Excel For Mac 2011 Fix Link Error

Manually finding external links or references in a spreadsheet is a cumbersome task. Microsoft does not have any inbuilt function that can find external references or links but still there do exist some workarounds to do this. And this is what I am going to share with you today.

You can continue without updating their values, or edit the links you think are wrong. To work around this issue, use either of the following methods: Save workbook A and workbook B as.xlsb files. Do not add an external reference link to a defined name that refers to a 3-D reference in workbook B. Due to performing unintentional functions on Excel; Excel Services does not support relative hyperlinks. These are some of the possible causes of the problem in Excel. This problem is not limited to any particular Excel version. Many users of the Excel 2010, 2007, 2013 and even Excel 2016 are found reporting about the issue. So here follow the.

Press Ctrl-G (or the F5 key) to launch the Go To dialog box, enter the address TX5000, and then press Enter. Type the number 100 in cell TX5000 and then press Enter. Move your cursor up one cell and then press the Delete key to clear cell TX5000. Excel for Mac crashes and slow performance FIXED Excel does not respond when using 'Save as Picture' WORKAROUND Excel prompts you to grant access to files and then hangs or shows a warning that it cannot open the.xlsx file because the format or extension is not valid. Known issues, changed functionality, and blocked or discontinued features.

Method 1: Finding external References by using the find function

Excel For Mac 2011 Fix Link Error 1007

Though this is not a foolproof method still it can reduce the manual effort drastically. The main logic behind this method is that excel always encloses external references in long brackets “[]”. So, if you find all the “[]” brackets, you can easily get the list of external references used.

  • Open the excel sheet, for which you want to find the external references.
  • After this press the “Ctrl+F” keys to open the ‘Find’ and replace the dialog box.
  • In the find, textbox enter the string “[*]” (without quotes). This string means that resultant will be any string enclosed within long brackets.
  • Next, in the ‘Look in’ dropdown select Formulas and hit the “Find All” button.
  • The resultant will be a set of external references that are used in the sheet.

Method 2: Edit Links Option

On the excel ribbon there a ‘Data’ tab, inside this tab, there is an option called “Edit Links”.

Basically, the edit link option displays all the other files to which your spreadsheet is linked to. Please note that this option will be disabled by default and will only become active if your sheet contains some external references.

So, this can become a quick check to verify if your excel sheet contains external references or not. Using “Edit Links” is quite easy just follow the below steps to remove external references from your excel sheet:

  • Open your excel sheet and navigate to the ‘Data’ tab, select the option “Edit Links”.
  • In the “Edit Links” window all the spreadsheets which are referenced in your excel file will be listed.
  • On the right side of this Edit Links window there are options like ‘Update values (can be used for reloading the values)’, ‘Change Source (can be used to change the referenced file)’, ‘Open Source (opens the referenced excel files)’ and ‘Break Links (can be used to break the referenced links)’.
  • Among all these options ‘Break Links’ option is the one that we will be using, it breaks the references and replaces them with their current values.
  • Please note that the use of this feature should be done with utmost care as this cannot be undone.

Method 3: Find External Reference links by using Excel Macro

Using excel macros can be really helpful in finding the external reference links. To create a macro that can find and list down all the external links in a spreadsheet, follow the below steps:

  • With the excel sheet opened, navigate to the ‘View’ Tab, click on the ‘Macros’ button.
  • Now enter the macro name say “Fetch_Links” (without quotes) and hit the create button.
  • This will open the Excel VBA editor, simply paste the below code after the first line.
  • The whole code should look the same as shown in the below screenshot.
  • Now simply press the ‘F5’ button to run the macro. The code will create a new worksheet that contains all the external referenced links.

Method 4: Find and Delete Links Add-in

If you don’t want to use any of the first 3 methods then you should probably go for this one. Microsoft has now developed an Excel add-in that can run as a wizard and finds all the external links that your spreadsheet contains. It also has a feature to delete the referenced links.

You can find this add-in here.

Excel AutoSave not working on Windows PC, how to fix

Excel 2016, 2013 or other versions of Excel applications has stopped autosaving Excel files while editing them on Windows PC? Are you trying to find a way to repair and fix Excel AutoSave feature to automatically save and backup Excel files again?

Excel For Mac 2011 Fix Link Error Windows 10

Don't worry if your Excel file has stopped auto-saving files or data. Here in this page, you'll find one quick fix and two reliable methods to quickly fix and repair Excel AutoSave not working issue. You can now directly follow offered methods below and follow to see how to automatically backup Excel files on your own.

Quick Fix: Check and enable AutoSave feature in Excel application

If you have forgotten to turn on or enable the AutoSave feature in Excel application, you will not be able to use it for automatically saving and backing up Excel files on Windows PC.

You can follow below steps to check and turn on the AutoSave feature on Excel application now:

Step 1. Open Excel with Microsoft Excel 2016.
Step 2. Click on 'File' and click 'Options'.
Step 3. Click the Save tab on the left pane, check 'Save AutoRecover information every * minute' and also check 'Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving box'.
Step 4. Click the 'Advanced' tab on the left pane, check to Allow background saves the box and click 'OK' to keep all changes.

Now that you can use your Excel files and the application shall autosave and back up files for you as settled frequency.

If you've enabled the Auto Save feature in Excel application, but it's just stopped working, relax! You can follow below two methods and make repair Excel AutoSave not working error right now.

Method 1. AutoSave and backup Excel files with file backup software

If AutoSave feature in Excel application has stopped working, and you are urgent, your best choice is to apply alternative software for help.

EaseUS file backup software - Todo Backup allows you to automatically backup wanted Excel files in Windows 10/8/7 by simple clicks. You can free download, install it on your PC and apply below tips to autosave and backup Excel file with ease now:

Method 2. Fix and repair Excel AutoSave not working error

If you still prefer to use Excel AutoSave feature for saving and backing up Excel files, you can follow below tips to repair and make Excel AutoSave feature work again:

Step 1. Follow below location to find Excel TMP files and re-save them as .XLS/.XLSX file:

For Windows 7 users:


For Windows 8/10 users:


Step 2. Use the Open and Repair tool to fix and repair corrupted Excel

1. Open a blank Excel sheet, click File> Open.

2. Click the location and folder that contains the corrupted Excel file.

3. In Open dialog, select the corrupted Excel file and click the arrow next to Open button > Click Open and Repair.

4. Click Repair to recover as much of Excel data as possible.

Excel For Mac 2011 Fix Link Error

Step 3. If Excel AutoSave feature still not work after Step 2, you shall try to uninstall and reinstall the Excel application on your PC;
And then follow guide tips in Quick fix on this page to turn on AutoSave or AutoRecover feature in Excel application.

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