Epic Games Error Invalid Platform

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Hello TurfyAchiever83, Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. We will be locking this thread due to it being revived by a new post. If there are any questions, discussions or issues that anyone would like to bring to our attention, please create a new thread. Error Message: That wasn’t supposed to happen - trouble talking to the match maker. Please verify that the time/date on your Nintendo Switch console is set correctly (use the Synchronize Clock via. You will encounter this error when trying to use an account you opened on another platform, for instance, Xbox to play a game on PC. When you encounter this, you don’t have to uninstall the game. While Epic Games knows this glitch exists, they are not really willing to roll out a fix that will take care of the problem leaving gamers no option but to solve the problem with a workaround. Now, to reinstall certain programs, specifically Epic Games launcher, I need to delete the previous install. But I cannot do it since it says invalid E drive. It seems, its because the drive no longer exists. But I want to uninstall this previously installed Epic Games launcher. A curated digital storefront for PC and Mac, designed with both players and creators in mind.

Epic Games Error Invalid Platform

Multiple charges for your Ubisoft+ subscription

ErrorEpic Games Error Invalid Platform

Ubisoft+ only charges you once a month for your monthly subscription, but you might be seeing multiple charges for reasons described below. When you sign up for Ubisoft+, we send an authorisation request to your financial institution to ensure the payment method is valid (as in, has a valid number, and has not been reported lost or stolen). This request appears as an authorisation for roughly the same amount as your subscription. It is an important step to protect our customers. While this request is processed, the funds are not transferred to Ubisoft, but put on hold. This temporary hold is cancelled daily by Ubisoft, though it may take more time for your financial institution to release the funds back to you. They will be able to give you more information about authorisation holds policy. In some specific situations (such as if the initial payment fails to complete due to insufficient funds) our system will automatically attempt to take the payment again over the course of a week. As mentioned previously, we cancel each temporary hold on a daily basis, though you may find that the previously unsuccessful payments still appear on your account. You may see up to multiple charges while your payment is being processed, but any funds held during this period will be returned to you. I was using payment method A and I've changed it to payment method B while my subscription is active. • Your payment method will be immediately changed and effective. The payment method B will be used for next billing periods (including the current one).When you change your payment method, an authorisation for 0.01$ is done on this new payment method in order to validate it. • There will be no charge for the new billing period on payment method A and you can remove it from your account. I have multiple payments on my account but I cannot access the service! • This could happen if the service has been suspended. These charges are payments that cannot be processed, meaning that your payment for this month cannot be taken. For more information, please have a look at our Suspended Ubisoft+ subscription article. If you have any concerns over a charge, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Invalid Drive Error Epic Installer

Information about Ubisoft+

Epic Game Launcher Error

At Ubisoft, we have been creating worlds for over 30 years, leading to a rich and diverse library of games – with Ubisoft+, we are making it even easier to access our catalogue of new releases, beloved franchises and classic Ubisoft titles. This catalogue will be updated on a regular basis when new content is available. Only available via the Ubisoft Store, Ubisoft+ online subscription will allow you to download games from the Ubisoft+ catalogue at no additional cost beyond the £12.99/month price point. Downloaded games will be accessible for the duration of the subscription. Please note that you will need an internet connection to launch and play a game. The subscription service has started on September 3, 2019 for Windows PC. It will also be available on the new generation gaming platform, Stadia, in 2020. You can subscribe on the website or on Ubisoft application by clicking on the Ubisoft+ tab. Have a look at our Ubisoft+ section if you have any other questions about this service. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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