Cars 2 Wgp Babies

Cars 2 Wgp Babies

Take these Cars 2 dice with you on your next international adventure, and get ready for the World Grand Prix! Welcome to the World Grand Prix, where you can start your engines and drive with all your favorite cars from Cars 2 in a race to the finish! Product Title Disney Pixar Cars Flo #2 Diecast Vehicle. Product Title Cars Baby Toddler Boy Socks, 3. World Grand Prix Red Kids/Youth. Current Price $19.99. The Disney Pixar Cars Twin Bed with Lights from Delta Children is designed to resemble kids' favorite character, Lightning McQueen! Offering authentic racecar style, the super-cool bed features a spoiler and working headlights. Colorful decals of McQueen's lucky #95, vibrant flames and the World Grand Prix logo decorat.

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Cars 2 Wgp Babies 4

Cars 2 wgp babies

Cars 2 Wgp Babies Toys

  • Cars 2 - Crabby the Trawler

    Famed British spy, Finn McMissile hitches a ride with Crabby (a crab trawler) to reach a remote part of the ocean. Fans of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch may recognize that Crabby is patterned after the Northwestern, one of the fishing boats from the popular series. Sig Hansen, the Northwestern's hard-nosed skipper, also provides Crabby's salty voice.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Dinoco Oil

    The Dinoco brand appears in several Pixar features, debuting as a service station in Toy Story (1995). During their flight to Japan, Lightning & Mater enjoy a couple cans of Dinoco.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Kabuto Cameo

    Kabuto, the highly modified racer from Tokyo Drift Mater (2008), passes McQueen and the Radiator Springs crew as they cruise the streets of Tokyo.

  • Cars 2 - Ito-san Cameo

    Ito-san, who Mater tows back to Japan in Tokyo Drift Mater (2008), makes a cameo in the kabuki theater (on McQueen's right).

  • Cars 2 - Mater's Wingnut Hidden Mickey

    The rounded wingnut topping Mater's air filter cover is distinctively shaped, creating a Classic Mickey.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Mater's A113 License Plate

    Mater's license plate reads A113, referring to a specific classroom at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, California. CalArts is renown for its animation program and the number A113 appears in dozens of animated films and cartoons.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Jeff Gorvette

    Jeff Gorvette, one of the World Grand Prix's all-star contestants in Cars 2, is a yellow Corvette voiced by stock car racing champion Jeff Gordon.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - John Lassetire

    Jeff Gorvette's crew chief is a yellow pickup truck named John Lassetire, named after John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer for Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Animation.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Siddeley the Spy Jet - A113

    Siddeley the British Spy Jet is marked with A113, another nod to the animation program at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Finn McMissile - British Intelligence

    British spy Finn McMissile, is modeled after the 1965 Aston-Martin DB5 Coupe, which appeared as James Bond's car in Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965).

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Parisian Garage Hidden Mickey

    As Mater, Finn and Holley duck into a parisian garage for more privacy, a Hidden Mickey appears on the yellow metal apparatus next to the garage door.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - Topolino - Hidden Mickey

    Luigi's Uncle Topolino (the red and black sedan) is one of the cleverly disguised Hidden Mickeys in Cars 2. Italian for baby mouse, Topolino has been used as Mickey Mouse's name in Italian comic strips and librettos since 1932.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

  • Cars 2 - BRAVE Cameo

    As Holley pushes Acer & Grem into the Left Turn Inn, the villainous pair end up spilling dozens of pints on the pub's patrons. Hanging in the background, a Scottish tapestry features the fearless highland family from BRAVE.

    Image © Disney-Pixar

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