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Heretic 2 1.06 No Cd Patch

Hi all,
After experiencing the joy of my game drive failing, I've been rebuilding and came across my Heretic II cd.
Why not, I thought, ought to look great on an X800 in highres, versus a Voodoo II of yore at 640x480.
Install, update, it runs...woohoo.
I quit to do something else, come back an try to load a saved game.
CRASH. Uh-oh, what gives?
Well, google is no help, save for the hereticII forums and no solution, but shared misery.
Only glimmer of hope was the app compatability tool, which failed miserbly (AFAICT).
Anyone out there have a 'hey, tried this, tweaked that or glimmer of hope' for me?
Tried it on NTFS drive, dice/difference.
I can find cheats, easily, but startup commands don't seem to be available, that I can find.
HELP, GESC. You're my only hope.

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Apply unofficial patch v1.07 (fixes GL and CD check errors). Unpack the files into your Heretic II install directory, replacing old files if prompted (More details: part 2). Apply CD audio fix to quake2.dll if necessary (More details: part 3). Part 1 - Installing. For just patches for Heretic II you need both of these below. One is the Enhancement packv1.06 which can be found on 'FilePlanet for Heretic II game. The other patch was more of an Windows XP-Windows 10 'quake2.dll' fix for playing on other Windows versions other than Windows 95, which is what everyone used when the game first came out.

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