Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium

  1. 1.5K Empire: Total War; 1.6K Napoleon. After updating to Win10 the graphics on NTW are stuck on medium. Suddenly I cannot increase the graphics above medium.
  2. Stuck at medium graphics in Empire Total War I need help because this is bullshit, I'm stuck at medium, I feel the computer maybe using the integrated graphics instead of the 770M, I tried the whole NVIDIA control panel, but nothing is working.
  3. Nov 21, 2015 Click 'The Creativ Assembly' Empire scripts. Click the 'preferences.script' find gfxvideomemory 0 change to gfxvideomemory 536870912 Save preferences.script Done. Settings for High Graphics and Very High should now be unlocked in your game. This also works for Napoleon: Total War.
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Some players of game may experience game crashes after 20 turns into the campaign. Empire Total War crashes to the desktop and shows an error.

So I recently got a new laptop with windows 10 installed. I installed steam and downloaded empire total war. In the game, I can only set the graphics as high as medium and cannot get 'high' or ultra graphics. I was wondering if there is a way I can unlock these settings. I have a intel core 7 and NVIDIA GEFORCE graphics card.

What should I do to fix this problem?

1. Reinstall the game and Steam
2. Fix Incorrect Registry Configurations
3. Update your Drivers
4. Change CPU Affinity
5. Set Higher Priority to the Game
6. Reinstall DirectX
7. Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache

Reinstall the Game and Steam

Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium

Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium Time

To fix the game crash, reinstall both the game and the Steam. To do so, click Start | Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program.

Fix Incorrect Registry Configurations

This game stores its configurations and user statistics into the registry. Closing the game accidentally may result in crash due to incorrect or missing information. That is why you need to verify all these information and fix it as per the needs and requirements.

There are two options for you- Modify the registry manually, or otherwise, using a Registry Cleaner. Use a globally recognised and reputed Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer.

Update your Drivers

Update your drivers for fixing game crashes. Visit the websites of the graphics card and sound card manufacturers and search for the latest version of an appropriate driver by your serial/ model number.

Change CPU Affinity

For the multi-core users, make sure that the CPU Affinity is set to both CPU 0 and CPU 1. It will better utilize the different cores and fix Empire Total War crash.

1. Minimize the game temporarily.
2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
3. Select Start Task Manager.
4. Click Processes tab.
5. Right click the game and select Set Affinity.
6. Mark both the checkboxes (CPU 0 and CPU 1) as checked.
7. Click OK. Close Task Manager.

Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium 2017

Empire total war high graphics

Set Higher Priority to the Game


Setting up the higher priority may solve the issue. Do below steps for doing so:

1. Minimize the game temporarily.

2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
3. Select Start Task Manager.
4. Click Processes tab.
5. Right click the game and select Set Priority | High.

Reinstall DirectX

Empire Total War requires Microsoft DirectX to be installed for functioning properly. Corrupted installation of DirectX may cause Empire Total War crash. Reinstall the DirectX by downloading its setup from Microsoft website.

Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache

Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium

Using Steam, verify the game cache for missing or corrupted files. This may help fixing Empire Total War crash.

Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium

1. Close the game.
2. Open Steam.
3. Right click the game Empire Total War from My Games tab.
4. Select Properties option.
5. Click Local Files tab.
6. Click the button Verify Integrity of Game Cache to start the process.

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Empire Total War Graphics Stuck On Medium 2

NapoleonSource by A. Michelle
Topic Subject:Can I change graphic setting outside the game
posted 09-02-07 01:46 AM EDT (US)
I have come across a very strange issue.
I just installed aoe3 on my laptop understand that it can't handle aoe3 at it's full glory. When I loaded it up the in game graphics were all jumbled up but the menus still worked. So I played around with the setting untill it finaly looked proper. My issue is the shader setting. When set to low it works well, if set to high the graphics are jumbled and nothing looks as it should be. The problem is when it's set to medium the game kicks me out.
My issue in discovering that setting it to medium will get me kicked out of the game, I no longer am able to change it back to low cause the game crashes every time I get to the menu screen. Is there anyway of reseting defaults outside of game play? I just want to set my shader to low but It won't let me do it. Help
posted 09-02-07 06:52 AM EDT (US) 1 / 1
go to
C:Documents and SettingsYour NameMy DocumentsMy GamesAge of Empires 3Users
open the file NewProfile.xml in notepad
find this line
<Setting Name='optiongrfxshaderquality'>2</Setting>
and change it to
<Setting Name='optiongrfxshaderquality'>1</Setting>
and save and hopefully that should do it.
Make a backup of your NewProfile.xml file in case im wrong and it messes it up even more

Disclaimer: i cannot guarantee this will work, its only my best guess, the file i've pointed you at is the correct one to edit though.
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