Bundy Piccolo Serial Numbers

  • Records detailing flute production date from 1857, where the lowest serial number given is 4513. The surviving records for reed instruments begin in 1879 with the serial number 5968. It is therefore safe to assume that instruments bearing lower serial numbers than these were produced between 1851 and the respective sequence start dates.
  • Enter the serial number below to view specific information pertaining to your flute. For insurance appraisal inquiries, please email [email protected] Please include your current mailing address in your message. Search your instrument.
  • I believe this piccolo is easy to play- our daughter did well with it and I was able to easily play the entire range(and I haven’t played a piccolo since 1974) Serial# 2181. This Zentner piccolo was purchased new by our daughter’s flute/piccolo teacher and played in semi-pro orchestras in the Houston area.
  • Dec 05, 2006 Hi, I'm in Haiti right now (Yep, on missionary work indefinately - I love internet so I can keep up with this forum - can someone call the Selmer/Bundy company for me and find out when my flute was made - serial # 549977 - thanks for anyone's help - merry christmas - no snow here!
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Bundy Piccolo Serial Numbers

Search for the serial number of the brand Buescher / Bundy to determine the age of your instrument.

Serial numbers can be found in a variety of places on different instruments. Please use the images below to help locate the serial number on your instrument.

Bundy piccolo serial numbersHello,
Selmer : Conn-Selmer, IncI bought my flute and my piccolo for a very cheap price (250 I think for both together) seven years ago. At the time, I just wanted and instrument to practice on. I was in high school, my mom didn't had any money to pay for a flute and I wasn't working, so I wasn't really picky on what I was buying as long as I could play decently on it.
The flute is a Gemeinhardt M2 with the serial number C95860. Am I right if I say it was probably made in 1979 ?

Where/how To Sell A 30+ Year Old Selmer Bundy Flute?

http://www.musictrader.com/Gemeinhardt_ ... _guide.pdf (M2 are on page 16)

How To Tell The Year Of My Bundy-Selmer USA Flute?

My piccolo is a Bundy. I had a hard time finding the serial numbers. It seems to be a pre-Selmer Bundy, because there's no mention of Selmer at all on it (You can confirm with the pictures included as I am not a pro of piccolo.). The serial number is 24095 C. Anyone have an idea or when it could have been made ?

Bundy Clarinet Serial Numbers Chart Printable

Piccolo - Piccolo Serial

http://s1084.photobucket.com/albums/j41 ... /Pictures/
Take care,

C.G. Conn Instrument Serial Numbers


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