers what many of us have been expecting ever since we first played a combat-heavy game.


It’s an opportunity to delve into an immersive world and rip our enemies to shreds in ultra-violent fashion, all without repercussions other than the occasional motion sickness.

  1. In this feature, we're chatting with Kingo64, the creator of the most popular mod for Blade & Sorcery - The Outer Rim. Being a bit of a Star Wars geek myself, this is a mod I've been following for a long time.
  2. Oct 24, 2020 You can install Blade and Sorcery mods in two ways – manually and automatically using the Vortex installer. Both will get you custom working mods in the game. A lot of players enjoy the Vortex installer because the user interface makes it easy to use. However, it is not compatible for everyone.

Warpfrog’s pioneering VR Medieval Fantasy has inspired many independent creators who’ve poured their souls into making a variety of creative mods for this fantastic game. And there’s a lot to sort through!

Whether you just want to add some more weapons to keep things varied, or want to turn your game into something completely different, I’m confident this list will point you in the right direction.

20. Neck Snapper

Among the game’s best features are the many ways you can use the sophisticated physics engine as a weapon against your enemies.

The Neck Snapper mod by creator JohnnyJohnnyBS simply goes a step further, letting you grab your enemy’s head to snap their neck with an energetic twist.

It’s all in the wrist!

Blades And Sorcery Mods Oculus

For more immersive combat, necks can also be snapped by applying enough force to the head at the right angle. This way you’d be effectively severing the connection between the brain and the spine. Ain’t video games a hoot?

19. Energy Sword

As a kid who was just getting into “big boy” gaming with Halo, the Energy Sword carried by Sangheili Elites seemed like the coolest weapon in the game.


And I remember pretending I had one while playing make-believe fights with my friends.

Thanks to this wonderful mod by creator SyfeFireshard, I can now wield my dream weapon in a VR environment and take the make-believe fantasies of a pre-teen Spartan to the next level.

Of course, this thing will cleave through your enemies with ease. And it’s sophisticated enough that the energy blades will only surface when you pick up the weapon and disappear once you drop it.

18. Iron Man Gauntlets

In much the same way I grew up with Halo’s weaponry, kids these days pretend they’re characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I don’t know if kids should really be subjecting their optical nerves to VR. But that doesn’t stop you, the adult (I presume?) from showing off these Iron Man Gauntlets by modder JohnnyJohnnyBS.

And these are not just for show!

They’ll let you shoot beams of light like in the movies, and they enable you to fly like Robert Downey Jr.

This is utterly insane in VR.

17. Mjolnir

If the MCU’s super-cool version of Elon Musk isn’t to your liking, don’t worry. There are other Avengers to choose from.

And modder Awonya brings the Thor experience right to your Blade & Sorcery gameplay.

Become the God of Thunder with Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir, capable of almost every feat seen in Marvel’s films.

You can fly with it, spin it around, throw it, and even call it back to your hand no matter how far it is.

You can also charge it up with lightning by immersively holding it up to the sky, then blast enemies away with your godly power.

All this while looking incredibly cool in-game, and silly as hell in real life.

16. Fisher’s Semi-Auto Pistols

Some of us prefer to keep things simple.

So instead of magical hammers, perhaps some good-old firearms are in order.

But not just any guns. SwordFisherL42’s Semi-Auto Pistols are the most immersive ones available for Blade & Sorcery, thanks to their removable magazines, realistic lock system, and many other neat features.

It’s more of a proof of concept and even a tool for other modders to use for their own guns. But it’s still fun to play around with!

15. Fisher’s Pistols Pack

Creator SwordFisherL42 isn’t only interested in immersive gunplay, but also adding guns to Blade & Sorcery in general.

After all, what is gunpowder in a medieval setting, if not sorcery?

This mod adds several different pistols to the game, ranging from a classic 9mm handgun to the Drakefire Flintlock Pistol, similar to what you’d see in a game like Sea of Thieves.

Each of them is unique both visually and stat-wise.

These might feel a bit overpowered going against medieval foot soldiers. But we’ve thought of that.

The creator made sure to add some pistol-wielding enemy waves too. Prepare for intense shootouts!

14. Bloodborne Firearms

While not as cool as Bloodborne’s vast array of trick weapons, all the firearms in our beloved horror RPG are some of the freshest, most unusual guns ever seen in a game.

This mod by creator Razor brings the most iconic Bloodborne guns from Yharnam into your arsenal in Blade & Sorcery.

It includes staples like the Hunter’s Blunderbuss, the Church Cannon, and Ludwig’s Rifle.

All meshes and textures are basically the same ones seen in the original game. So you can’t complain about it not being faithful to the source material!

13. Bond Wire (Grappling Gun)

I remember one of the first games I ever tried in VR was an early version of Windlands, which revolves around using a couple of grappling hooks to get around an expansive beautiful world.

Well, the concept stuck with me.

And I was thrilled to learn I could re-live the same swinging experience in Blade & Soul’s engine thanks to modder Ebediam.

Enter the Bond Wire, a sort of grappling hook that’ll attach to any surface.

Just be advised, you better have built up a lot of resistance to motion sickness before you give this a try.

Don’t operate heavy machinery after taking the headset off.

12. Easier Dismemberment

Dismembering your enemies is a fundamental part of combat in Blade & Sorcery.

And it certainly isn’t all that hard to pull off.

That said, when you’re using a magical axe, a lightsaber, or a super-sharp katana, it’s a bit jarring for a limb to cling to its owner as if it had adamantium-reinforced joints.

Thanks to this simple mod by creator Kinetic, separating a limb from a torso should be as easy as breaking apart a KFC chicken wing. That’s to say, only slightly challenging.

11. Death Pit Fortress

It’s easy to find custom maps in Blade & Sorcery’s modding scene. These range from simple ports of Counter-Strike maps to masterfully crafted recreations of Star Wars locales.

And we all love a good Star Wars mod.

One of my favorites in terms of gameplay has to be the Death Pit Fortress, which is also one of the most popular. And therefore, frequently featured on YouTube videos the world over.

It’s basically a bunch of narrow walkways over a bottomless pit, which dramatically restricts your movement and forces you to think quickly to be the last one standing.

Just… don’t look down.

10. Mine and Sorcery

A game can’t become famous on YouTube without someone eventually mashing it up with Minecraft one way or another.

Creator SuperMassimo was the first to do this for Blade & Sorcery, introducing a wide variety of blocky mining tools, weapons, and even TNT blocks from Mojang’s influential sandbox.

Hell, they even added potions with effects like boosting your jump height or making you invisible.

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast or just a YouTuber looking for that epic gamer clout, you have to try this one out.

9. Bickle’s Skyrim Weapons

Similarly, there can be no fantasy/medieval game without someone bringing over weapons from the most re-released game in recent memory: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This mod by creator Bickle puts real Dragonborn power in your hands by introducing Daedric blades, Akaviri Katanas, and all manner of weaponry found across the northern regions of Tamriel.

If you’re a Skyrim lover who wants to re-experience a bit of its charm without giving Todd Howard your credit card details (again) then this is the mod for you.

8. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Combat in Blade & Sorcery isn’t bad by any means.

But there’s always room for improvement, especially if you’re looking for the most realistic experience possible.

Modder Slugga17’s Combat Overhaul tweaks its mechanics in several ways to achieve more realistic and immersive battles.

Some of the mod’s features are better ragdoll physics, increased damage when hitting vital spots like the head/torso, and the possibility to knock someone down with a leg sweep or a shield bash.

There’s also an ultra-realism version, if you’re truly committed. It definitely improves immersion too which is a big plus.

7. SharpAI

Since we’re messing with the combat mechanics already, why not go ahead and improve our opponents’ AI too?

SharpAI by modder Siilk adds over 1800 C# lines of code to the vanilla AI.

All this fancy code gives them skills like back-stepping from your attacks and counter-attacking by taking advantage of any opening.

They also won’t lose their weapons as easily, and just pushing them around won’t be as effective.

This is a must if you have even the slightest combat skill, or if you want to up the challenge a bit.

6. Medieval Megapack

Now if you want to add variety to your Blade & Sorcery arsenal, but aren’t keen on completely destroying immersion, consider this Medieval Megapack by Sushin.

This massive mod features over 90 realistic European weapons from the middle-ages, not only for you, but also for your enemies to wield.

It includes a wide array of daggers, bastard swords, cutlasses, and even rapiers.

But also some “possible but not entirely real” weapons, like hiltless swords, double-headed axes, and a whole bunch more. Give it a try to see what this offers.

5. Fantasy Megapack

Also by Sushin comes the Fantasy Megapack, which introduces over 90 fantasy weapons with diverse effects to really put the “Sorcery” in Blade & Sorcery.

The weapons themselves are mostly similar to those found on the Medieval Megapack.

But now we have magic traits like Shredding, which causes blood loss. Or Volcanic, which carries the power of fire and produces explosions on contact.

Occasionally an enemy may also spawn with a super-powerful weapon, so be on your guard!

4. Katana Megapack

Magical weapons are fine and all. But I’ve been watching anime since I was a toddler, and I know there’s no cooler sword than a super-sharp Japanese katana.

This mod by Siilk doesn’t only introduce katanas into the game, but a whole slew of derivative Japanese blades as well!

Like the half-lance half-sword Nagamaki, the small and versatile Wakizashi, and even tiny knives like the Tanto.

The amount of detail put into the blades is just striking. You’ll feel like a real Samurai when fighting with these.

3. Mythical Weapon Pack

We already covered a “magical weapons” mod with the Fantasy Megapack.

But still, this Mythical Weapon Pack by Sushin goes a step further by crafting truly mysterious weapons you’ll need to engage with to fully understand.

You can find 20 unique weapons in total, and while some have pretty simple effects like draining life and causing elemental damage, there are also others with sophisticated magic like mind-control.

There’s even a sword with a mind of its own, ready to fight to protect your life.

It’s definitely one of the most fun mods around, which has earned it some real popularity in the modding community.

2. Bloodborne Trick Weapons

When I first saw the Bloodborne Trick Weapons mod, I was amazed that NexusMods user Razor had gone through the trouble of porting these complex-looking weapons.

When I realized they worked exactly the same, I was flabbergasted.

These weapons look just like they do in Bloodborne. But they’re also wielded in much the same way.

That means they can transform – which is done immersively by mimicking what a Hunter might do in the original game. Seriously cool stuff.

It may not introduce as many weapons as some of the other mods listed here, but what you’ll get in this pack is easily the most technically-amazing and unique arms you can gain access to in Blade & Sorcery.

Absolutely give this a try if you can.

1. The Outer Rim

I’ve been ignoring Star Wars mods on this list for two reasons.

The first is that there are too many to cover. The second reason?

The best ones are already in The Outer Rim mod.

This ambitious project by Kingo64 aims to transform Blade & Sorcery into a Star Wars battle simulator. And for the most part, it’s successful.

It introduces weapons like lightsabers with interchangeable Kyber crystals, and some classic blasters (which will actually hit their targets).

But also a bunch of new battlegrounds set in places like Tatooine and Naboo.

If you don’t like Star Wars, well I don’t know how that’s possible but there are plenty of other incredible mods in this list for you to try.

But if you’re a fan, absolute install The Outer Rim the first chance you get.

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You can use mods Blade and Sorcery VR game, and here our list of top 20 best Blade and Sorcery mods. Our top best mods list includes the most downloaded and most like mods for Blade and Sorcery. This article includes weapons mods, combat mods, the fascinating Star Wars mods, Skyrim Mod, and a lot more. You cannot just miss trying them out at least once. The list is crafted with an idea to give you a combination of everything. From new content to challenging NPC’s to weapon you had never seen before in Blade and Sorcery.

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Best Mods For Blade and Sorcery

  1. Adrenaline
  2. The Outer Rim
  3. Dark Chains (Telekinesis on enemies and force choke) ( U7)
  4. Medieval MegaPack (U7)
  5. Bone Holsters
  6. Electrical
  7. Bickle’s Skyrim Weapons
  8. Bloodborne Trick Weapons
  9. Katana megapack
  10. Retractable Claws
  11. The Leviathan Axe
  12. Custom NPC Voices Framework

All top mods of Blade & Sorcery are from Nexusmods. A trusted source to download mods for various games. Setup and installation are not that complicated. To download any mod from this list scroll down to below download button. It will take you to the source where you can learn more about Blade & Sorcery mod.

1. Star Wars Hero Fights

Do you want Battle Star Wars heroes in Blade and Sorcery? This mod brings Star Wars characters in battle scenarios duels, and a free for all, Heroes vs Villains, and War. Using this mod you can play by unlocking famous Star Wars characters like Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Anakin, Darth Maul, Palpatine, and Count Dooku. February update has added Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Rey, and Kylo to this Blade and Sorcery mod.

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2. Fisher’s Pistols Pack

This the best weapon mod you can have in Blade and Sorcery. It adds pistols in the game and each one is unique with its own sounds, animations, and behaviors. So why not to try one. The weapon carries common features like ammo capacity, bullet force, recoil, etc. All these features are customization and keep checking the download link for new additions.

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3. Mine And Sorcery

If you want to a twisted mod where you would love ending enemies’ life using “Minecraft” tools then this mod is for you. The Blade and Sorcery Mods add potions, torches, lanterns, upgraded arrows, and lot more. It will give you a feel of playing in Minecraft but not really playing in Minecraft. Hilarious and amazing to have weapons made of blocks.

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4. Fire Spell

There is nothing best than some Fire. This mod will give you a supernatural ability to control the Fire element in Blade & Sorcery game. An amazing fire Mod which lets you cause mass destruction. No need to use weapons, summon fire, and burn anyone trying to kill you.

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5. Unlocked Magic

Want to do more elemental damage, then here is an mod that unlocks Magic in Blade and Sorcery. A mod that unlocks Fire, Life and Gravity. You can just be more magical with this one if the above Fire Mod does not makes you happy. This mod adds Spells in Blade and Sorcery, you can produce lightning damage.

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Blade And Sorcery Mortal Kombat Mod

6. Pirates Attack

Bored with the same arena, here is a mod that will add pirate story in Blade and Sorcery. This mod gives you ships, grab the rope and swing down on enemies ship. An pretty amazing mod if you are looking forward to do more action. You don’t really have to swing, so watch your steps. Blade and Sorcery Pirate Attack Mod will put in the shoes of a sailor who is dealing with pirates.

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7. Sharp_AI

If you think no one can beat you in Blade & Sorcery then here is an AI improve mod. It focus more on enhancing the existing combat model of the game. It adds new NPC behavior in the game, there are stronger counter attacks and defensive mechanism. So if you think you can just poke a NPC and he will do nothing then mod can break your dreams. Want more challenges then use the Blade and Sorcery Sharp_AI mod that makes NPC’s sharper.

Blade And Sorcery Mods Not Working Vortex

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8. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Here is a little more for Blade & Sorcery Combat. A mod if you are not willing to for the AI enhancement you can this one. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul patch works on the NPC’s. It revamps the combat system with some challenges. For example, you can cause higher damage to the head, but the same is reduced on legs and hands. It is a kind of realistic approach to the Blade and Sorcery combat system. You can know down the enemy with a leg sweep, shoot an arrow on the knee, etc.

Mods List – DOWNLOAD

Blades And Sorcery Mods Oculus

This was our list of best mods for Blades and Sorcery. You can find all sorts of mods here from weapons to new characters, to new content. Some mods are designed to enhance the gameplay. We will be updating this article regularly with a fresh mod list, so stay tuned to

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