Cundy Bettoney Flute Serial Numbers

Years ago I 'messed around' on flute, but it has never been my main instrument (mostly I play horns these days) and I am finally bringing myself to part with the instruments I don't play or practice. One of these is a Bettoney Piccolo, serial 24xx, (entirely wood - presumably Ebony - not with a silver head joint as most seem to have). I did find one photo of a similar one ... ey-piccolo

Silver Cundy Bettoney Co. Piccolo with original case. Case is unhinged and does not lock. Piccolo appears to be in go. On Aug 02, 2014. Serial Number: Year Manufactured: 5,000: 1905: 5,020: 1906. 6,610: 1907. 7,808: 1908. 8,580: 1909. 11,250: 1910: 13,685: 1911. 15,870: 1912. 18,178: 1913. Professional quality 'C' Flute made by-Bettoney, circa 1903-1922 Marked on the Barrel 'H. BETTONEY,-CBCo, BOSTON, USA' Stamped just below the Barrel, the Serial-Number 'A43xx' and the letter 'C';-the Headjoint and Foot Joint each display-the identical Serial Number as the Middle Joint. Antique Bettoney Cadet 1930's piccolo with case H. Bettoney Cadet piccolo from the 1930's. Serial number is L3198. Original hardside case which shows some wear. The Armstrong Model 80 is a decent flute but unfortunately, they are not in high demand. A search of eBay shows a number of them listed for around $500. However, a listing of those that actually sold (the actual selling price not the asking price) show prices mostly in the $200-$300 range with one a little over $500.

Cundy bettoney flute serial numbers diagram
SerialSo far I have not been able to find any other references to an all wood Bettoney Piccolo searching the net, and am hoping that someone here with and interest in older instruments can give me some background on this one. Music Trader and the serial number lists I've found don't show this one.

Cundy Bettoney Flute Serial Numbers By Name

Age? Possible value? (I have not had it overhauled or played it in years, I'm sure it needs a serious tune-up.) Historical information? Anything else of note or interest?
Thanks in advance.

Cundy Bettoney Flute Serial Numbers Diagram


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