How To Program Bmw Key Fob E90 Bmw

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Programming the keyless entry on your BMW key fob only takes a few minutes, so drivers will be back on the Woodland Hills roads in no time. There are 2 basic methods depending on whether you already have a working key and are looking to program additional keys or if you are starting from scratch and do not have a working key. Enter your BMW vehicle with the working key fob and the additional fobs that you wish to program. Make sure that the doors and windows are closed. Insert the original working key into the vehicle’s ignition and turn it position 1. The car’s dash lights and accessories should light up. CJ shows you how to activate & program a spare or replacement remote key fob in your F Series BMW. Read more about key fob replacement: https://www.bimmer-te. Programming instructions, guide and procedures for BMW keyless entry remote fobs. Remote diamond shaped key ( KR55WK47993 and others ) used in E46, E39, X3, X5 and others BMW cars.

I've got a question hopefully somebody can give me some good advice, better than Hyde Park auto. I've got a 05 e90 320d as my secondary vehicle. I lost the spare key a while back and never bothered getting a new one. Now this weekend I misplaced the other and am still looking for it . I hope I still find it however I understand that if I do not find it soon I will need to have the car towed to BMW and by murphys law I will probably find the key afterwards.
I spoke to someone at BMW, i was told that the replacement keyfob is R1300 if you have one key and R4000 - 6000 if you have lost both. My main questions are, can the keys be programmed locally or do they need to be ordered from Germany. I was told the keys can be programmed locally but the locks need to be changed, why ?
Online sources indicate that the laser cut the key thing that slides out of the keyfob used for opening the boot when there is no battery power needs to come from Germany.
Anybody else been through this process with a e81,e82,e87 or e90,e91,e92 that can shed some light ?

Many green hands of auto locksmith believe that it is difficult to program key for BMW EWS & CAS IMMO.Here I share a guide on how to program key for BMW EWS and CAS system.After reading,you will get auto key programming skills of unless two BMW models.

You need to have a common knowledge of BMW immobilizer,before starting programming key for BMW.It means that you have ability of telling which BMW IMMO you meet,EWS or CAS?

EWS immobilizer:EWS1,EWS2,EWS3,EWS4

CAS immobilizer:CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+,CAS4.

How to tell BMW IMMO EWS or CAS?

Straiht Key with 3 botton and a blue white BMW logo on it’s centre,just show below:

We divide them base on years:

EWS IMMO: Straight remote key of 3 series,5 series and 7 series of 2000-2004 model.Below shows the immobilizer box.

CAS2 IMMO:3 series,5 series,Z4,X5 and X3 equiped CAS2 immobilizer system.Below shows the CAS2 and CAS3 immobilizer box.

And another type BMW straight key is similar as Land Rover where is black BMW logo on.It also belongs to CAS IMMO system.

  • Usually,older BMW 7 series is equiped with BMW CAS1 immobilizer system.
  • Usually,BMW 3 series and 5 series before 2010 is equiped with BMW CAS3 immobilizer system.
  • And usually BMW 3 series 2010– is equiped with BMW CAS3+ immobilizer system.
  • And BMW 1 series after 2011 is equiped with BMW CAS4 immobilizer system.

How can we comfirm CAS system?

How To Program Bmw Key Fob E90 Bmw Key Fob

If it need to plug smart card to card slot,then press on-key-start.You can make sure it belongs to CAS immobilizer,and usually it is CAS3.The key of CAS2 immo is straight key.

For example: BMW 5 series 09.We can confirm it belongs to CAS3 immobilizer.

Which device can do BMW key program?

Here I introduce some bmw key programmer:

  • AK90 Key Programmer
  • AK300 Key Programmer
  • BMW OBD2 Multitool

Here we take bmw obd2 multitool as example:

BMW OBD2 Multi-tool mainly applied to CAS3 and CAS3+.If you need to program for BMW CAS1,you can use BMW OBD2 Multi-tool write key function to program key.There is no devices to program BMW CAS2 in no need disassembling,you must to remove CAS module form car to read out data.After reading out data,you can use BMW multi-tool to program key.

There are two ways to program key for BMW if you use BMW OBD2 Multi-tool.

1. Use file to program key directly off-line.

2 Programing key by OBD port online.

Method 1:Off-line program bmw key.

In this method,you do not need to connect BMW Multi-tool to car.But you need to read out the data file from CAS already.

For example,if you want to program key for CAS2 immobilizer,you need to use R270 to read out data.

And then,open BMW Multi tool software on you computer.

Select “data file generate key” function,then upload the data read out by R270 key programmer.

Put the new key into the coil of BMW Multi tool.

Select “CAS2” on software,and click to generate key.

Method 2:Online Programming.

Connect you car to compute with BMW Multi tool via OBD port.

Read out EEPROM data,and save it on your computer.

Select key learn function,you will see below software interface and some botton.

“Generate dealer key- use programmer” it means program key by BMW Multi too coi.l

“Generate dealer key-use ignition swithch” it means program key by ignition switch.

Here we recommend to use programmer: BMW Multi tool coil to program key.

Click to get key information,it will show the key information.We need to select one of key position to generate key.Usually,we choose one of position 3,position 4 or position 5 to generate new key.After selecting key position,put you new key into bmw multi tool coil,then select “Generate dealer key-use by programmer”

After it ,software show a dialog box as above picture.We select first option “Add key ”,then click next setp.

It will remind you dealer key generate successfully.Now you can try this new key on your car.

How To Program Bmw Key Fob E90 Bmw 3 Series

Conclusion: Only click 5 botton to programe bmw key by BMW Multi tool.

How to program bmw key fob e60

How To Program Bmw Key Fob E90 Bmw Key Fob

1.Click to read out EEPROM data.

2.Save the data file on your compute.


3.Select key learn function to get key information.

4.Select key position we need to generate key.

5.Click “Generate dealer key–use programmer”.

In some situation,the new dealer key you program can not work on your car.Here,you need to do this operation:
Back to software main interface to click botton of “synchronize DEM to CAS”.

The way to program key for BMW EWS IMMO system is the same as CAS IMMO system.You can use AD900 to program key,but you need to use R270 Programmer to read out data before.

How To Program Bmw Key Fob

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