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Page 1 Advanced Hybrid System Programming Manual KX-TA824 Model No. Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic Advanced Hybrid System. Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use. Page 2 The Programming Manual is designed to serve as an overall system programming reference for the Panasonic Advanced Hybrid System.

Suitable for small office, home office, home, shop. Use it as office epabx system or as a simple intercom system. Manual will be provided along with the product. Easy to use just plug and start. For 2 main lines and 6 intercom lines. The Neos EPABX is unique compared to other EPABX systems by way of expandability. It offers the choice of being able to increase the number of lines at any point in the future without having to replace the entire system. This is useful for small businesses as buying an EPABX system configured today for future call volumes can be expensive.

As an extension to this service we are planning for a Forum as well as Chat support for all Epabx, CCTV, Gsm Gateways, FXS & FXO Gateways , PRI Gateways, IP Phones & IP Pbx’s.

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A leading manufacturer of telecommunication products. Started manufacturing way back in the year 1981 the company is completing 3 Decades in the field of telecommunications. Crystal Epabx is proud about its R & D which comprises of highly qualified staff with a vast experience. Crystal Epabx adheres to zero-defect production and always thrives on improving quality and efficiency. Kindly Visit Brand Owners Authorised website for further details : http://crystalpbx.in/

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Epabx Inspire 414

Centrex epabx system programming manual pdf

Product Code : Inspire 414


Max. 4 Trunk
Max. 14 Extension

Extension Function: Inspire 414


# Auto call Back on Busy Extn.
# Barge in with warning tone
# Call Monitor
# Call Toggle (between Extension)
# Call pickup (Intercom / Trunk Call)
(A) Common Pickup
(B) Selective Pickup
# Call Transfer Mode
(A) Transfer with Flash
(B) Transfer without Flash
# Call transfer Type
(A) Transfer after Consult
(B) Transfer without Consult
# Call Hold
# Caller ID (Extension Call)
# Call Forward
# Conference (3 party)
# Extension to Extension Call


# Alarm (One Time / Repeat)
# Do not Disturb
# Extension Ring Type
(A) Normal (B) Trunk
(C) Executive (D) Cordless
# Flash Time
# Hot line (Extension)
# Relay action (Manual / Auto Mode)
# Flexible Extn. /Features Code No.
# Feature Enable / Disable Codee

Trunk Function: Inspire 414


# Access Group for Trunk
(A) Access Linear Mode
(B) Access Rotational Mode
(C) Access Selective Mode
(D) Access Reserve Mode
# Auto call Back on Busy Trunk
# Class of Service (Local / STD / ISD)
# COS Trunk Check Clause
# Call Toggle (Outword Trunk Call)
# Day Night Mode (Manual / Auto)
# DTMF Dialing
# External Trunk Call
# Global 100 Memory Bank (for All Extn.)
# Hot Line Dialing (Trunk No.)
# Last no. Redial
# Selective Trunk Barring
#Trunk Tie Digit


Centrex Epabx System Programming Manual

# Caller ID ( Incoming Trunk Calls)
(A) DTMF signal
(B) Round Robin / Simultaneous
(C) Transferred call (In / Out)
# Call Toggle (Incoming Trunk Call)
# DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
# Day Night Mode (Manual / Auto)
# Incoming Ring Type
(A) Round Robin Ring Call
(B) Simultaneous Ring Call

Optional Value Added Function of 414

MMOH (120 sec )

# Music Recordable
# Voice Recordable
# Put on Hold Replay

KTS Interface

# 2 Port Interface
# Max. 2 KTS Connect

Voice Disa

# 1 CH VDC
# Welcome / Error Busy / No Reply
# Day & Night Greeting

FND + KTS Interface

# To Connect FND Display
# To Connect KTS

Relay & Paging Card

# Paging (Option to connect external audio amplifier for announcement)
# Relay (Option to connect external EM Door Lock or Electric Gadgets)

Front No. Display of 414

● Hospital
● Fire panel Console
● Small guest house
● Utility at Reception of
● Small shop
● PG



# Date & time Display
# Room No. / Extn. No. Display
# Room Buzzer Alert No. Display
# Room call Buzzer waiting flash
# Call waiting flash clear option

Centrex Epabx System Programming Manual Programming

Inbuilt Value Added Function for All

# Password Protected
# Remote Programming
# RTC Function
(To operate timer function for day night mode, Alarm, Flash, etc.)

Centrex Epabx System Programming Manual Free

Product Range

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