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Introducing the Slide Area
The Actual Slide
The Slide Workspace
The Scroll Bars

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  • Microsoft seems to have beaten Apple in the manner Powerpoint visually shows object layers and allows their manipulaiton.
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Introducing the Slide Area

The Slide area in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac comprises everything in thehighlighted region shown in Figure 1. Learn more about the rest ofthe PowerPoint 2011 for Mac interface here.

Figure 1: Elements of Slide Area

The Slide area includes:

  1. The actual slide
  2. The slide workspace (blank area surrounding the slide)
  3. The scrollbars that let you navigate to other slides (or the same slide when you zoom the view to a larger percentage)

We discuss each of these individual interface elements next.

The Slide area in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac comprises everything in the highlighted region shown in Figure 1. Learn more about the rest of the PowerPoint 2011 for Mac interface here. Figure 1: Elements of Slide Area. The Slide area includes: The actual slide; The slide workspace (blank area surrounding the slide).


The Actual Slide

This is the actual slide where you can add slide objects such as text, pictures, charts, etc. When you use Slide Show view todisplay your PowerPoint presentation, you only get to see objects that are placed within this area.

You normally click on a text placeholder and type some text to replace the dummy text in the placeholder, as shownin Figure 2.

Figure 2: Text added in an existing text placeholder

PowerPoint provides three extra interface features that help in placing the elements properly on the slide. These are part of theslide area but you'll be not able to see them until they are activated.

  1. Ruler: Horizontal and vertical ruler appears at the top and to the left of the slide.
  2. Gridlines: A grid of evenly spaced dots appears directly on the slide and help you position slide objects.
  3. Guides: A pair of horizontal and vertical lines intersecting at the middle of the slide. You can also add moreguides as required.

The Slide Workspace

This is the gray area behind the slide, although any object you place here can be edited and animated, they won't show up in SlideShow view.

This makes the Workspace a convenient place to store stuff that you might want to use later, or maybe a slide object animates fromthe Slide Workspace into the actual slide! Also any sound object you place in the Workspace plays, fortunately, sound is only heardand not seen!

Figure 3 shows a slide that has objects within the actual slide and in the extended Slide Workspace.

Figure 3: A slide object placed outside the slide in the Workspace


The Scroll Bars

There are two scroll bars:


Gridlines On Powerpoint Mac

  1. The vertical scroll bar, placed towards the right of the slide is always visible. The vertical scroll bar can be used to navigatefrom one slide to the other, to move forward and backward from one slide to the other, click one of the double-headed arrows at thebottom of the vertical scroll bar as shown in Figure 4 (highlighted in red). You can alsodrag the handle box in the vertical scroll bar and move up or down to navigate several slides at a time.
  2. The horizontal slide bar only shows up when you zoom your slide to a larger view.

Figure 4: Scroll Bar


Even with the plethora of prefabricated shapes to choose from in Office 2011’s Media browser, you may have a hankering for some good old-fashioned simple shapes, or maybe you want to try your hand at creating your own shapes. Mixed in with the shapes are three special tools that you can use to make your own lines and shapes: Curve, Freeform, and Scribble.

Try using the Curve tool first, and after you get the hang of that one, try Freeform and Scribble.

Powerpoint Gridlines Spacing

  1. Click the Media button on the Standard toolbar to display the Media browser, if it isn’t already visible.

  2. Click the Shapes tab and then choose Lines and Connectors from the pop-up menu.

  3. Click the Curve tool.

    The Curve tool is the one that looks like a handwritten S. When you select the Curve tool, the cursor changes into a plus sign (+) to signify it’s ready to start drawing a line as soon as you drag in the document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

  4. Click into your document and click the cursor as you move it; then move the cursor in another direction and click again.

    Your line continuously gets longer as you move the cursor around, until you double-click the mouse, which signifies the end of the line you’re drawing. Each time you click while you move the cursor, you create a point, which behaves as an axis for your line’s curves.

This sort of drawing creates Bézier curves. By doing a variation on the steps in the preceding section to create a curvy line, you can end at the same point you started and then double-click at the end of the line, which results in a closed path. When you create a closed path, you get a solid shape.

You can format lines and the borders of solid shapes with great precision. For the ultimate in precision control of your lines and shapes, right-click or Control-click your line or shape and then choose Edit Points from the pop-up menu. Each click you made when drawing the line displays as a point. Right-click a point to display the Edit Points menu. You get the same menu when working with a line or a shape.

Gridlines On Powerpoint For Mac 2011 Free

When Edit Points is active, you can drag, add, and delete points as well as control exactly how the line behaves while it passes through each point. There’s still more! Right-click or Control-click right on top of a point. Notice the little handles that appear at the point. Drag the handles to control how the line passes through the point.

Gridlines On Powerpoint For Mac 2011 Photo Slide Show

It’s often easier to work on small portions of a line by using the application’s Zoom feature to zoom in and work closer.

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