Husqvarna Rifle Serial Number Lookup

Serial number 124401 and was wondering the market value of the gun. - Answered by a. Your rifle was produced in 1950 near the end of the year cycle.(serial. Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB 30-06 date of production and possible value? Discussion in ' The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum ' started by dog&gun, Aug 6, 2010. Skachatj igru geroi mecha i magii 5 gold edition.

I am looking at buying a model 1640 Husqvarna its lightweight about 6.8 lbs and has a 23 3/4 inch barrel the wood and bluiing and bore are in excellent shape. It has a metal recoil lug in stock so stock is not cracked.

Cost is 400$ I have wanted a mauser action rifle in 30-06 for a while so I would like to know if anyone here has any experience with this particular model. Is it well made, accurate, can it handle modern loads okay. Please tell me as much a you can about this rifle so I can make an informed decision Is this the best model of the husqvarna rifles? I want to use it to hunt moose and elk. First off, Welcome to the Forum, Mr. I'll say upfront that I'm not sure whether or not I'm familiar with the Mod 1640. I will say that I have a Husqvarna made in the late 70s in.243 and my bro-in-law has one identical only in.30-06.

Jan 16, 2017 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. HVA bolt action rifles. The serial number is below 200,000 and is the earliest type 1640 action. Husqvarna shotguns in short. Serial numbers for Husqvarna Shotguns. Action flat on a m/310 CS with number 174983. FAQ about Swedish Mausers. Which means; Rifle number 5. Husqvarna Vapenfabrik AB. The serial number is on the left side of the receiver. Most other parts have the last three figures of the serial number. On these the other parts only have the last two figures in the serial number). Parts on Husqvarna made rifles are not numbered to the same extent. Aug 01, 2019 Husqvarna Rifle Serial Number Lookup. Made in 1967. Looks to be, probably, a model 1600, but that would be easier to tell with some pictures of the entire gun, not just the buttplate and the name. Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag (Husqvarna Weapons-fabricator, Incorporated-Company) made guns, for both military and civilian use, from 1689 to the late 1960s.

Ours have no model number on them and I've never researched the S/N. What I will say is that my.243 is responsible for the longest shot I ever got on a coyote (>530 yds) and bro-in-law raves about his, too. I have a 1977 Husqvarna 250 motorcycle that is superb. I've owned Husqvarna chain saws which surpass any I've used.

Husqvarna Rifle Serial Number Lookup

I was hoping that someone could help me with the model number on a Swedish Husqvarna Rifle. The action is an exact replica of a Mauser model 98 except it has the sportorized half safety for the mounting of the scope. The serial number is 112383. The barrel is stamped Husqvarna Vapenfabriks A.B.30-06 U.S. Explore the rifles and use filtering options to find the right match for your hunting purposes. Sako 85 The world’s most advanced turn-bolt action rifle available in six different action sizes.

Husqvarna Hva Rifle Serial Number Lookup

That company just does NOT make any garbage! I doubt whether I've helped you make a decision about your rifle, but I had to get that plug in about the manufacturer. LOL I know they make good chainsaws I have one, just never owned one of their guns Well if your gun was made in the 70's it is most likely a 1900 action which is a modified Mauser that is more of a push feed with no large claw extractor. They were supposed to be silk smooth and very accurate. Here is what I found so far Husqvarna hunting rifles Husqvarna basicly used only four different mauser-type actions. The Swedish Mauser model 94 Used from 1927 to 1949 After WW2 it was called model 38, it also lost the thumb cut-out. The German Mauser model 98 Used from 1937 to 1956 Made by FN in Belgium in two types, the main difference is that the new type doesn't have the thumb cut-out and that the bolt handle is swept slightly back.

Husqvarna Rifle Serial Number Lookup

Husqvarna model 1640 Husqvarna was not comfortable with the fact that they were depending on one of there competitors. So they developed an action that in some ways resembles the German Mauser model 98. It uses a long mauser 98 type extractor and mechanical ejector but got a sliding safety catch. It was released in 1953 and discontinued in 1967. Husqvarna model 1900 In 1967 Husqvarna released a new action.

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