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Birth name: Chick Corea or Armando Anthony Corea
Born: June 12, 1941 (age 71)
Origin: Chelsea, Massachusetts, United States

Years active: 1962–present

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Chick Corea - Armando's Rhumba

Chick Corea - Blues for Art

Chick Corea - Eternal Child

Chick Corea - Ezinda

Chick Corea - Friends

Chick Corea - Humpty dumpty

Chick Corea - Inside out

Chick Corea - La fiesta

Chick Corea - Lush Life

Chick Corea - Nite sprite

Chick Corea - Now He Beats The Drum, Now He Stops

Chick Corea - Prism

Chick Corea - Second Sight

Chick Corea - Side Walk

Chick Corea - Sometime ago

Chick Corea - Song Of The Wind

Chick Corea - Steps - What Was

Chick Corea - View from the outside

Chick Corea - Windows


Chick Corea Transcription Pdf

Chick Corea's 75th birthday, Corea and John McLaughlin, Blue Note Jazz Club, New York City, 10 December 2016 A new group, the Five Peace Band, began a world tour in October 2008. Corea had worked with McLaughlin in Davis's late 1960s bands, including the group that recorded Davis's album Bitches Brew. Tomato Kiss - Toots Thielemans and Bill Evans - head and start of Bill's solo pdf; Take 6 - Quiet Place - with lead sheet! The beautiful arrangement is by Mervyn Warren pdf (2010) Take 6 - Come Unto Me pdf (2014) Chick Corea - Pannonica pdf.

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Not sure how many of you are the type to wonder what the hell that soloist played there…

I was ill today and so started on something I’ve been meaning to do for some time as a learning exercise – see what some of my favourite players are actually playing over those changes. This is an old favourite; Chick Corea’s solo from Spain as recorded with Return to Forever in 1972.

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I can’t guarantee its complete accuracy, and you’ll note that I’ve gone for the approach of notating rhythmically as it sounds against the beat (so anticipated/swung beats appear as heard).

Spain Chick Corea Pdf

The left hand rhythm mostly seems to be tapping out a clave… though almost always pushing ahead of the beat – along with Stanley Clarke’s bass line which I haven’t jotted down.

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