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Product Width50.17 cm19 3/4'
Product Depth43.66 cm17 3/16'
Product Height85.41 cm33 5/8'
Shipping Weight42.40kg93.48lb
Loading Capacity
  • 13000 BTU
Package Dimensions
Package Width N/A
Package Depth N/A
Package Height N/A


Idylis Model 0625615 Manual


Free Idylis 416710 Owner's Manual

24 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service.
Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.


Units with three drainage ports are units which also feature heat mode. The bottom drainage port empties the internal pan, the middle port is for continuous drain during heat and the top port is for continuous drain during dry mode. Please consult your owner’s manual for more detail.
On most models with heat mode, it is advised to use the hose for direct drain. This will ensure the pan does not fill up too quickly.
You should always use it during cooling and heating. It is not required during fan and dry mode. Please consult your owner’s manuals for more details.
During heat mode, dry mode or continuous draining. Please consult your owner’s manuals for more details.
The water drains from the drainage port. If you are not using the continuous drain, the internal pan drains from the bottom outlet. Consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Idylis Portable Air Conditioner Instruction Manual Transmission

Dual hose models have an intake and exhaust hose. With single hose models, the hose exhausts and the air that is to be “conditioned” is taken in from the room through the unit.
When selected, this automatically sets the appropriate option for your room based on the ambient temperature. For example, if it is 15°C outside, the unit would flip to fan mode. If it is set to 30°C, the unit would revert back to cooling mode.

Idylis air conditioner provides that needed cooling relief during the hot summer season or an unexpected heat wave. This air conditioner is reliable, durable, easy-to-use or install, accessible and the best alternative if your main concern is affordability. Currently, Idylis is offering the portable type which makes it perfect for single room use, for individuals or families that need temporary yet quick cooling, and for those who can’t install the window, split-type or the centralized air conditioning systems.

Brief Background on Portable ACs

Portable air conditioning units were created to address the limitations of conventional cooling systems. As its name suggests, they are portable and intended for interior and small room use (although there are now bigger units capable of cooling medium and large spaces) with the capability of carrying or moving them to anywhere the owner wants to. Except for the exhaust concern, using a portable AC is literally a breeze. All you need is that piece of Idylis air conditioner manual to serve as a guide. No delicate installation is required compared to the window or centralized air conditioners. And with the advancement of technology, there are now portable ACs that eliminate or automate old air conditioning problems like the evaporation and condensation of moisture.

Features of the Idylis Portable Air Conditioner

Idylis Portable Air Conditioner Instruction Manual Whirlpool

The advance and beneficial features of the Idylis air conditioner include the following:

  • High cooling capacity. The air conditioner offered by the brand is in the medium-sized capacity range. The 13,000 BTU rating is capable of cooling rooms or spaces of up to 450 square feet.
  • 3-in-1 functions. Aside from its cooling function, the unit also acts as a dehumidifier and a drain pump. In high humid conditions, these extra functionalities help make cooling more efficient.
  • Single hose system. Conventional portable ACs feature two separate hoses which should be directed outside the room or window. One hose is intended for air intake and the other for heat exhaust. But the single hose system is considered to be better because the unit uses the cold room air to cool the condenser instead of the warmer air coming from the outside. Part of the Idylis air conditioner parts is an installation kit that would make it easier to fix the exhaust to your window.
  • Easy-to-clean filter. Cleaning the air filter is relatively easy. A simple water rinsing is all that it needs periodically to maintain that cool yet clean air.
  • Touchpad LED. Instead of knobs or buttons that are bound to fail with constant use and abuse, the LED touchpad control provides a sleeker, more modern, simpler and durable alternative when operating the AC.
  • Remote control added. And when you want a quicker operating option, you can use the added remote control.
  • 3 fan speed. The fan component is vital in maximizing the cooling effect or comfort gained from the unit. 3 fan speed options are available to suit your needs.
  • Auto restart feature. When a power interruption strikes, the auto restart feature lets the unit come back to the previous settings when the power supply gets back. It also features a 24-hour programmable setting for less electricity wastage.
  • Rollers or wheels. For easier handling and storage, the unit has easy-roll casters to help lighten your load.

Important Considerations before Buying a Portable AC

There are individuals who immediately buy a portable AC but are eventually frustrated with its limitations. So to enjoy your new AC unit and avoid future regrets, there are important considerations to take note of like: venting requirements or the need to install an exhaust hose, the cooling capacity or BTU rating, energy efficiency ratio or EER, power rating, and, including the environmental factors in the room.

For a good, durable, efficient, affordable and feature-packed cooling system during a hot day, consider Idylis air conditioner first.

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