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Kindred of the East is a spin-off of Vampire: The Masquerade dealing with, well, the closest thing the Old World of Darkness had to Eastern vampires. Asia was always a forbidden land to Western Vampires. Those who went there and were fortunate enough to return would tell stories of the bizarre abilities and practices of the 'Cathayans' (Cathay is an archaic name for China). Kindred of the East is the vampire book from White Wolf's Year of the Lotus, which focused on Asia in the World of Darkness. Asia's vampires are not descended from Caine, unlike all other vampires in the world (including African ones), and are special demon-ghost-vampires. Asia in general is special, but only vampires got an entirely new ruleset.

A World of Darkness Chronicle for Kindred of the East


Venue Links:

  • Setting Info

  • House Rules

  • Character Creation

We are currently seeking staff for Kindred of the East.

The following titles are required reading for this venue:
Kindred of the East

  • Vampire: the Masquerade (Revised) (Not using any clans, mechanics for combat, skill rolls, etc.)
  • Kindred of the East Core Book
  • Kindred of the East Companion
  • Kindred of the East The Half-Damned: Dhamphyr
  • Sunset Empires
  • Shadow Wars
  • The Killing Streets
  • The 1000 Hells
  • Dharma Book: Way of the Resplendent Cranes
  • Dharma Book: Howl of the Devil-Tiger
  • Dharma Book: Path of a Thousand Whispers
  • Dharma Book: Song of the Shadows
  • Dharma Book: Dance of the Thrashing Dragons
  • Heresies of the Way
    • NOTE: May only use any of the specials in the book that are part of the Spirits of the Living Earth. Details from the book may be used in the background of the character, such as coming from a heretical dharma and stepping into one of the Five Main is fine.

None as of Yet

  • Howl of the Devil-Tiger: 2 / 4
  • Way of the Resplendent Crane: 1 / 4
  • Way of a Thousand Whispers: 1 / 4
  • Song of the Shadows: 0 / 4
  • Dance of the Thrashing Dragons: 1 / 4
  • Spirit of the Living Earth: 0 / 2

Below are the character creation guidelines for the venue, if there are any questions, please feel free to FPM/Page SteveS.


Below is the General flow of character creation, and under that, are the finer details that determine the creation of a Kuei-jin.

If there are any questions, please make sure to contact the staff and we will be happy to lend you some aid. Also, please make sure to look over House Rules as well, though I will have the site adjustments for character creation set here, there are adjustments to abilities and the like that could be useful to know for play, or before character creation.

Character Creation Process

Below are the Character Creation rules for Kuei-jin and Dhamphyrs, under the quick reference chart are details and specifics that can help give a better idea on what you are working with, without having to look between the book and the screen.

Character Creation Kuei-jin

  • Step One: Name and Concept (please look down at Specifics), Choose balance, direction, Dharma, Nature, Demeanor, Actual Age and Apparent Age.
Note: Characters will be 18 years or older.
  • Uji: Uji’s are an important part of Japanese Kindred Society, they are, more or less a family, much akin to a ‘Wu’. You may choose from one of the Major or Minor Uji, or even just come in as a ‘Ronin’.
Major Uji
Bishamon: Bishamon Kuei-jin are traditionalists to the core.
Genji: Are a contemporary (Modern) collective of Kuei-jin.
Iga and Koga: Spies and Assassin of the Kuei-jin. (Primarily Bone Flower Dharma; Please make sure to see the link below if you want to be part of the Iga/Koga House.)
Minor Uji
Sotogawa No: Shinto based Uji with Shifter Allies (Living Earth Dharma Only)
Nukekubi: Seek to be servants of Heaven and Hell.
Taira: Foremost Conservative Uji of Japan
Echizen: Uji of Mystics and Sorcerers
For more on the Uji’s of Japan and the detail of Ronin, please click Here
  • Step Two: Attributes - Choose Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3)
    • 4's at CC: Only 1 Attribute may be at a 4 at character creation
    • 1's at CC: Only 1 Attribute may be at a 1 at character creation
  • Step Three: Abilities - Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13/9/5)
    • 4's at CC: Only 1 Ability may be at a 4 at character creation.
    • Combat Abilities: May not have a combined total of 9 dots in combat Abilities. This list includes, but not limited to: Athletics, Dodge, Firearms, Martial Arts, and Melee.
    • Martial Arts: May not take Martial Arts Past 3 dots even with freebie points. Must pick a technique (Soft or Hard) along with a Style (Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Goju-Ryu Karate, etc.) Please check house rules for specifics on the Adjustments made to Martial Arts.
  • Step Four: Advantages
Choose Disciplines 4 Dots (1 dot must be in a Demon Art)
Necromancy/Sorcery – Please Look below for details on Necromancy/Sorcery and the Kuei-jin after the Discipline Section, before Backgrounds.
Backgrounds (any 5; please either look at the House Rules for adjustments to some backgrounds or Home Brewed section for new backgrounds.)
May only take up to 1 points in Influence at Character Creation, please see Influence for further details on type of influence and actions.
Those starting off in an Uji may begin with 1 point in Status in their House for free and 1 point in Status: Shogunate for free as well.
Spend points on Chi Virtues (4; characters start with one dot in each Virtue)
  • Step Five: Finishing Touches
Record Starting Hun score (1)
Record Starting P'o score (3)
Record Starting Willpower (5)
Record Starting Chi (equal to permanent Yin/Yang)
Record Starting Dharma Rating (1; unless the Dharma Background was taken.)
Record Merits and Flaws
Note: May only take a Max of 7 points in Flaws
Note: Please make sure to see the section below on disallowed Merits/Flaws since Kuei-Jin have a different sort of background that Kin-jin (Western Vampires) do not share.
  • Spend Freebie Points (15)
A Wan Kuei can raise their Willpower up with Freebie Points, but cannot take it no higher than 6.

Character Creation Dhamphyrs

  • Step One: Name and Concept, Choose Nature, P'o Nature and Demeanor.
Note: Characters will be 18 years or older.
  • Step Two: Attributes - Choose Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3)
    • 4's at CC: Only 1 Attribute may be at a 4 at character creation
    • 1's at CC: Only 1 Attribute may be at a 1 at character creation
  • Step Three: Abilities - Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13/9/5)
    • 4's at CC: Only 1 Ability may be at a 4 at character creation.
    • Combat Abilities: May not have a combined total of 9 dots in combat Abilities. This list includes, but not limited to: Athletics, Firearms, Martial Arts, or Melee
    • Martial Arts: May not take Martial Arts Past 3 dots even with freebie points. Must pick a technique (Soft or Hard) along with a Style (Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Goju-Ryu Karate, etc.) Please check house rules for specifics on the Adjustments made to Martial Arts.
  • Step Four: Advantages
Special Abilities:
All Dhamphyrs Start with Passive Joss and may take Active Joss or 1 dot in any Demon Art, Shintai Discipline, Feng Shui, or Tzu Wei.
Backgrounds: May take: Age (See Dhamphyr book), Face, or any Background that works for the Living and half-dead along with Resources, Allies, Retainers (Human and Animal only), Followers, Influence. Also take a look at Home Brewed Section for some adjusted backgrounds.
May only take up to 1 points in Influence at Character Creation, please see Influence for further details on type of influence and actions.
Those starting off in an Uji may begin with 1 point in Status in their House for free and 1 point in Status: Shogunate for free as well.
Virtues: 7 Dots to distribute among Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage. Each Virtue starts with 1 dot.
  • Step Five: Finishing Touches
Record Humanity score (Conscience + Self-Control)
Record P'o score (1; may start with 2 dots without taking the Strong P'o Flaw)
Record Starting Willpower (5)
Record beginning Chi (equal to Self-Control (Yin) and Courage (Yang)
Record beginning Joss, which is equal to Humanity
Record beginning Demon Chi, which is equal to P'o
Record Merits and Flaws
Note: May only take a Max of 7 points in Flaws
  • Spend Freebie Points
25 Freebie Points if you don't take any powers/disciplines (Not including Passive Joss); and cannot use freebies to buy any Powers/Disciplines)
15 Freebie Points if you take a power/discipline at character creation (Passive Joss not included); power/disciplines included Active Joss, Feng Shui, Tzu Wei, Demon Arts, Shintai Disciplines.


Below are the specifics towards character creation of Kindred of the East.

Name and Concept (Kuei-jin Only)

Per Kindred of the East p. 16:
To symbolize the transition between life and death, many Kuei-jin discard their mortal names for sobriquets after their Second Breath. Kuei-jin in some Wu and courts take the name of the Wu or court as their surname (thus, Akira of the Bishamon Uji would be known as the Bishamon Akira, while the third member of the Dream Blood wu might be referred to as Dream Blood Three).

A large number of Kuei-jin, particularly those serving a court or spirit master, assume titles or descriptive epithets (Five Ghost Killer, Harmonious Fist of the Eighth Hell, Judge of Kowloon). More remorseful Kuei-jin do so out of homage to the duties they have forsaken, while their skeptical brethren take similar names out of mockery or irony. In any event, flowery titles are what the foolish Kindred expect, and they help keep the foreign devils on their toes...

What does this mean for you? Well, this means a few things, when looking over a few other books I've noticed that not all the books adhere to the same standards as the core book. A Dharma name should be something that has meaning to your character, it has a purpose, it can be considered a concept, or just a role in the universe. So use this as a chance to create a creative, Dharma name, this name is something used among other Wan Kuei and perhaps a select few Dhamphyrs/Ban Ren Gui.

Now this does not mean your log in name needs to be your re-birth name for your character. Most Wan Kuei do take 'Mortal Names' to use among the Hin (Non-People: Mortals). So, please, feel free to take Li Zong or Wei Shen as a mortal name that is your character log in name.

P'o Archetype

Below are the type of P'o your Wan Kuei has within, their dark passenger who whispers in their ear every chance they have, and seeks to undermine the Hun.

  • The Addict: Your P'o sees no use in the pursuit of Dharma or anything else, except numbing it's eternal hunger through the use of Blood and drugs. (Sunset Empires p. 105)
  • The Bandit: Your P'o is a rampaging, savage monster
  • The Barbarian: Your P'o rejects the true ways in favor of the decadent Kindred
  • The Dog-Cooker: Your P'o Wallows in Self-Degradation and loathes purity of self. (Sunset Empires p. 105 - 106)
  • The Comprador: Your P'o seeks to work for whoever pays him the most. (Sunset Empires p. 105)
  • The Corrupter: Your P'o seeks to twist the good and innocence’s of the world. (Please see Home Brewed for details.)
  • The Courtier: Your P'o seeks to be subverted as a way to control others (Please see Home Brewed for details.)
  • The Deceiver: Your P'o undermines the Hun through lies and treachery
  • The Demon: Your P'o is a grotesque monster who lives only to destroy
  • The Fool: Your P'o distracts you from the true path to favor the easy way
  • The Legalist: Your P'o insists on rigid obedience and even more rigid punishment
  • The Monkey: Your P'o is a capricious creature bent on preventing inner harmony
  • The Samurai: Your P'o obsesses over respect and Glory, flying into a rage at any hint of disrespect or shame (Sunset Empires p. 106)
  • The Slave: Your P'o seeks to abase you before your 'superiors'
  • The Tormentor: You P'o seeks to unleash the pain and suffering it has endured on others. (Please see Home Brewed for details.)
  • The Tyrant: Your P'o seeks to put those weaker than you in their place (Please see Home Brewed for details.)

Chi Balance (Kuei-jin Only)

Balance is what your character is focused towards when attuning, feeding, or expending chi in disciplines or the like. Your Balance determines your focus for your Chi virtues, often times, those Balanced towards Yin or Yang, have a higher virtue than the opposite. In some cases, those Balanced towards Yin or Yang, are so Focused, they go as far as suffering Imbalance (when a chi virtue is 3 or more dots higher than the other.) Please review Virtues below in regards to actual Chi and Soul Virtues!

  • Yin: You are attuned to the Cold flow of existence, darkness, death, logic, and metal. When Balanced towards Yin, your focus of chi tends to be towards Yin, your virtue tends to be higher than your Yang Virtue, and you seek to fill your Yin Chi first, over your Yang chi.
  • Balanced: You are not focused overly in Yin or Yang, but see both as important to the flow of the body and soul. Live and Death equally flow through you, neither is more important than the other, and you seek to keep this flow in harmony. When taking chi, you do what you can to equal the flow of chi that flows into your body, and you attune as you please when awakening, be it Yin or Yang.
  • Yang: Yang is life, it is the very measure of all that is living, it brings warmth to your undead body. Wood, Fire, Life are all aspects that represent the measure of life that you are connected with and even attune to. When Balanced towards Yang, your focus of chi tends to be towards Yang, your virtue tends to be higher than your Yin Virtue, and you seek to fill your Yang chi first, over your Yin chi.

Direction (Kuei-jin Only)

Direction is your role within the Society of the Kuei-jin, what your focus tends to be and who the courts turn to when they require aid. For a deeper understanding of a direction, please click HERE!

  • North: Your duty is to interpret the laws and preserve the traditions.
  • West: Your duty is to bear messages (and punishments) from the spirits.
  • Center: Your duty is to guide yourself and others toward enlightenment.
  • South: Your duty is to create, lead and destroy.
  • East: Your duty is to watch over the 'floating world' of mortals.

Dharma (Kuei-jin Only)

There has to be a reason on why you came back from Hell, right? Well Dharma is that purpose, or what you feel draws you to continue with your Second Breath. Below are the Five Main Dharma's that are represented within Hong Kong. Heretical Dharma's are not Sanctioned for PC use at this time, nor are Akuma or Yulan-jin.
Note: Akuma mentioned above are those who have actually given their souls to the Yama Kings, this does not mean those who have taken the 'Akuma' social flaw and have been outcast from the main structure of Wan Kuei Society.

  • The Howl of the Devil-Tiger: Sin is rampant and it's your duty to correct the sin's of others to help proper society grow! With Passion, Pain and Righteousness, you throw yourself into duty head long, and do not hesitate. You learn from pain and teach others with it! Celestial Devils Virtue is P'o and they understand the Demon within is both their enemy and friend!
  • The Way of the Resplendent Crane: We died for our sins, now we're back to correct the mistakes we've made... By remembering the Great Principle and following the Eight Lotus Path, we will make amends for our crimes and become true Paragons of Enlightenment! Ice Guardians Virtue is Hun, they understand the lack of Compassion is what drove them to hell.
  • The Song of the Shadow: We are dead, cold, we are not living and never shall we be such again. We must understand the purpose of our existence, and embrace the cold of the Ebon Dragon, be we Assassins, Guardians of our families, Necromancers or seekers of forbidden Knowledge, we do all of this out of obligation and purpose, not because we 'feel'! Bone Flowers Virtue is Yin, they understand their dead and do not seek to be that which they were in life... messy, emotional creatures prone to fits of blindness, sex and drugs!
  • The Path of a Thousand Whispers: There is much to learn out there, and with limited perspective it's hard to see forest from the trees... however, breaking these limitations by living a whole new life, breaking one's self off from previous connections and making a new identity, one can gain enlightenment and understanding of all things! Rootless Trees virtue is Balance, they seek to have an even accord between Yin, Yang, Hun and P'o. Knowing the cold of death, the passion of life, the focus of Hun and the Wild measure of the P'o, one can truly see what others cannot.
  • The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon: In life we did what we were told, we did not adventure out, we limited our existence and never truly enjoyed life... However, now we're dead, it's time to throw caution to the wind and do all the things we never had the chance to do! Money, Sex, and Drugs, wild dancing, Art, beauty in the many myriads of all things out there is our focus and those who hide from such, shall be sought out and brought into the fire of life and passion! Laughing Rainbows Virtue is Yang, though they may have forsaken life, when alive, they now give to it freely and seek to bring others into the wild abandon that is there to be had!
  • Spirits of the Living Earth: We are those who never saw the truth of existence, we ignored the fact there are spirits in the world. However, after suffering death, and coming back, we have found the world is filled with spirits, and in this, we seek to be the middle ground between these spirits, and the world in which we inhabit.
    • Note: Limited Space for Spirits of the Living Earth Dharma, only allowing 3 as of this time in active place as PC’s. House Sotogawa No, House Taira, or Ronin Only.


Discipline, in Wan Kuei terms, aren't set by blood of a clan, but what one has an affinity towards or believes is beneficial. Disciplines, in the Wan Kuei manner, can be taught through self-measures or from a teacher, though some aspects of these arts are discovered through Yoga, Tai Chi, Esoteric Exercises, Mantra's or even torture! Below are the different categories of powers one can seek to learn and understand!

Shintai Disciplines

Shintai or 'God-Body' Disciplines are focused around the Five Elements of existence, however in recent years three new Shintai have been developed.

  • Beast Shintai: This Shintai Discipline calls upon the power of a Kuei-jin's P'o to allow him to dominate, control, or make use of the beasts of the field. At higher levels, Beast Shintai actually provides the character with a link to a sort of 'totem spirit' that grants him special powers similar to those of other shen. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 82 - 83
  • Blood Shintai (Water): Blood is essential to life, it is 'water' in manner and can flow equally so if need be. Blood Shintai gives those who understand it, the ability to direct their blood, within their body, in ways that no other person can.
  • Bone Shintai (Metal): One uses Yin to adjust the form and attune it to the measures of the cold aspects of death. Those who take to Bone Shintai deeply are truly terrifying indeed and can be expected to shiv you with bone claws or form the living to decay through a cloud of Yin.
  • Flesh Shintai (Wood): Flesh allows one to extend parts of their body to lengths only heard of in myths... and at higher levels, able to even make themselves look like whatever they wish!
  • Ghost-Flame Shintai: This allows a Wan Kuei to call upon the ghostly flames of death to harm their enemies and set them a blaze!
  • Jade Shintai (Earth): When one learns of the Jade Shintai arts, they begin to become one with the very world, able to run up the side of buildings to becoming an unmovable force of nature like a mountain, practitioners of Jade Shintai are not to be taken lightly.
  • Smoke Shintai: The Kuei-jin use the powers of the Smoke Shintai to misdirect, conceal, and obfuscate. A skilled practitioner of Smoke Shintai can use even the tiniest amount of smoke to conceal himself, and can tell lies to convincing that even the most jaded cynic believes him. At higher levels of power, Smoke Shintai provides some control over actual fire. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 82 - 83
  • Storm Shintai: This Shintai Discipline reflects the Cathayans' links to the storms of the pacific and Indian oceans. Most of the middle Kingdom is subject to terrible storms, even monsoons, during the course of every year. Some Kuei-jin, particularly those with strong P'os, revel in this extreme weather. Thus, they have learned to invoke the powers of the storm by attuning their Chi energies to the flows of weather. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 84 - 85

Chi Arts

  • NOTE: Dhamphyrs may take Feng Shui Only.

Chi arts are the Disciplines the Wan Kuei put into practice to direct the flow of chi within the body or an area. In some measures, these abilities go beyond just chi, but even the very aspect of the Souls.

  • Equilibrium: Maintaining harmonious balance between Yin and Yang, Hun and P'o.
  • Feng Shui: Chinese Geomancy put to use with Chi and Dragons Nests. Kindred of the East Companion P. 48 - 51
  • Yang Prana: Attuning the body to its inner Yang.
  • Yin Prana: Attuning the body to its inner Yin.
  • Tapestry: manipulating ambient Chi in the environment.

Soul Arts

  • NOTE: Dhamphyrs may take Tzu Wei Only.

The Soul are used to either direct the measure of one's own soul, or that of others. Some of these arts let you peek into a person's soul, while others, allows you to either entice the P'o in yourself or another to rage or to subside!

  • Cultivation: The P'o must be understood and assimilated.
  • Chi'iu Muh: The true secrets of the third eye.
  • Internalize: Focusing the will for mighty feats and cunning insights.
  • Mibasham: This Discipline, whose name derives from the Farsi (Persian) word for 'to be,' is concerned with the very nature of existence itself. Kuei-jin who study it are seeking answers to the mysteries of how the Kuei-jin came to be and what their purpose in the world is. Kindred of the East Companion P. 89 - 90
  • Obligation: The strongest soul prevails and triumphs.
  • Tzu Wei: Tzu Wei, as practiced by mortals, involves the use of Chinese astrology and horoscopes to determine what the future holds for an individual, what days and symbols are propitious ones for him, and when the best times are to undertake certain actions. In conjunction with feng shui, it provides what is sometimes an almost comprehensive guide to living one's life. But Kuei-jin, who know more about the fates than mere mortals, and who are sometimes able to manipulate the very stuff of reality itself, take Tzu Wei many steps beyond that. While they are able to do simple things like casting horoscopes, they are also able to grasp hold of joss and make it do what they want. Rather than simply reacting to the omens they see, they make joss conform to their desires. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 90 - 91

Demon Arts

Note: Hellweaving is not allowed at this time.
Demon Arts are the Disciplines that tap into the P'o directly, these arts are powerful, however dangerous in their own right.

  • Black Wind: Uses the P'o to fuel you physically!
  • Demon Shintai: Allows you to take on the Physical horrors of your P'o
  • Kiai: Releases the power of the P'o through powerful yells and screams. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 75 - 76
  • Iron Mountain: Able to use the P'o endure pain most Wan Kuei cannot. Kindred of the East: Companion P. 72 - 73

Other Arts

As of right now, the Arts used by the Heretical Dharma's are heavily restricted, there needs to be a very, very good reason on why.

  • Inward Way: the Discipline of the Inward Way is all about controlling the four imbalanced Virtues at the heart of the constantly whirling tempest within. Heresies of the Way P. 49
  • Prayer-Eating: Through the development of this Discipline, the Kuei-jin learns to extend her spiritual influence into those who pay her homage. Heresies of the Way P. 77 - 79
  • Tempest of the Inward Focus: Designed by the Sage as a movement-based meditation, the Tempest is more than a Kuei-jin martial art. It was meant to serve as an external component to the internal inward Way, and the Dahn Tú believe that to be truly proficient in either, you must master both. The Tempest is also limited in that powers can only be applied to Martial Arts maneuvers; it is, after all, a meditative-combat Discipline. Heresies of the Way P. 50 - 51

Necromancy/Sorcery (Kuei-jin Only)

  • Per the Dharma Book: Bone Flowers p. 35, Yin-Aspect Kuei-jin can learn Necromancy Rites that are similar to Giovanni Rituals. A Kuei-jin as stated previously, must be Yin-aspect and must possess Occult 3 and Rituals 4. If the Kuei-jin meets the previous criteria, they can learn Necromancy Rites at one level higher than their ritual level. For example, Cadaver’s Touch, a level four ritual, would be a level five rite. The adapted rituals cause a mitigated version of a Kin-jin Discipline’s ripple effect on the local Chi (Kindred of the East: Companion p. 122). However these rituals are taught and learned is up to the ST. House Bishamon and House Genji have banned the use of such strange and unnatural rituals; however it is believed that House Echizen has a vast library of converted rites which their willing to share, for a price. It is also speculated that some Ronin managed to learn some of these converted rites, but those Ronin are usually killed or adopted quickly.
  • As stated above with Necromancy the same is applied to learning Adapted Thaumaturgy Rituals. Difference is, a Kuei-jin may be balanced or Yang aspect instead of Yin aspect in order to perform the converted rite. Everything else applies normally along with the banning by House Bishamon and Genji with the note on House Echizen and Ronins.

Joss (Dhamphyrs Only)

Joss is Luck, and Dhamphyrs have the ability to not only be blessed by luck, but can be even learn to direct it, and even bind it to skills.

  • Active Joss: A Dhamphyr knows how to actively use their Joss towards something their attempting to do.
  • Joss Binding: A Dhamphyr has learned to bind some of their luck into a specific skill their very proficient at, often resulting in rather awe inspiring lucky events! Prerequisites: Active Joss, Skill to be bound at 3 dots.


You may not take Generation or Status, but you may take the backgrounds of:
  • Age: Allows a Dhamphyr to increase their access to Shintai Disciplines at a decrease to their Humanity and even their physical capabilities. (Dhamphyrs Only)
  • Allies: The details of the background have changed, please see the check the Home Brew Link Above Section to see the changes.
  • Dharma: Much like Generation, however it works for your Dharma rating (Please see Home Brewed for details; Kuei-jin Only)
  • Face: A Dhamphyrs 'recognition' among a Kuei-jin's court and how accepted (respected) a Dhamphyr is among a court. (Dhamphyrs Only)
  • Followers: You have a gang of people at your beck and call, be they thugs, fan girls or just people who are enslaved to your will, they are willing to jump to your needs whenever you wish. (Please see Home Brewed for details.)
  • Horoscopes: The stars smiled, or frowned, upon you. (Kuei-jin Only)
  • Influence: Influence is the pull an individual has within a specific Organizations.
    • Note: Locals to Japan may have up to 1 dot in influences. Locals are those who have spent their existence in Japan or at the very least, five years. Anyone who is recently arriving from outside of Japan, may not start with any points in Influence. For Further details on Influence and how it's gained, lost and the like please visit Here!.
  • Jade Talisman: You are blessed with a Chi-storing talisman.
  • Magic Artifact: You possess one or more magical devices.
  • Nushi: A guardian spirit watches over you or your wu.
  • Retainer: The aspects of the background has changed, please check the Home Brewed for further details.
  • Note: A Dhamphyr May not take Chih'mei as retainers and may only have a Dhamphyr, Bakemono, or Ban Ren Guei as a retainer through rp and personal plot development.
  • Rites: You know one or more ceremonies for placating spirits and tapping into dragon lines. (Kuei-jin only)
  • Spirit Servant Through the many Rites that Bind Spirits, you have learned to bind a Yin or Yang spirit to your service. (Please see Home Brewed for details; Kuei-jin Only)


Kuei-jin start off with the following Lore:
● in Kuei-jin Lore
● in Dharma Lore
If a Kuei-jin has any form of interest in Dhamphyrs, their origins and the like, they may start off with a ● in Dhamphyr Lore as well, for free. Also, those who are connected with specific type of Spirits, such as Yang or Yin spirits/demons may also be awarded a free point in Lore of that type.
Dhamphyrs start off with the following Lore(s), so long as they’re not Ignorant of Self:
● in Dhamphyr Lore
● Kuei-Jin (If their educated in the ways of the Wan Kuei)

Virtues (Kuei-Jin Only)

Virtues for the Wan Kuei are split into four types and into two groups. You have Chi Virtues which are Yin, Self-Control and Yang, Courage; then you have Soul Virtues which are Hun (Humanity) and P'o (The Demon). The four virtues can be out of balance if the virtues are more than two dots higher than its opposing virtue; i.e. If Yin is at 5, while Yang is at 2, or P'o is at 6 and Hun is at 2.
Chi Virtues

  • Yin: Represents your connection to the cold mindedness of the universe, it helps you resist Fire Soul and represents the amount of Yin you can hold within your undead body.
  • Yang: Represents your connection to the very essence of life, it helps you resist Wave Soul and how much Yang you can hold within your undead body.

Soul Virtues:

  • Hun: The Hun represents the strength of your humane side of your dual souls, it helps you resist Shadow Soul, and to temper the P'o.
  • P'o: The P'o represents the strength of the Demon side of your dual souls, it helps you draw on the power of the demon within and allows you to hold more Demon Chi in your system.

Merits & Flaws

We are allowing players to take up to seven dots in merits and flaws, just as per normal character creations, merits take points away from your freebies while flaws add to your freebies. Merits and Flaws that are allowed for use are from the Kindred of the East books, and Vampire the Masquerade Revised books. ST's are allowed to deny specific merits/flaws based on character history, combination of merits with other merits and powers, and the same going with flaws. Since there are Kuei-jin who have connections with Humanity, and vampire does not have merits/flaws that work well for such aspects, there is a section of merits and flaws that focus more on human/mortal aspects. This list can be found HERE! If there are any questions, please feel free to ask the staff!

Disallowed Merits/Flaws (Kuei-jin Only)

Below are the Disallowed Merits and Flaws, these Merits/Flaws are disallowed due to the fact that Kuei-Jin have a different background that they do not share with Kindred. Such as, they can eat normal food without a merit. Should Any merit/flaw become banned, it will also be placed here with a note on it being Banned.

  • Berserker
  • Dual Nature


  • Eat Food


  • True Faith
  • Light-Sensitive
  • Kànbujiàn (Banned for PC Use, We’re not playing outside the Middle Kingdom)


  • Baby Face
  • Misplaced Heart
  • Efficient Digestion
  • Selective Digestion
  • Thin-Blooded


  • Attribute 5
  • Ability 2 (3 if Martial Arts)
  • Discipline 10
  • Background 1
  • Chi Virtue 3
  • Hun 3
  • P'o 1
  • Willpower 1


  • Attributes 5
  • Ability 2 (3 if Martial Arts)
  • Discipline 10
  • Active Joss 10
  • Joss Binding 10
  • Background 1
  • Virtue 2
  • Humanity 1
  • Willpower 1

Character History

Character history is important part of a Wan Kuei's second breath, it needs to show aspects of why they went to hell, and in that, you need to make mention of what hell you went to; though, you do not need to have that mention as something the character remembers, it does need to be a note on where you went to within your history. Also, in your history, you need to speak on your training, which can be anywhere from 1 year to 25 years (depending on how traditional you want to be), so please make some mention of how long your training was. When it gets down to origins and court, please make sure to put in where you came from if you’re not a local to Japan. Make sure to also add in and Faction/House you are part of, mention of a House is important, so please make sure you familiarize yourself with the Japanese sections if you can.

To add some ease to things, I have compiled information from the Kindred of the East: Companion and Sunset Empires, on the different courts and the like, in order to read up on this stuff please visit HERE!

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Ok, therefore according to Kindred of the Far east, East Asian people possess the specific ability to be resurrected as Kuéi-jin, but nó one else will. Lisa the painful sticky. That always kind of irritated me. Today, I have to get out my duplicate of KotE, but will anyone think getting Kuei-jin Grasp like all the various other vampires out generally there take anything aside from the idea? Or have got them replicate in a more reliable way of some kind? I put on't possess an concern with them becoming various from Kindred (Liabon are, after all), but I believe they would be more dangerous if they could Embrace in some way.

The Song of the Shadow (Yin) - The Way of the West, of Metal and Bone. The Path of a Thousand Whispers (Balance) - The Way of the Center, of Earth and of Jade. The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon (Yang) - The Way of the East, of Wood and of Flesh. I've just started a new chronicle in Kindred of the East (Blood and Silk) and one of my players plays a Devil Tiger. Now I have problems with his Dharma rolls. Kindred of the East Rulebook states (p. 53): As your character reaches a moment of insight, make a resisted roll pitting the Virtue rating of your chosen Dharma against your P'o rating. “May you live in interesting times. May you gain the notice of those in higher places.” -Traditional Chinese Curse. In the Middle Kingdom, there are many demons and many Hells.

What perform you men and gals believe? Have you produced any additional changes to KotE, or launched any cool East Hard anodized cookware bloodlines to change them? I vaguely remember the Juei-jin disciplines becoming pretty insane effective. The Kuei-jin are really very much more closely associated to Risen thán to Vampires. l would suggest that if you wish to make them even more vampiric, simply make use of the regular Cainites in Asia and possess the Clans consider on a different cultural viewpoint.You are usually right they are usually nearer to increased.

Personally I permit for any competition who passes away in the middle kingdom to turn out to be Kuei Jin. It also states in afterwards books that Kuei Jin are usually starting to take up in western nations, so I actually wear't see the problem. There is no need to change them. You are correct they are closer to increased. Individually I allow for any race who passes away in the center kingdom to turn out to be Kuei Jin. It furthermore claims in later on publications that Kuei Jin are starting to take up in western nations, so I really don't see the problem.

There is no want to substitute them.They should have got 'began' to show up outside of Asia (including the central areas and on into India) a very long, long period back. The present condition should end up being their becoming rather wide-spread where diaspora-driven Asians possess satisfied down, like as in large components of the Américas or in Sydney and New Zealand.

Kelley General Topology D. Van Nostrand Company Inc. 1955 Acrobat 7 Pdf 16.7 Mb Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option Skip to main content Search the history of over 347 billion web pages on the Internet. General Topology. The goal of this part of the book is to teach the language of math- ematics. More specifically, one of its most important components: the language of set-theoretic topology, which treats the basic notions related to continuity. General topology pdf book.

Ok, so relating to Kindred of the Far east, East Asian people possess the unique capability to end up being resurrected as Kuéi-jin, but nó a single else does. That always kind of bothered me. Right now, I possess to get out my copy of KotE, but does anyone think getting Kuei-jin Grasp like all the additional vampires out generally there take anything aside from the idea? Or have them duplicate in a more reliable way of some kind? I wear't have an issue with them getting different from Kindred (Liabon are usually, after all), but I think they would end up being more harmful if they could Embrace in some way.There's no reason that the phenomena that produces Kuei-Jin couldn'testosterone levels occur somewhere else in the World of Darkness save that in canon it didn't; you could permit the Thousands of Hells to be attained by anyone, causing Kuei-Jin to show up as a global sensation. This is definitely what I do when I run the video game today, and is definitely what I would recommend in general; KotE really gains quite little from the living of Cainites as an alternate breed of dog of vampire, so I think you can do properly by just running with one or the additional.(Telgar'beds obtained the correct concept for working this the some other way 'around.

As a part notice, if I were to operate with East Asia's vampires becoming Kindred, I would have got the local bloodlines typically subject their Embracees to a 'living funeral' as part of their vitality - this rite might give their Animal a bit even more oomph than is certainly typical in the Western, and 'experience like' a harrowing expertise in Hell, conserving some of the flavor of the existing setting. Notice also that this indicates that Saulot sex session the custom made in the Far east and inflicts a deranged type of it upón the Baali, developing a mythological line in your environment in a tidy style.)I actually wouldn't let Kuei-Jin Take hold of at wiIl; it doésn't improve their styles or characterization to perform so. Part of the strength of a K-J personality's beginning will be that their damnation can be at minimum in part of their very own development, and that it can be the special item of their activities as people, instead than a standard procedure that could take place without their insight and which is available largely indie of the person they were before their 2nd Breath.

I think this component is definitely super-crucial to having fascinating K-J heroes, to the same level that the conditions of a Wraith'h lifetime and passing away are crucial to making a solid Wraith character. So here's a few queries I have got. What would happen to, say, a person in somewhere other than the Center Kingdom who will take his or her 2nd Breathing? Would the regional Kindred just appear on them as a strange abberation? A fresh bloodline? Could you hypothetically begin to find groupings of non-Asián Kuéi-jin in various other parts of the world? Would they adhere to a Dharma?

Maybe they would need a Route of Enlightenment? Anyone keep in mind the Bushi and Gaki? Is usually there a listing of Hard anodized cookware bloodlines anyplace?

1) Taking into consideration that Kuei-Jin simply emerged from the Hells start off as ravenous, cannibalistic creatures until they're also captured and educated. Most local people would possibly consider them some type of extravagant creature and not a vampire at all. Loss of life by fire seems incredibly likely.

Kuei-Jin rely seriously on an established social support structure to tame and inform their new associates. Dharmas are released, etc. I wear't think Dharmas are usually 'instinctive', and they fulfill a somewhat different objective from Pathways. They're closer to Highways. But still not the exact same issue.1B) Based to the Guidelines, no, you'll under no circumstances discover non-Asian Kuéi-jin outside óf locations that have got strong, historical Hard anodized cookware presences. Rather, you'd obtain Risen.2) I remember them, but don'testosterone levels know what you imply by a 'listing'. You'd need to examine Dark Connections: Vancouver and Globe of Night.

So here's a several questions I possess. What would occur to, state, a person in someplace other than the Middle Kingdom who takes his or her Second Breathing? Would the nearby Kindred simply look on them as a strange abberation? A brand-new bloodline? Could you hypothetically start to discover groupings of non-Asián Kuéi-jin in other components of the globe? Would they follow a Dharma?

Probably they would need a Path of Enlightenment? Anyone remember the Bushi ánd Gaki? A Iittle late to the party but right here's my two cents. First on the perception of Kuei-Jin as even more powerful I believe that's partly owing to many things. First the Bodhisattva are said to end up being approximately around the degree of Fourth Generation Cainites which theoretically any Kuei-Jin could reach while Cainites can just reach that level by diablerie. And provided that some of them had been in a battle with Ravnos béfore the Technocracy nukéd them all l'm say Fourth to Junior high Generation is certainly a pretty good assessment on their strength.

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2nd they aren't as restrictive in what Professions they can understand. Yeah on paper Western Kindred can learn any of the Disciplines out now there but with their filler it's i9000 to turn out to be harder to justify certain issues like a vampire having the trademark Disciplines of another Clan, especially young vampires. Lastly the capabilities of the Kuei-Jin are likely to end up being more magical than their Western counterparts and are usually capable to perform things nearly all Cainites (if any) can'capital t, like traveling beyond Earth, making use of Dragon-Lines for travel, etc. Include all those factors collectively and it's not really difficult to why some would think they are usually more powerful than their Traditional western counterparts.Individually I find the Kuei-Jin as stronger than the Cainites in certain locations but weaker in others.Furthermore on a sidénote, I've observed on this discussion board and others strings about changing the Kuéi-Jin with Cainité Clans/Bloodlines.

Truthfully while those tips have by no means held much attention for me I feel fascinated with the reverse, with the Kuei-Jin competition getting the vampire race around the world. As others possess directed out the concept of the vampires rising from the grave because of their actions in existence instead than being transformed by another is usually a major component of vampire lore.

Kindred Of The East Disciplines -

And given the divided, mishmash character of the Yomi Globe I could find different area within it tied to particular regions and cultures around the entire world, coloured by those who end up there. The Streets/Paths transformed into Dharma paths. Mythology and lore altered into something very similar yet different, obviously not really all the Kuei-Jin religious values would easily crossover into Traditional western vampire tradition but the core principles of why they had taken their Second Breath would end up being significantly the same.And I kind of feel that in most ways that makes for a more gripping individual horror. You wéren't curséd by somebody else, it had been your very own deeds that damned you. As composed, all Kuei-jin are usually 'Oriental,' though they are usually not exclusively Chinese language and Western.

In reality, the Kuei-jin most closely resemble the Hindu/Buddhist concept of preta, or 'hungry ghosts,' which is a concept that spread pretty significantly almost everywhere Buddhism did. The penanggalan óf the Golden Tennis courts, the Fire of the Increasing Phoenix arizona in the Bijali Court, and the Celestial Group of India confirm this. And relating to Blowing wind from the East (a Black Age range Kindred of the Eastern/Vampire health supplement) Kuei-jin began occurring more west into Main Asia with the Mongol invasion. Kuei-jin furthermore fought the Ravnos for handle of Harappa ánd Mohenjodaro, so théy had been in what would turn out to be contemporary Pakistan fairly earlier on as well.I've always viewed the idea that Kuei-jin 'needed to be Oriental' as a careless try at maintaining the concentrate on Asia and Asian people.

While its easy to decry thé 'Orientalism' of thé video game, having a bunch of white Kuei-jin working around with 'marvelous Asian capabilities' would just be even more ammunition. If ánything, it would lead to the concept of white Western character types becoming 'better Asians' than Asiáns themselves. You'Il see that Mummy: the Resurrection did a similar factor, tying the gameIine to Egypt ánd the Middle Eastern environment with the Internet of Belief.

It motivated participants to discover that setting instead than focusing on European countries or the Us all. Despite it being an RPG, people seem more ready to perform a imaginary race of vampires ór werewolves than personas of a different skin colour. And no, I wear't want to derail THIS line speaking about it, so if you wish to discuss that further, feel free of charge to begin another thread.What I will say is that I feel open to the idea of American 'Kuei-jin' émerging.

I like Tóbias' idea that anyone who passes away in the Middle Empire might end up being capable to get the Second Breathing, although considering how few Westerners have lived in Asian countries, it would become exceedingly uncommon. Nevertheless, Westerners have got been displaying up in Asian countries for a lengthy period; the Sumerians were regularly investing with Indian, and Alexander'beds successors set up Gréco-Buddhist kingdoms aIl through central and southern Asia. Perhaps stuff like switching to Buddhism ór Hinduism might create it more most likely, though individuals who are fascinated in another religion sufficiently to convert are most likely less likely to live a life style conductive winding up in one the many hells in the very first place.Western or African-american Kuei-jin popping up outside of Asia might become a bit harder to warrant, outside of somepIace like Hawai'we, but there are China Cities, Small Saigons and other Asian enclaves in numerous, many towns overseas, so its feasible I suppose. And not just in the US either. Manchester, Liverpool, Durban, Vancouver, Nairóbi, Dubai and even Fiji all possess decent American indian and Pakistani populations. Brazilian provides one of the largest Japanese towns outside of Japan, and the previous Chief executive of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, was of Western ancestry (actually holding dual citizenship). There are Vietnamese lifestyle in Italy, and Filipino encIaves in Palermo, Italy.

And Sydney also provides a large Southeast Asian inhabitants. In South Africa, once again, you furthermore possess the Cape Malays, whose forefathers showed up in the 17th millennium. Neighboring Madagascar had been even settled by Malay saiIors from Borneo, therefore the indigenous Malagasy vocabulary's commonalities with other Malayo-Polynesian dialects!Non-Asian Kuéi-jin would face one substantial issue, which offers already become introduced up. Upon having the Second Breathing, they would end up being feral chih méi, and without somebody to teach them, they will never ever understand a Dharma. Dharma'beds aren't instinctive, like Mankind or the Road/Path of the Beast.

They are much even more like Streets, so they really do require a good sized Kuei-jin population to create. Hence, the Dharma'beds are much more linked with the regional civilizations (the Flame of the Increasing Phoenix will be linked to Sri Lanka, the Face of the Gods started in Indian, the Rule of the Living Earth is usually mostly Japanese and colored by Shinto, ánd the Howl óf the Devil Gambling and Dancing of the Knocking Dragon are very affected by the Golden Process of law of Southeast Asia). Its likely the regional Dharmas might become restricted, and heretical Dharmas might actually predominate outside of Asia. Its furthermore quite likely that regional variants, or perhaps entirely brand-new Dharmas, might create over time.Also well worth noting, various of the Disciplines like the Pránas and Shintai Professions, as nicely as the Dharma specific ones, require a particular amount of training to understand, as perform Kuei-jin rituaIs. Without the Courts, Kuei-jin might possess a harder time learning them.Making the Kuei-jin a common phenomena would become a bit different. It does consider a little aside from the Risen, who satisfy very much the exact same niche, but I put on't find any particular reason you couldn't have got multiple forms of walking dead running close to.

I'm not certain of a great name for a more generic, Traditional western version of Kuéi-jin. Revenant wouId be great but its currently taken. Anyway, the simple assumption of re-animatéd corpses whose souls escaped from hell or some other generic underworld isn'testosterone levels too tough to describe. It suits flawlessly with certain versions of the vampire misconception. The dichotomy bétween Yin and Yáng currently is present in certain Traditional western mythologies. Changeling currently used the conditions Seelie and Unseelie. Probably for Hun and G'o you could use the dichotomy bétween the 'Apollonian soul' and the 'Dionysian spirit,' or the Ego, Superego and Identification.

Or, probably use Kindred of the Ebony Empire's concept of Orun ánd Aye. Any óf those have got potential.You might need to remodel the Disciplines, though. I'g probably obtain rid of thé Pránas, Chi'u Muh, Feng Shui ánd Tzu Wei, ánd rework the Shintai Professions to reflect the classical Western elements, like AEther. Farming, Tapestry and the like might be renamed and tweaked to suit a Western cosmology but most likely wouldn't change significantly. Procedures like Obligation are universal sufficiently where it would most likely fit relatively unrevised. I'd also likely given American 'Kuei-jin' some fresh Disciplines based around Western mythology, probably some even stolen from the standard V:tM Procedures if they suit, or Wraith's i9000 Arcanoi.As fór Cainites in Asian countries, properly, that't already been accomplished.

Canonically, the Ravnos have been recently in Asia since the beginning, combating their war with the Kuei-jin, simply because have some other bloodlines and óffshoots like the Andá, Daitya, Wu Zaó, Danava, Chinese language Lasombra, Indian Tzimisce and Malkavians (and afterwards the 'Trimira'), somé Assamites in Coffee, Malacca and other Islamic gets, and the such as. Aside from some social distinctions, there isn't much separating them from Cainites in Europe, the Americas or the Middle Far east.For a somewhat more extreme treatment, I had actually written up some pan-Asian variations on the Western Clans, a la Kindred of the Ebony Empire. Once again, it had been mostly cosmetic, with some tweaks to the brands and customs of the Clans to much better suit the environment.

For instance, the Fans of Collection grew to become the Naga, centered in the sérpent demons óf Hindu-Buddhist mythoIogy and widely distribute across India, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Both Serpentis and their Family weakness made much more sense when you plugged them into the nearby mythology.

The regional versions of Highways could also use some tweaking, but many are quite applicable. Personally, if they are connected with the Buddhist tips of hell, I think they should have got been popping up in Bactria and Central Asia much, much previous. Like around the time of California king Kanishka's Kushán Empire, and thé Greco-Bactrian kingdóms. Also centuries afterwards, the Uyghur kingdóms like Gansu ánd Qocho were important centres of Budhdism, though they had originally been recently Manichaean. Ironically, the lands comprising the Golden Tennis courts are mostly Abrahamic nowadays, with Indonesia and Malaysia being overwhelmingly Muslim bulk (Philippines is usually the planet's largest Muslim nation), and the Philippines, East Timor and far eastern Indonesia becoming mostly Christian.

Still, nearly all of Southeast Asian countries offers a solid Hindu-Buddhist prior which is still shown in regional traditions, folklore and identification so it at minimum makes some sense that Kuei-jin could can be found.

The Good Principle makes up the ancient program code of behaviour for all Kuéi-jin. It can be the solitary most important teachingin Cathayan community. Each new disciple will be commanded to learnand live by its precepts, known as the Fivefold Method, in his ór-her every term and action. Whether the vampire in issue actually does therefore or not really, whether the vampire'h wu and court actually adhere to the teachings, are other matters.

Still, the Great Principle offers a theoretical platform connecting all, Kuéi-jin in thé Middle Empire.The Fivefold Method, in comparison to the Six Customs or theWestern Kindred, acts as very much more than a essential code of laws and regulations. The Fivefold Method is literally that: a method of lifestyle.

It permeates practically all aspects of Cathayan existence, bothindividual and communal. The Great Rule embodies a Kuei-jin's personal directive of finding and satisfying his divine objective.The Fivefold Method functions as a information to recognizing that satisfaction, yet adherence and loyalty to its precepts differ asmuch as éverything else in Kuéi-jin society. Numerous of the old and more established process of law, particularly types that have their roots in China and taiwan proper, stick to the Fivefold Method with unwavering diIigence. As one moves further out from the core of Kuei-jin society, cultural differences and political circumsstances end result in differing ranges of design of the onecorrect way of unlife fór a Kuéi-jin - if thére is usually indeed one 'proper' way. Contents The Way of Origin'Remember whence you came, for it is usually the unchanging entire of your objective.' The Way of Source amounts up the basic differencebetween the Kuéi-jin and thé Western Kindred.

It is certainly the onetruth óf all Cathayans' living: the belief that all Kuéi-jincome from thé same place. Each Kuei-jin is convinced that he or she; journeyed the Street Back for a specific cause. Despite an individual's homeland, Dharma, public standing or politics impact, no one Kuei-jin can be, as significantly as the Great Cycle is definitely worried, inherently different from another. AIl Kuei-jin are linked - to the globe, to each additional, across life and loss of life- through their Origins.Origin underscores the majority of variants between the Cáthayans and the Western Kindred, in both the physiological and philosophical feels. All Kuei-jin originate in the sameplace, journey the same Road Back again and have got the exact same primordial soul importance coursing through thém.

No Kuéi-jin Embraces any some other, or any mortal. There can be no Curse to hand down, nor is definitely there any weakening of era in the manner of Western Kindred.

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Sires perform not exist; neither perform clans. A Kuei-jin'beds Dharma and court remain voluntary options, based only uponinner predilections and abilities.Origin lends itself to methods of thought totally removed frombeliefs of the Traditional western clans, hence giving Cathayans the semblanceof a large, extended local community. Of training course, within anycommunity there is certainly discovered to exist some turmoil and disagreement.Nevertheless Cathayans see themselves, in all their, multitudes of composition, as instructed toward the exact same goal: reconciliation with the Great Routine. It offers bred them a feeling of brilliance over the, whom they observe as unaware and vulgar and really, very harmful.The Way of Family tree'Heed properly those who possess come just before, and regard those who arrive right after, for they are usually all part of the truth.' Respect for one's i9000 elders and ancestors, living or inactive, will be a basic piece of Oriental society.

For Cathayans, such reverence is definitely no less essential, although their description of elders ánd ancestorsvaries from thát of the Western, bloodlines. In Cathayan conditions, lineage is viewed as the product of two factors: the Age group when one came back from the character world and one'beds individual development along one't particular dharma.There can be no immediate sireship as is available for the Traditional western Kindred; Kuei-jin rather revere their teachers, their jina and the ancestors of the courts. In some instances specific wu composed of Kuei-jin who had been related in their human lives.

These wu show a palpably more powerful connection among their members becauseof real familial unity, but the concept of family tree carries equivalent'weight and importance among all Kuéi-jin.Kuéi-jin who honour the Method of Family tree believe that each oné of their number offers something useful, however little, to educate her fellows. The old the Kuei-jin is usually, the even more she provides to instruct, but the reverse is also accurate - youthful Kuei-jin have ideas and information that keep merit equal with types of the nearly all hallowed Cathayan sagés.

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Younger disciples observe the deposition of wisdom through the Age range as precious, for the experiences and teachings of the previous promise aid to the younger in consuming a place in tne Great Routine and satisfying their Dharmic responsibilities.Lineage is a significant starting from the interactions between elders ánd childer of thé Western Kindred. Therefore powerful is definitely this thought that some Cathayans perform not prevent simply at studying from their immediate elders; certain courts have tried to communicate with the arhats of previous, such as the Grand Arhat Xue. This activity has triggered some dispute in Cathayan modern society, especially in the situation of more youthful Kuei-jin. Somé of the youthful disciples, disappointed with the teachings of their elders, seek to connect straight with the arhats, even with Xue himseIf, who they sense will be the only true expert in Kuei-jin modern society. Based to these vampirés, the filtering óf Xue'beds theories through ancestors, whom they observe as politicized, ánd through mandarins, whosé theories possess calcified over the age groups, does a disservice tó Kuei-jin óf the modern Age group.They look for the truth, basic and unvarnished, and choose to move directly to its resource. A good offer of strife has resulted among the Kuéi-jin, because óf the unclear character of this disobédience: Although the youthful Kuei-jin are usually not consistently pursuing their immediate elders, neither are usually they completely forsaking the Method of Lineage. It continues to be a touchy issue.The Method of Sincerity'Maintain your respect and confidence in all thought, term, and action, for the behaviour of one affects the entire group.'

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For the Kuei-jin, private dignity and reliability are mainly because important as they are to the mortal populations. What the mortals contact 'face' is certainly known to by thé Kuei-jin ás the Way of Reliability.A Kuei-jin't word is usually his connection, and his popularity and standing in the bigger Cathayan group are mainly because very much a component of him as his physical existence. All Kuei-jin keep some amount of privileges within the larger society, based upon their position and the servicing of their Dhármas. Each Kuéi-jin is ultimately accountable for her activities.

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No idea of a sire's accounting is available in the Cathayan globe view.Individual Kuei-jin are usually anticipated to carry out themselves in an honorable manner: respecting others' place and power, remaining true to their Dhármas, abiding by thé laws and regulations of the courtroom and the ruling ancestors and forefathers, etc. Honesty takes on that a Kuei-jin will her component to sustain the balance of the courtroom and the local community by refraining from untoward actions or underhanded plotting.The drive of the Method of Integrity trickles down to the most meticulous details in cultural interaction. Absolute answers are rarely given in general public, to prevent the soreness and disappointment that follows a 'zero' - Kuei-jin discussion is frequently couched in vaguéness and enigma. ln addition, fights and berating are usually often had out behind shut doors, therefore as not really to appeal to interest or cause a scene. Issues within and between tennis courts are dealt with in closed ceremonies, and also the gravest punishments are handled quietly and rapidly. The Method of Reliability also mandates the respect and maintenance of other Cathayans' praise.

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It is definitely considered incorrect in the intense for a Kuei-jin freely to defame or task another'h strength or power, or to behave in a method that would provide dishonor upon his own courtroom or ancestor.The Way of Obligation'Understand your responsibilities to your bréthren, to the makes of the galaxy, and to yourself, and perform all to meet them.' All Kuei-jin are usually guaranteed by responsibility, the Method of Obligation. Duty can and does take several forms: responsibility to one'h Dharma to the guidelines and techniques of one'beds courtroom, and to the ruling ancestors and forefathers. In concept, a Kuei-jin also offers a duty to the lifestyle pushes of the globe, to the celestial human population and eyfen tó mortals.During thé Fourth Age, a Cathayan wu, drawing upon the writings of Ki, formulated a idea that the Kuéi-j in still practice tonight, that of the Five Responsibilities. The Five Obligations define a quintet of interactions that signify a Kuei-jin't intérconnectedness with his or hér bloke vampires, and with the rest of the world.

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