Install Php Mbstring

i need to install the mailparse extension in order to get something running in our administration system (not plesk; also doesn't matter to solve the problem haha).
In order to get mailparse running I need mbstring.
So: mbstring is also listed and checked in my phpsettings in plesk under:
Just to make sure in the php.ini I also removed the ';' infront of the ';extension=mbstring' so now it is like this: 'extension=mbstring'.
after that I restarted apache with: 'service apache2 restart'.
I can confirm, that my php-version (7.2.20) is located under '/opt/plesk/php/7.2/'.
I used the command: '/opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/pecl install mailparse' in order to install mailparse.
This is what turns out:

Does anyone have an idea of how to get them both running properly?
Thanks in advance!

Add the code below to php.ini. Restart PHP and check whether PHP-curl is installed using phpinfo 2. Ubuntu sudo apt-get install php5.6-mbstring. The version of php supplied by CentOS 6 is 5.3.3 so if you are running 5.3.23 then you are not using ours. Where you find a copy of php-mbstring to match your copy of php is a question you'll need to address to the people that supplied you with the non-standard 5.3.23.

Mbstring extension is missing on my PHP installation. How can I enable it?

Mbstring is a non default extension, which means it won’t enabled with the normal PHP installation by default. But you can enable this module by using the configure option along with the installation process. More about Mbstring module.

In a WHM/cPanel server you can simply enable this module by using the EasyApache script. This is the inbuilt script used for rebuilding Apache and PHP on the server.

This can simply be done from the WHM panel or from the server CLI (Command Line Interface). I prefer server CLI for EasyApache. Here I’m explaining the steps to enable the PHP module Mbstring via EasyApache script.

Make sure you’ve verified the current Apache and PHP version before starting the EasyApache script. Make a copy of current Apache (/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf) and PHP (/usr/local/lib/php.ini) configuration files.

Here we go!

The Mbstring Extension Is Missing

Steps to enable Mbstring via EasyApache script – CLI

First of all, check this module is already enabled on server. You can use the following code to check this from CLI:

cPanel updated their EasyApache script from EasyApache3 to EasyApache4 in their latest software version. And the script EasyApache 3 will stop soon. Here I am going to explain the installation of Mbstring using EasyApache 3 and EasyApache 4.

Installation using EasyApache 3

Please do follow the steps pasted below to enable Mbstring using EasyApache 3.

1. SSH to server as root.

2. Create a screen session to execute the EasyApache.

3. Execute the EasyApache script.

3. If the script prompted with a cPanel update message, hit NO and continue.

4. Click on “Customise Profile

5. Make sure you’ve selected the Apache and PHP version correctly as you required.


6. Now click on “Exhaustive Options List.”


7. Use down arrow until you see the Mbstring extension.


8. Select it.

9. Click on “Next Step” then “Save and build.”

1o. Now check it.

Php Mbstring Extension

That’s it dude!

This can also be done from the WHM panel, you can select it from “Home » Software.”

Install Php Mbstring

Installation on EasyApache 4

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