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The levels of automation, density and performance can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of your business processes and the goods you want to store. The divisions of Kardex provide you with products and services that complement one another, setting up a. Kardex Remstar 41 Eisenhower Drive Westbrook, ME 04092 USA +1 800-639-5805. Niederlassung Deutschland. Kardex Deutschland GmbH Megamat-Platz 1 86476 Neuburg / Kammel +49 8283 999 0.


(medicine) A medical-patient information system using preprinted forms on durable card stock.
Any device or system for paper-based record-keeping that used products that bore the Kardex trademark, or a similar system, or an electronic system that replaced it.
[noun] A medical-patient information system which uses forms preprinted on durable card stock; loosely, any similar system for paper-based record-keeping.
[noun] The device used to hold the cards of such a system.
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Storage, retrieval and distribution of heavy loads


The Shuttle XP 1000 extends the Shuttle XP range with up to 2,204 lb (1,000 kg) payload per tray and offers a new additional solution spectrum.

The Shuttle XP 1000 is an automated vertical lift using the 'goods to person' concept. The Shuttle XP 1000 has a compact design and makes optimum use of the room height available, thus offering maximum storage space within a minimal footprint. This can save up to 80% of the space usually required for conventional shelving. The unit can be implemented on the customer's premises as either a stand-alone unit or as a multi-story solution with several access openings up to a level of 65 feet (20 meters).

Kardex Manual

The Shuttle XP 1000 is fully compatible with the other units of the XP product in terms of look & feel dimensions, equipment (options), functionality and machine control. The maximum load per tray is designed to meet the corresponding load class.

The Shuttle XP 1000 is delivered with the new Logicontrol 100 machine control as standard.

The new Shuttle XP 1000 provides:

  • Increased efficiency for storage, retrieval and distribution of (heavy) goods
  • Fast, complete and reliable delivery of goods, even with increasing warehouse Logistics complexity
  • Cost savings due to optimization of the available warehouse capacity
  • Increased availability and optimization of the material workflow
  • Improved productivity due to faster goods access
  • Protection and safety of both personnel and stored goods
  • Outstanding payload per tray over the complete range of tray widths

Get more information on other Shuttle XP 1000 models:

Your application:

  • Storage of low to medium height goods on pallets. Pallets are stored using a forklift/pallet truck.

Our solutions:

  • Shuttle XP1000 with tray extraction and special trays up to 50 in (1270 mm) deep for pallet storage.

Your application:

Kardex 2016 Manual Instructions

  • Storage of low to medium height heavy goods using a crane or forklift/pallet truck in production and in the warehouse

Our solutions:

  • Shuttle XP1000 with tray extraction and integrated crane
  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Vertical Lift Modules
    • Shuttle XP 1000
    • Advantages Options Data
  • Office Solutions
  • Software

Heavy Loads
Shuttle XP1000

The Shuttle XP 1000 is particularly suited for storing:

Kardex 2016 Manual Software

  • Small parts in bins/containers (with a large number of bins per tray)
  • Large/heavy tooling
  • Pallets
  • Spare parts

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