How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac

The Mac User’s Guide To PDF Files. Today, we will be looking at various things you can do to a PDF file, such as making one, merging two or more together, splitting up the pages into separate files, and so on. Making a PDF File. Let’s start with the easiest one of all – making a PDF file. Quickly and easily separate PDF files with our online PDF splitter. With our easy-to-use PDF splitter, you can remove unnecessary or confidential content from PDF documents, extract specific pages as new PDF files, and break large PDFs into smaller files for easy sharing. Tips for How to Split a PDF on Mac for Free There are 2 methods for you to split PDF files for free by using the built-in tools of Mac OS X: #1. Preview is a Mac OS X application used to view PDF image files, which has a few document managing tools under the hood. Using Automator. How to edit and add files to a folder on a Mac. Once your new folder is created, it will be called 'untitled folder.' To change its name, you can either do a slow double click on its name, or you.

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Sometimes users just need to send a few pages of PDF data file to another user, instead of complete Adobe file. In this case, few common questions strike in the user’s mind such as is it possible to do this, if yes, then how? Well, if you are one of those users who is searching the solution for how to separate PDF file into single pages then, don’t be panic as we have come up with this technipage.

Here, we are going to disclose multiple techniques to divide PDF into individual pages. However, before going to the solution section, it is essential to understand the scenario and it causes more clearly. So, let us get started!

Portable Document Format files play a vital role in this digital world and there are several benefits to using them. Users get all their statements, eBooks, business documents, email messages, and other personal documents in PDF file format. All these files are portable, secure, and small in size also, display the information over the internet. Users can store a large amount of data in these data files and it is such a great advantage of PDF files. However, sometimes this quality of PDF becomes a concern for users when they need to access only a few pages from the large-sized Adobe PDF file.


Quick Solution: To separate large PDF into multiple files use automated Free PDF Splitter Program. It is a freeware application to create individual pages from PDF.

Create A Pdf On Mac

Requirements to Separate PDF Document into Individual Pages

There are multiple scenarios that demand to separate PDF into individual files. Some of them are discussed below:

  • There is a master PDF that contains data in sections and the user needs to save all sections in separate PDF files for easy management
  • User want to share only a few pages of Adobe PDF so they need to separate large PDF into multiple files
  • Due to some professional reasons a user needs to take the print of only a few pages of the large-sized PDF file

How To Separate PDF File into Single Pages Manually?

Below are some manual strategies that can be used to divide PDF into individual pages on Windows and Mac OS.

Measure 1: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC & Divide PDF into Multiple Files

  • Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Note: The feature is not available in Adobe Reader

  • Now, in Adobe Pro DC, go to the toolbar at and click on View >> Tools >> Organize Pages >> Open
  • The Organize Pages window displays the Thumbnails of PDF pages and different options. Select Split option from the toolbar
  • This will prompt a new menu bar and here you need to verify that you have entered “1” so that it displays Split by Number of Pages, 1 Pages. This ensures that every PDF is saved as a separate PDF page.

Measure 2: Separate PDF File into Single Pages using Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Note: If you are using the paid version of Adobe Acrobat only then, you can use it to make or create individual pages from PDF. One cannot divide one PDF into many with free Adobe Reader.

  • Click on Tools button that is situated on the left side of the pane
  • Here, select Pages option from the opened menu list
  • After expending the Pages menu, click on Split Document button
  • Set the maximum number of pages for the splitting of the file

Note: Users can also divide PDF into multiple files by bookmarks or by the maximum file size

  • Click on Output Options button for selecting the location where you want to save new files
  • After the Output Options, user have to click the “Split” button to separate PDF file into single pages
  • Lastly, click OK button

Measure 3: Use Preview to Divide PDF into Individual Pages is an application utilized to view PDFs and image on Mac OS X. To know how to split Adobe PDF into separate pages via Preview, follow below steps:

How to compress multiple pdf files on mac
  • Open the PDF file with Preview
  • Choose the pages you want to break into smaller PDF documents
  • Drag and drop the chosen PDF pages into the desktop or to the Finder window. Then, this will copy selected PDF pages into its own PDF documents

How To Separate PDF File into Single Pages Professionally?

Using a trusted third-party solution always provides the most accurate results. Thus, we recommend users to use Free PDF File Splitter Tool software. It can divide PDF into multiple files without any hassle. The software provides 6 different options to separate PDF files such as Split by Page Number, Even Pages, Odd Pages, Size, Each Page, and Range.

How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac Free

This eminent software is compatible with all types of PDF files. Also, it maintains the originality of files during and after the procedure to separate PDF documents into individual pages. The software provides support to Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016.

Steps to Create Individual Pages from PDF

How To Email Multiple Pdf Files On Mac

  • Download the tool & click on Add Files / Add Folder button to select the PDF files for splitting
  • Now, Choose the split option as “Split by Each Page” to separate multiple page PDF into single pages
  • Then, click the “Change” button to select the destination location
  • Then, click on the “Split” button to start the process
  • After completing the PDF splitting process, the successful completion message will be displayed.

In Summation

There come various situations when users want to create individual pages from PDF. However, doing this is not that much easy as it seems to be. In such cases, users search for a common query i.e., how to separate PDF file into single pages. In order to resolve this issue, we have discussed some manual, as well as automatic techniques in this, write up. Now, users can opt for any solution according to their current requisites and preferences.

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Portable Document Format commonly known as PDF is a document format often used to help preserve the original content of the document. However this can make splitting the file up a little more challenging. Perhaps you only need to send a few pages to someone instead of the entire file. With only a few steps you can now easily split any PDF document using PDF Plus.

How To Separate Pdf Files On Mac

Split PDF Documents with PDF Plus

How To Separate Pdf File Into Multiple Files On Mac

To begin splitting the chosen documents you will have to choose the splitting feature out of the four provided when opening the app. After this step you can start editing the documents.

You can choose as many different documents as you like, the app also providing an easy to use batch mode. You can view all the chosen documents inside the app to make sure you’re editing the right ones, or to see exactly where the splitting is needed. If there are files which do not need any kind of editing you can easily remove them by clicking on the “Remove Selected” option. The app also lets you remove all the added documents if needed.

After making sure all the added files are the one you need, you can start splitting them by using the Split Options provided. The Consecutive page split option lets you how many pages you need per an interval. The other option is Interval split which lets you edit the page intervals to better fit your needs.

How To Print Multiple Pdf Files On Mac

Next you can move to the output options where you can edit the names of your split files, and can save the resulting files in a folder of your choosing. After that, all you have to do is click on the “Split PDF Document(s)” button placed on the bottom right corner. In a few seconds the process is finished and all your files are split and placed accordingly.

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