Horton Yukon Sl Crossbow Owners Manual

Make Offer - HORTON HUNTER SUPREME CROSSBOW w/Tasco Scope, Quiver & Horton Bolts W/ Soft Case NEW Triple Trophy Horton Super String 32 5/8' Replacement Crossbow String ST018 $20.00. For some hunters, carrying and cocking a crossbow can be challenging enough without the added weight and bulk of cumbersome cocking devices that are permanently attached to a crossbow. Horton's EZ-Winder cocking system allows you to consistently and effortlessly cock your Horton crossbow in only 30 seconds with minimal effort, then can be stored conveniently in a daypack.

Horton Crossbow

Horton Crossbows focuses on the three F’s: Form, Fit, and Function. Their mission is to build affordable designs that do not compromise on quality. Each of their crossbows are reliable, durable and highly effective in what they do.

Bernard Horton founded Horton Crossbows nearly fifty years ago. Since then, they have built their reputation as one of the top ten crossbow manufacturers, producing crossbows that exceed expectations every single time.

They pride themselves on being accessible for everyone. Their crossbows are suited for hunters from all experiences levels – whether you are a novice or have been using a crossbow for many years. It also doesn’t matter your age, gender or physical abilities.

Horton Yukon Sl Crossbow Owners Manual Guide


Crossbow features

One of their more popular crossbows is the Vortex RDX. Described on their website as being “Incredible company. Perfectly balanced, Deadly Accurate”, this crossbow is a force to be reckoned with.


Horton Yukon Sl Crossbow Owners Manual

It is a light reverse draw bow meaning that it well-balanced. It eliminates weight so that it is compact and fast. This makes it ideal for hunters who are also tree stand hunters. It is very easy to cock, and with the assistance of the Preview two scope, it results in repeatable accuracy. It delivers speeds of up to 340 feet per second and is silent.

The Storm RDX is another crossbow that raised the standards in the crossbow industry. Named 2015 Outdoor Life and Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice, it helped solidify Horton Crossbow’s as one of the top ten crossbow manufacturers. This crossbow produces speeds up to 370 feet per second, and weighs eight point 2 lbs, delivering 120-foot pounds of kinetic energy. With Horton Crossbow’s innovations and new RDX technology, they made waves in the market, ultimately transforming crossbow enthusiasts’ experiences for the better.

Horton Yukon Sl Crossbow Owners Manual For Sale

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