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Comics. They’ve been a huge part of my life. I can remember first being introduced to them by my Uncle. Maybe I was seven or eight. He showed me a copy of an old X-men comic book; issue 143. On the cover, Kitty Pryde stood in her black and yellow X suit with a terrifying alien Brood monster towering above her. In the far left top corner the head shots of Storm, Angel, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Kitty (the current X-men roster) demanded I open that book. I did and a life long fan was made. I’ve got boxes upon boxes of comics sealed away in plastic with cardboard backs as testament to that. Over the years my comic book love affair has waxed and waned, but trying to find Comics in Korea almost put an end to it all.

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And even though we live in a digital age where comics can appear at my fingertips on a I-pad or Macbook pro screen I’ve lost touch again. Digital comics, no matter how convenient, just don’t offer the same thrill as an actual comic in your hand. Other than digital there are few options in Seoul for English language comics. The closest comes by way of What the Book. They usually have a small collection of graphic novels and collected editions for sale. If you don’t mind the wait, you can try Mile High Comics back in the States. They’ll ship to Korea. But if the digital way is your only way then try Comixology.

I love comic books. It’s a wonderful weakness of mine. Sadly these last few years I’ve not been a regular collector hindered not only by my living in South Korea, but also by a waning interest. However, if your Korean skills are up to par then you can check out Korea’s very own comics called manhwa. Manhwa are Korean comics that come in many different variations such as editorial comic strips, more artistic works, webcomic serials, or manga-esque versions.

You can find some of the notable Manhwa comics over at My Anime List for titles such as The Breaker, Noblesse, and Can’t See, Can’t Hear but Love.



Take the Seoul Green Line (Seoul Subway Line 2) and get off at Hongik University Station. Take Exit 8 and make a right at the street corner. You will see the entrance to Book Sae Tong on your right.

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A large bookstore chain that usually has a small English language collection of comics as well as a huge manhwa selection.

It’s a used bookstore chain that often has bargain basement Manhwa on sale.

Comic Book chain in the states that will ship to Korea.

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