Century 125gs Mig Welder

For use with Mig welders made by Century Mfg Co. Set includes both flat stock and woodruf keys for most welders, use when buying a new drive roller. Some older units had the key made into the drive roller, the new style drives rollers are slotted and require a woodruf key to lock them to the shaft. 131-419-000 Century Spindle Tension Kit. I looked at 110 & 220 Century MIG welders at Sam's Club real close before buying different brand. They cut some corners to save price. The ones I looked at didn't have drive roller quick release and drive tension spring is really small & light. If I had bought a Century I would have added that feature using spring for Lincoln weld pack. Century 125GS MIG Welder, Model# 83125 Find Similar Items. Replacement Parts Available. Item# 164015 Quick Info. Hobart IronMan 230 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder with Cart — Transformer, 230V, 30–250 Amp Output, Model# 500536 (33) Reg.

Erratic wire feed or bird nesting of wire is most commonly caused by liner
Average cost for rebuild is$35.00.
Symptoms suggesting it is time to rebuild gun and clean drive assembly :
wire drags, feeds erratically or 'bird nests' inside machine
-- wire burns back to tip
-- you are having to increase the amount of tension being placed
cleaning the groove on your drive roll
-- cleaning the wire inlet and outlet guides
-- cleaning oil and debris from compartment area
You will need to consult your owners manual on how to install your new
Once loosened the liner can be removed from the
REAR of the gun. The
When cutting your new liner length to fit the gun, it is best to use the old
The liner must seat into the base of the diffuser to insure
2. The second common problem is that the gun has pulled apart from the
the wire feeds but only sparkles on work surface or ground
you are having problems other than this, simply contact us for
I've owned the 125gs and I currently have a Lincoln SP-170T. I had no
complaints whatsoever with the Century. I would still have it if I hadn't
gotten a great deal on the Lincoln at an auction.Century 125gs Mig Welder

Century was apparently bought out by Clore Automotive a couple of years ago
and they shut down the old Century Web site so that may be why you can't
find much about them. You can find a few manuals on the Clore site at:

Search for 'welder' in the Technical Document Search window. Unfortunately
I can't find the 125gs in the list so they may have discontinued it.

Century 125gs Mig Welder

Century welders are often rebadged with other brand names. Sears sells a
few of theirs with their own color scheme, etc. I've also seen an ESAB that
was obviously a rebadged Century, probably the 155gs.


One difference of note between the Century and other MIG's is that the
Century uses a gun with a gas valve built into the trigger instead of using
a solenoid in the welder like most others.


If the Lincoln you're looking at is the 100Amp welder (MigPak 10, WeldPak
100, etc.) it probably isn't worth the extra money for the Lincoln. The
Century uses a Tweco gun so parts are easy to find. They're both
transformer machines with a switch to select which voltage tap you're using.
There are aluminum kits available for both although the Century kit will
probably be harder to find but you need to read prior threads from this
group before you try and weld aluminum with such a small unit. All but the
thinnest of aluminum sheetmetal takes quite a bit more power than either of
these machines will put out.

Century 125gs Mig Welder

Go to google.com, click on the 'Groups' tab and search for 'MIG welding
aluminum' and spend a bit of time reading up on the subject before you buy
something you regret.

OTOH, if the Lincoln is the SP-135T or SP-135+ (previously the SP-125
series) it's a bit more welder than the Century or the smaller Lincoln. It
still probably won't be much good for aluminum but it is a more powerful
welder. The T version has voltage taps like the Century and cheaper
Lincoln. The + version has variable voltage and is more expensive than the

Century Wire Feed Welder 125

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What Is A Mig Welder

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Century 125gs Mig Welder Manual

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