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Gibbed's Borderlands 2 Save Editor is a small and easy to use application that can help you edit your Borderlands 2 saved game files. With Gibbed's Borderlands 2 Save Editor you will also be able to customize your character, add money, seraph crystals, eridium and torgue tokens, add new weapons.

Sep 18, 2019 PED Editor Tutorial (GTA Save Editor) NBA 2K. NBA 2K20 Mascot Glitch; NBA 2K20 100 Tendency Glitch! Borderlands 3 – Modded Weapon Save (PS4) Red Dead Redemption Save Editor BETA Resident Evil 2: Remake – The Apocalypse Box Files (PS4) MERCH; About; Contact. Gibbed's save editor for Borderlands! Almost easy to use and yes. This save editor can edit weapons like add scope or change barrel and change their quality! Can also change your character and add credits and everything!!1. Oct 31, 2017 I emailed save wizard and they said this Hello. The save is output in it’s raw state and that may differ on the PS4 to say that of the PC. As Gibbed appears to be open source, there’s no reason why support for. Sep 11, 2012 The tool requires it to be of filetype '.sav', and the PS4 file was not of that type. I did also try changing it to.sav but the tool still did not recognize it. I know on PS3 there was a tool required to decrypt the save before you could load it into Gibbed, but I'm not aware of any tool like that for PS4.

This is the repository for a Windows application that allows to modify decrypted saves of commercial video games.

If you use Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1, you just need .NET Framework 4.7.2 to make it work.

Kingdom Hearts IPS2/PS3/PS4All
Kingdom Hearts Re: CoMPS2/PS4All
Kingdom Hearts IIPS2/PS3/PS4US/EU/FM
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepPSP/PS3/PS4FM
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance3DS/PS4All
Kingdom Hearts 0.2PS4All
Kingdom Hearts IIIPS4All
Final Fantasy VII RemakePS4All
Persona 5, Persona 5 RoyalPS3/PS4US/EU


*download count does not include download from Microsoft Store.

Gibbed Save Editor 2016


My GitHub is open to a sponsor program. If you feel that the editor helped you in some way or you would like to support it, you can consider to donate me.

User guide

You need to decrypt your save before opening it with Kingdom Save Editor. Please refer to this guide to know how to decrypt your save.


Contribute to make it better

This software is free and open-source, and every contribution is more than welcome!

If you want to add missing names, improve it or add new offsets, just clone the repository, do your change, test if it does work and create a pull request: we will review your change (no needs to be scared here) and we will merge it to this repo! Do not be shy on contribute, even for the smallest thing 😃

Gibbed save editor ps4 borderlands 3

Issues or feature requestes

For every issue or feature request, please refer to the issue page on GitHub. Be as detailed as possible when creating an issue as it will help me to dig into the problem.

Build guide

The project is structured into libraries and GUI. Libraries are written in .Net Core and they are cross-platform (eg. Linux and MacOS are supported). Although, the GUI is heavily depentant from Windows and you need Visual Studio 2019 or later.

When you clone this repository, remember to launch the script setup.bat if you are on Windows or if you are on Linux, to set-up the minimum requirements to build the project.

The script pack.bat uses WinRAR’s self-extracting archive to create a single executable file ready to be distributed.


The code itself, the interface and the codes inside it are protected by GPL 3.0 license, unless specified differently in the root of a specific folder. In short, that means that for every change you made or code that you take from here, you need to make it open source somewhere, adding the original copyright statement and specify where the original code has been taken.

If you have more doubts about the GPL license, have a read to the following links:



The application will have full access to the file you will open by using “FileOpen” in order to be able to modify your save game data and it will send the version of the save editor to provide customized messages at the home page to suggest what changes you will find in an eventual new version of this tool.

Few information such as name of the operating system, name of the game you choose to access to and crash reports will be send for diagnostic purpose and to improve the save editing functionalities. By knowing which games are modified the most, I can take knowledge of it and target them to add new editing features. You can also choose to send those reports anonymously. When not anonymous, a cookie will be send which represents a totally random number generated the very first time you open the Save Editor. The code is open source and there is absolute transparency on which information are sent.

Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor

Where To Get It

Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 2

Download the most recent version from here: Gibbed Save Editor ME2

Ps4 Hex Editor

This tool does not edit the coalesced.ini file. It only edits a selected save file from your game. You use this tool to change the appearance of your Shepard, add talent points, credits, and even change plot point resolutions.

How To Use It

Because somehow i always forget and fuck shit up

Before you do anything, back up your save files by copying and pasting the files to a safe place. I like to use the desktop. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. Open Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 2 application. It doesn’t matter where you unzip the downloaded folder or where you run it.
  2. Click the folder icon in it’s menu and navigate to where Mass Effect 2 stores saves: Documents > BioWare > Mass Effect 2 > Save
  3. Select the character file you wish to edit and the most recent save.
  4. Click open and the box will disappear and you’ll see your Shepard’s information has been loaded into the Player > Basic tab.

Once you’ve opened the correct save in Gibbed, we’re ready to start playing around.


From getting free credits to appearance modifiers

I’d like to first recognize the sources for this information—none of it is my work. I’ll be linking to the original articles as I go. The reason the information is repurposed here is that I was afraid the links would over time die out and I wouldn’t have the information anymore. I’m very grateful to the original authors and all their hard work.

Quick Tweaks & Cheats

From Okogawa’s Gibbed Guide

Modify Class Mid-Game:
Raw > [+] Player

Here you can modify Class Name and Class Friendly Name fields. Your talent points will be reset to a null value of -1, so remember to go back and replace the talent point number on the Player > Basic screen with the desired number.

To become a Sentinel:
Class Friendly name: 93951
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerSentinel

To become a Soldier:
Class Friendly name: 93952
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerSoldier


To become a Engineer:
Class Friendly name: 93953
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerEngineer

To become a Adept:
Class Friendly name: 93954
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerAdept

To become an Infiltrator
Class Friendly name: 93955
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerInfiltrator

To become an Vanguard:
Class Friendly name: 93956
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerVanguard

Change Your Name Mid-Game:
Raw > [+] Player

Gibbed borderlands 2 save editor ps4

Gibbed Borderlands 2 Save Editor Download Ps4

Here you can modify First Name field. Click on the field that contains the current name and change it.

Change Your Hair Mid-Game (female only):
Raw > [+] Player > [+] Appearance > [+] Morph Head > Hair Mesh

Here you can modify Hair Mesh field with any of the below codes to replace your hair style. Note: might be smart to save the current code if you want to revert back to it later.






Then locate Texture Parameters field, click “Collection” […] and change the four fields values to (which ever correspondes to the selection above):

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Tang

For the “BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_MDL”
Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Tang

Borderlands 2 Save Editor Ps4

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Tang

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Tang


Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Tang

Appearance modding, iris color, hair and more will be on a separate post with the corresponding imagery. It always bothers me when I have to adjust the code, go into the game, leave the game, adjust code again, repeat 1000 times. Better to just have an image for reference.

If you have any other codes to add to the above ones, please contact me with the subject line: “Shepard ME2 General Codes”. Add your name if you want credit.

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