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Hoi4 general traits cheat. Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky and the senior military officers Iona Yakir, Ieronim Uborevich, Robert Eideman, August Kork, Vitovt Putna, Boris Feldman, and Vitaly Primakov (as well as Yakov Gamarnik, who committed suicide before the investigations began) were accused of anti-Soviet conspiracy and sentenced to death. Use this to your advantage. Basic Machine Tools The Japanese will probably break through your allies there and you don’t want them to rush through that gap between the hills.

Is there any point in using more armor inside the division if you can afford it? Thirdly, make sure your tech is good.

Artillery attack down again and again, planning down reduce all around attack, hardness of tanks/motorized increased, and AI improvements. A few hosts have (sensibly IMO) started adding house rules to bring things back to sanity. What are they?

A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio.

'space marines' make no sense in multiplayer, they are not OP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They seem to have pitiful stats and unless you have 10+ factories on them they just take too long to produce. Armour/piercing was not changed a lot so you can still easily get armour. But their still extremely powerful and broken. Pierces everything, over 1k soft attack on ~45% hardness while still having decent mobility of being a tank division. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Yesterday I saw: 9 infantry, 4 line-arty, 3 M-SPART, 1xLine AT for 40 combat width. You don't need tube artillery when you have flying artillery. If you don't have dedicated AT guns you will be taking 50% more damage and doing 50% less. As noted before 4x for every point over. Bonus: Fortify your territories, it'll give a big debuff to attackers attack value, which will let your super unit hold off the hordes even better. The 1 TD gives hard attack as well as increasing the hardness of the division. I heard the TD part was less good than previously? Wow since no one in this tread has actually posted the 'space marine' division composition like its some trade secret, i guess ill do so. 349 votes, 55 comments. Well, what exactly are they and how do you build them. Tech Priest also made a poor man's space marine template however I've never noted it down but I could ask him later on today and tell you it if you want. 1 medium tank or (1936 light anti tank if your poor) for 50% armor bonus 2w.

Usually only recon and engineers. so, 40W space marines have low org, low HA and will get overrun by tanks quite easily, while being quite expensive, 10inf+supportAT will do the same job longer and cheaper. Space marines is a much overrated tactic which used to work well in singleplayer by exploiting the weakness of the AI but is easily beaten in multiplayer. Well, veterancy is good. As noted before 4x for every point over. How one division of space Marines can hold off entire armies.

Both those are weighted averages making a single battalion change it a lot. Close. You don't need tube artillery when you have flying artillery. this division is the most efficient strongest units you can build against infantry and so far there is no effective way to counter it except with anti tank and air superiority. The artillery shells the everliving hell out of the enemy, so they lose organization really fast. Image. 4 years ago. Marines also have noticeably better organization and slightly better offense with slightly worse defense compared to infantry. if you were in the game lobby i regularly play in 'space marines' are 12 marines 6 art 1 heavy td these are very very efficient for their ic and are considered the best division by a lot of players. Every attack over defense/breakthrough is 4x as strong.

edit: 1 40 width is like 2 20 always rolling high in combat striking the same opponent. 6 Motorized, 8 Medium SPGs, 1 Medium Tank and 1 Heavy Tank Destroyer. Press J to jump to the feed. 10-6-1 with engineers, support art, recon, and medics 2760. 40 width infantry may as well turn into space marines as space marines will do better (higher attack to fend off). Units can get a +75% combat bonus from level 5 veterancy. They are capable of bogging down tanks due to their numbers and AT potential.

This allows marine units to fight on longer then other infantry and into more difficult positions. If that is what you want to do, go ahead. They also work good in bad terrain. Are marines better than standard infantry? I heard this term used in multiple games I have played. I'm rather new and heard that division template was sort of cheaty as well. Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You ban space marines, and players come up with something else, but battles are still wrong.

Note this design is 44 combat width however when combined with a field marshal which provides -10% own combat width it brings it down to 40 which is obviously better. But 1:1 this division will eat what you described alive, especially if they do not get to entrench. How would that fare against hard divisions? Are you refering to the 7 infantry and 2 arty 'Infantry division template'? 40 width. What you describe (infantry/artillery spam) is only really good if you're a minor and can't afford the research/production of proper tank divisions like this. Press J to jump to the feed. Log in sign up. Obviously can be bumped to 44 quite easily.

Theretically having a single armored unit is enough to give the divsion its corresponding armor value? Space Marine style templates can still work and be valuable, but no longer can you expect it to work vs every division you encounter. And yes they still exist and are good. TD is armour and piercing. So a blitzkrieg of tanks is more efficient then a wave of infanry causing space marines to fall off. The best I've seen so far is 'no more than two arty of any type in a division, excluding support arty'. This is also essential to reduce the cost of tank destroyer and the division in general. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 349. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For example, running Expert AI I can hold out as Ethiopia fairly easily, while without it, I get overrun within a year or two.

Land doctrines and infantry equipment make a huge difference. This is also essential to reduce the cost of … Next, ensure they are well equipped. Back in 1.4 or so you could add 1 heavy tank destroyer to a bunch of infantry boys and get many of the benefits of TDs (hardness and piercing) due to how the math worked. Artillery. This can result in as much as 5x the attack from merging. User account menu. This makes a single HTD provide as much armor as multiple medium tanks and this requires AT guns to fight it. The template pushes the game mechanics past the breaking point. Yes, it is possible. I don't know why, but Expert AI seems to actually make enemy divisions worse for me. you can hold off unlimited numbers of enemies if you keep them pocketed and contained or attack them as soon as they land on a beach, (if they are pocketed they will lose stamina or whatever) (if they just landed they have no stamina or whatever), so you can just sit there an massacre 1m americans as they land on your beaches if you pay attention, it doesn't matter what equipment you have when you're attacking low morale units because they'll have low multipliers on their stats while your guys have hundreds of soft attack, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Most often, it'll do what it is supposed to do, buff your infantry. Their is almost no good way to fight these powerful divisions unless you also use space marines. Artillery. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Is this correct? Alternative is mountaineer. Add field hospitals to your units to prevent xp loss.

Hoi4 Field Marshal Vs General

Defense of multiple divisions is not combined. Oh and you equip them with as few support battalions as possible to bump up armor and piercing. There are probably better ways to make your army perform better with the resources space marines would cost. 349. Still a thing technically.

Yesterday I saw: 9 infantry, 4 line-arty, 3 M-SPART, 1xLine AT for 40 combat width. Every attack over defense/breakthrough is 4x as strong. Id want to add into your very good reply that space marines arent the problem, they just highlight the fact how broken the current battle mechanics are. https://www.naguide.com/hearts-of-iron-iv-4-recommended-division-templates A division template that is kind of exploitative. Space marines tend to have a ton of artillery for soft attack. I keep seeing rules in MP saying 'no space marines'. CAS and bombers where also buffed making a strong airforce important. a single AT pierces it, and 2 AT have more hard attack at lower costs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Their probably the strongest as a poor nation where more industrial can build proper tank divisions. Basically, you build regular 20-width infantry/artillery divisions but swap one of the infantry for a single heavy tank unit.

Hoi4 field marshal general traits

Most commonly we use 1 heavy tank destroyer as each battalion requires half the amount that normal armour does and provides higher overall armour than medium making it harder to pierce, 12 marines or mountaineers due to their upgradeability through tech and better regeneration, 6 artillery to boost soft attack considerably. CAS and bombers where also buffed making a strong airforce important. i believe its coined by a player called techpriest? Marines have 10-20 more organization then infantry, higher terrain, and other stats. This doesn't cost all that much in industry but means the whole division gets some armour, which means divisions with low … Basically it was not the heavy tank destroyer it was the artillery/infanry. A single well equipped unit will destroy several badly equipped divisions. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts … Press J to jump to the feed. Space marines tend to have a ton of artillery for soft attack.

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By Charlie [email protected]_L_Hall
on Jan 25, 2016 at 8:00am

An interview with Paradox's grand strategist Johan Andersson

Strategy games maker Paradox Interactive is on a roll, fueled these past few years by the success of two keystone franchises — Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. Where most companies would use that momentum to break out of niche markets, instead Paradox just established new niches to dominate. They've also found success as a publisher, first with Magicka in 2011 and just this past year with Cities: Skylines and Pillars of Eternity.

Their reward has been a dedicated fanbase, willing to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours playing their most complex games.

Now their in-house studio is planning for the re-launch of one of their oldest franchises, World War II grand strategy title Hearts of Iron 4, a game that executive vice president of game development Johan Andersson calls 'the biggest grand strategy WWII game ever made.'

Polygon sat down with Andersson, lead programmer on the originalHearts of Iron in 2002 and the designer of Hearts of Iron 3, to talk about his history with the franchise and what's taking so long to get it in the hands of fans around the world.

Old generals never die

Andersson has always had a head for strategy games. It's what led him along the path to become a game designer. It's no surprise then that back in 1998, when he was applying for a job with the company that would eventually become Paradox Interactive, his final interview actually concluded with a board game.

'The producer at the time said, 'Okay, well the interview is finished. We're going to play some Axis & Allies here in the office. You want to stay?' He was half-way through the game, planning for Britain's air assault and amphibious landings at Normandy, when that same producer turned to him and told him he'd gotten the job.

Now, 18 years later, he's helping put the finishing touches on one of the most ambitious WWII strategy games ever made.

'There’s no other game, on the grand strategy level like this, that’s been done,' Andersson said. 'There’s been a few hardcore wargames, like [Gary Grigsby's] War in the Pacific and War in The West and so on, but they focus on specific theaters. They didn’t cover the entire world.'

What makes Hearts of Iron 4 so ambitious is that, like other Paradox titles before it, the game seeks to model not just the major powers that fought during WWII — nations like Germany, France and the Soviet Union — but medium and small nations as well.

'There’s no other game, on the grand strategy level like this, that’s been done.'

'We let the Romanians play Romania,' Andersson says, 'and we let the people with Prussian heritage play Prussia. We have these weird countries that you've never heard about before the game starts, but then you realize that’s where your grandmother’s sister's cousin's roommate’s friend is from.'

When the game is completed, players will be able to begin a game in 1936 playing as just about any nation in the world and roll the clock forward from that point, all the way to 1948.

The potential to explore alternate histories, especially in the game's multiplayer mode, is enormous.

'I’ve seen a Berlin/Moscow Axis where everyone else fights against those two,' Andersson said. 'I’ve seen the United States join the Axis. I’ve seen Britain and Japan ally. There’s all of this weird stuff that happens. And that makes the game — I’m not going to say unpredictable, but when a human starts doing it it’s extremely challenging and extremely fun.'

Commit the reserves

When the first trailer for the game came out in 2014, Paradox told fans to expect the game that following year. Now, nearly a full year after that anticipated 2015 release date Hearts of Iron 4 still isn't out. So what gives?

'I’ve been taking personal charge of and rescoping and changing the game,' Andersson told Polygon. 'I’m basically turning it into a high-quality Paradox title.'

Andersson says, very straightforwardly, that the game simply wasn't up to Paradox's new standards. That's why he was brought in. The goal now, representatives tell Polygon, is to have the game out 'later this year.'

'Over the past few years my role’s been changing,' Andersson said. 'I was leading all the internal development and leading all studios we had etcetera until early last spring. That's when I said no, I don’t want to be an administrator.

'So these days my title says executive vice president, but I don’t really have many people reporting to me. I’m kind of like a creative, but in charge of something. I have the lead designers reporting to me. I just do whatever I want to here at the company, making sure that the game turns out awesome.'

Hoi4 General Traits

'I’ve been taking personal charge of and rescoping and changing the game.'

Andersson says the first order of business was to cut features that didn't work well, features that he says reminded him of 'something we did six or seven years ago.' In their place, Andersson says he's implemented what he's calling the 'national focus system,' a kind of technology tree that allows players to plot out a country's technological and political evolution over time.

'You can pick one national focus every 70 days,' Andersson says, 'There’s quite a lot to choose from. The U.S., for example, they have five different ones that they could start with. You could do war bonds, which gives you powerful bonuses when you’re at war with other major powers. It lets you build up your industry, gives you access to more research opportunities. Or you could choose war propaganda ... or the Manhattan project or ... the Monroe doctrine.'

Creating these trees for every country has taken a long time. Along the way Andersson says a lot of work has gone into improving the user interface, taking the lessons learned in the development of Crusader Kings 2and Europa Universalis 4 and making this next grand strategy title as straightforward as possible.

Hoi4 Field Marshal Vs General Wiki

'Expect to see clear tool tips,' Andersson said. 'There’s not as many clicks to do stuff. UI wise, I think people will recognize it and feel comfortable after a while.'

Rally the troops

Hoi4 general traits

Another unique feature of Hearts of Iron 4 will be the way it rewards players for letting subordinate leaders — in effect under-the-hood scripts and algorithms — do their jobs. Players looking to micromanage the formation of every single division or battalion had best look elsewhere for their gaming fix.

'Basically, you take a bunch of raw units,' Andersson says, referring to unassigned groups of tanks, infantry and artillery. 'Then you assign them to a front line. You call them a command group, you give them a field marshall or a general. And then you can draw offensive front lines — where [the limit of their advance] should reach.

'Then you can assign sub-parts [to that advance], and assign those to have an attack angle arrow at a certain point, and another attack angle arrow at another point. And then those units will basically try to reach future front lines you have drawn.'

The result is a game that abstracts the logistical grind common in other wargames. It turns the play experience into a kind of John Madden-style telestrator, a matter of drawing lines on a map and giving orders rather than tending to tedious stacks of chits on a game board.

'The interesting thing,' Andersson says, 'is that when you start your planning each unit will stand there until you click the go button, or they might get into defensive positions first and then wait. And every hour that is ticking by their planning bonus increases.

'Depending on which military doctrines you have in place you can plan quicker or you can reach a bigger bonus for having planned. So, if you’re doing manual micromanagement you’re not getting that planning bonus. But, if you’re doing the proper planning, then you’ll be able to have a big advantage when you execute that plan.'

Of course, Andersson admits that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. That's why players will need to pay attention to battle groups as they advance — or fail to advance — and make adjustments as necessary.


Collateral damage

One way that Andersson can tell that the game is beginning to take on its final shape is that is when it begins to surprise him. It's not that suddenly the AI-controlled Nazi Germany decides to play nice with the U.S. No, it's when the systems and processes he and his team have worked on for months and years begin to coalesce in the background presenting him with new tactical challenges and reinforcing his decisions.

'I was playing as Japan and I was winning the war against China. I like rocket artillery; Katyushas specifically,' Andersson said, referring to the vehicle-mounted, rocket-propelled indirect fire artillery pieces known for their shrieking sound and much feared among infantry along the Eastern Front.

'I like to have them in my motorized divisions. The problem is that they eat up a lot of supplies. Here I was sending them in on an attack into the Gobi desert and it created supply havoc. Basically, I lost the material equivalent of a dozen divisions there. Elsewhere in the Pacific, I had four marine divisions ready to land in Pearl Harbor and about 20 different Japanese divisions ready to land at various places in the Philippines.'

But just as he turned his attention from the Gobi to the Pacific ocean, just as he was about to launch his amphibious campaign along multiple fronts, he lost naval supremacy. Without the steel and other resources that were lost in the desert he was unable to protect his carriers. His fleets had been crippled, his marines stranded aboard their landing craft unable to launch their assault without being torn to shreds.

The trick is building the game, and its underlying framework of interdependent systems, to support such complex interractions not merely for the big players like Japan and Russia but for little countries like Luxembourg as well.

'I think this is our advantage in being Swedish,' Andersson said. 'We’ve basically not been relevant major power in any conflict beside the Thirty Years War. What we think is fun is like we like to play our own country, and every one likes to play their own country, so for us we want to simulate the smaller and medium powers in every one of our games. And this is not something I think a US developer or a British developer or even a Russian developer thinks about. Who cares about the medium and small powers because they’re not relevant.'

By doing that kind of complex historical work Hearts of Iron 4, just like the other Paradox grand strategy games that have come before it, will have incredible replay value. For Andersson it's not merely a parochial exercise, but a way of laying bare the levers of history.

'It teaches people to learn that there are no isolated answers, that everything is connected. Production is connected to resources, to units. Battles are connected to logistics. Politics is connected to diplomacy, and diplomacy is connected to war.

'Everything is connected in life, that’s probably the biggest thing that people can learn from the game.'

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