Cms Software Dvr For Mac

WBox CMS is a client surveillance software, which supports the full line of WBox IP network cameras as well as the DVR and NVR series. Mac OS web plug-in.

  1. IWatch DVR for Mac OS X 10.6 or above »released on September 8, 2016 »accessed 6,977 times. CMS Software »released on October 24, 2017 »accessed 2,241 times.
  2. The EverFocus CMS has been designed to access EverFocus’s networked surveillance devices (DVR/NVR) through internal CGI commands up to 128 channels. The CMS supports the remote PTZ control which enables fast and steady control and connection of the cameras’ video streams.
  3. Cms dvr software, free download - webEdition CMS, HP DesignJet 1050C and 1055CM Drivers, TiVo Desktop, and many more programs.
  4. HD DVR Series Plugin & Player Software. For Safari 12 users - IVMS for MAC (CMS software) can be used for DVR access.mp4 Player Software. HDDVR Series Firmware V3.5.37190320 HDDVR Series Utility & CMS Software IVMS for Windows (CMS, Streaming & Server Software).

DVR Setting Quick Setup

1.DVR Login:

After the connection and power it, the front panel indicator light of the hard disk video recorder on, the system shows normal boot screen.

After completion of loading the pop-up login interface, the default account is admin, the password is blank.

As shown below:

2.Network Settings:

Settings the network parameter of the recorder

(main menu)>(system settings)>(network settings)

Set the corresponding settings.

System network default settings :

Automatic access to the closed state

As shown below:

3.Record Playback :

Play video files on the hard disk.

Available through the desktop shortcut menu also can

(main menu)>(video function)>(record playback)

Enter the video playback interface. it can be playback at the same time.

Cms Software Dvr For Mac

As shown below:


4.Version Information:

Right mouse click the system main interface, in the pop-up menu system choice

“Main menu > System information>Version information”

Can search to the serial number and the network state,


NAT Status showed a successful connection can through the serial number were remote mobile phone and computer watch.

3.The Method of Computer CMS Settings:

1.Enter into the online CD site:

Download the centrally managed software CMS [Windows version] and install it.

2.Login the CMS software(admin/the password is empty)

the right below: System settings – monitoring point management – add area – select area – click Add device -IP search – add settings.

Can be left in the software for equipment management and preview. (Note: the client remote viewing network equipment.

Just in added equipment can select cloud type of logon input serial number, other operating is in the same way)

4.Mobile Phone Watch Method:

1. After the first run the software need to register account to log in and manage equipment.

Registered user account can add to manage multiple devices.

Use the visitors account to log in (local) to add a single device to check.

2. Click in the top right corner of the button + after a successful login

Scanning xmeye QR CODE to add the equipment in the startup wizard (or manually enter xmeye),

And input device in advanced options corresponding user name and password (admin/empty)

click the device name, choose a good channel can be normal access device to watch the figure.

5.IE viewing method:

It can access to remote sites,

Choose the device number to login

Input sequence number

Dvr Cms Software Download

Then you can do the remote viewing and playback operation.

Friendly reminder:When the remote viewing is failing,click the right main menu. (system information-version information) To check the equipment status(NAT) is online or not.if it shows that is searching DNS. please check the network connection is normal or not, remove the option of automatically obtain IP address. Automatically get the IP option to remove, manually change the IP address of the LAN with the network.

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