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I'd like to be able to export the history from chrome so I can keep track of things like, for example, how many wikipedia articles I've looked at in the last week - all I'm really looking for is a url and a timestamp (I'm on a mac, if it turns out you can do this from the command line). In the Export window, choose a location on your Mac to export the CSV file to, and click Save. With the login data exported to your computer, open your password manager of choice and look for the. The contents of this folder have your bookmarks, reading list and browsing history, so you can copy the lot and take it to a new machine (or just have them as a backup). Apparently it's the '.plist' files that hold the history itself, but if you copy the lot then you've got yourself covered. Hopefully this is of use to people. Export Chrome Bookmarks (2020) There are two ways to export Chrome bookmarks. First, you can export the bookmarks in an HTML file which can be imported to other browsers manually. The other option is to directly sync the bookmarks to another installed browsers on your PC. Export Chrome history and narrow down URLs One or multiple entries can be selected to save them to an external file with the.txt,.csv,.html or.xml format. Alternatively, you can export the.

# Locate the history file in your profile, and copy it to the same folder as this script.
# On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/History
# On Windows: C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultHistory
sqlite3 History <<!
.headers on
.mode csv
.output out.csv
select datetime(last_visit_time/1000000-11644473600,'unixepoch') as 'date',url from urls order by last_visit_time desc;

commented Jan 31, 2018

Everybody says to run 'sqlite' or 'sqlite3', but I don't think it's installed by default as part of GChrome. I did find it in the Gimp and Inkscape directories, will have to see if those work here.

commented Sep 10, 2019

Great! Still works in 2019 ;-) (On MacOS 10.14.6 - Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132)

commented Nov 9, 2019

If anyone is using Brave browser on windows %LocalAppData%BraveSoftwareBrave-BrowserUser DataDefault is the path.

How To Export Chrome History Mac

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