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The Georgia Tech Colorguard is made up of 26 talented and spirited members from all over the southeast. Each week the guard performs exciting and dynamic pregame and halftime routines that are not only fun, but also showcase some of the best choreography in college color guard.

My Interest I became interested in color guard when I saw them in parades when I was in elementary school because I love to sing and dance and it is another type of performance that I could be involved in. History of Color Guard Color guard started in the military then progressed. Color Guard Series. Continuing our industry-leading product development in 2006, we launched the our line of all-inclusive shows for winter guard. Including choreography, staging for three group sizes, and a digitally-mastered soundtrack, you can begin teaching right out of the box!

Color Guard Choreography Software

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Our style is contemporary with a strong basis in technique and our work is always challenging and stimulating. Current and past members have marched with other outstanding organizations such as Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps, Spirit of Atlanta, Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps, Alliance Drum & Bugle Corps, CrownGUARD, Northgate Independent Winterguard, and Aureus Independent Winterguard.

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The Colorguard performs at all home games, and travels with the band to big away games like Georgia, Clemson, and FSU, as well as to Bowl and Championship games. Georgia Tech Colorguard is nationally televised and has traveled to New York City to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For more information, please e-mail [email protected].

Due to COVID-19, we have moved to a video only audition format for this year. To audition, please send your video to [email protected] by June 1, 2020 and include the following:

· Flag Basics – Drop spins, peggy spins (or overhand spins), cones, pull/pole hits, thumb flips, and any other basic flag skills you may do at your school that would demonstrate your control/skill with the equipment.

· Flag Tosses – Basic pop toss, a standard double, a parallel toss, and a basic 45 toss.

· Choreography – Short piece of choreography (at least 30 seconds in length) in any musical style, demonstrating understanding of body/movement underneath equipment incorporated into a musical phrase.

· Weapon (optional) – 100 spins on the left and right; tossing triples, quads, 5s and higher; any other tosses or tricks that would demonstrate your control/skill; a short piece of choreography to music (at least 30 seconds in length) with same requirements as flag choreography

Attire: All black, form fitting ensemble in either capris or shorts with tights so we can see your feet and ankles.

Appearance: Hair half-up/half-down (if long enough) otherwise pinned back or styled well enough to stay out of your face during course of video.

After we review your video, the guard staff will contact you about anything you might need to work on and notify you of your acceptance into the colorguard. If you are offered a spot, you will receive a contract and instructions on how to send us your measurements for the uniform.


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Please email any questions to: [email protected]

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