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Script #5 and #6 will become available. Note, in order to gain Script #6, the Suikoden II data must also have a record of Suikoden I Data as well. In the Japanese version, a save data from Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2 was also able to trigger additional content, alongside more Skill levels for Nash Latkje. In the US version, the content was. Nov 20, 2015 Hello, I saw an old thread where a a guy posted his Suikoden 2 save data which he played on ePSXe emulator and had the save data converted into another type of file that could be used in Suikoden 3 on PCSX2.

I noticed some users were coming in the post about How to put GameShark codes on ePSXe for Android in search for the PC version, not for the Android version. So I decided to write this post in order to avoid confusion between them. Also, this method works for older versions of the emulator.
NOTE: This post is intended to show how to MANUALLY put the epsxe cheat codes. There is another way to do that, but it’s nice to learn how things work, isn’t it? So let’s see!

Well, I will assume you have the emulator installed and configured. Otherwise, you can download ePSXe from the Official Website.
Now, open the emulator, click on Run, then on the option Enable Logs and restart the program. It will show you another window, now run the game and copy somewhere the information that will be shown at the highlighted area, see the picture below:
In this case, the code is SCUS-941.63, which is for the game Final Fantasy VII (US version).
Load Suikoden 1 Data Epsxe
Now navigate to the main directory of the emulator and open the cheat folder, right click on it and create a text document with the same name of the game region code we saw above. For example, in this case the text file will be called SCUS_941.63, like the picture below:
NOTE: Be careful, you have to change the hyphen ( – ) to an underline ( _ ).
Now open this file and let’s put the codes. You can find many on the Internet. Now that you have them, write the codes in the format below:
#Code Description
xxxxxxxx yyyy
NOTE: There’s a space between the 8th and 4th digit. It should be like the picture below:
Ok, almost done. Now, open the emulator, run the game. Then, press ESC to return to ePSXe menu, click on Option and choose Cheat Codes. Here you should see the codes descriptions that were put in step 2. If not, go to the step 2 and try again. Now select the codes you want to enable (left side) and click on the Enable-> button, or you can just click on Enable All. It’s the same if you want to Disable, just select the code (right side) and click on <-Disable, or just hit Disable All. Check the picture:

Suikoden For Pc

In this example, only the Max HP code is enabled. After that, just hit OK, then click on Run, and Continue to return to the game. Now you know how to enter gameshark code in ePSXe! Have fun!

Suikoden 1 Iso

WARNING! Try to enable a few codes at once, since GameShark codes can break your save game.

Suikoden 1 Review

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