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Mnova is available to all researchers in the University of Utah Department of Chemistry and others by arrangement. Use of Mnova requires dowload of the software and at least one license file. A complete description of the software and license installation is provided below.

Download the MestreNova msi installer and GTcampusMnovaNMRv1.13.lic files from Also download the zip files and license files for the qNMR and Reaction Monitoring (RM) plugins if desired. Open the MestreNova.dmg installer file. Drag the MestReNova Icon to the Applications folder. Download MestReNova and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎The Mnova tablet app has been designed to increase your NMR data analysis productivity and flexibility anywhere. It is the perfect companion to your Mnova desktop version.


The link to download Mnova version 14.1.0 is given below. Note that version 14.1.0 is not that latest version - do not download version 14.1.1.

There are versions for Mac, PC, and Linux.

On the Mnova download site, page down a bit to locate the section entitled Download previous versions.

Select the 14.1.0 drop-down menu, and choose the version that is appropriate for your OS.

Download the license file that is linked below.

Right-click on the link, then select Save Link As...

It would be best to create a new directory for the license (.lic) file, but you may save the .lic file in your Downloads directory.

Begin by installing MNova. When the installation is complete, start MNova and install the license.

We have purchased the unlimited MNova license for the NMR data processing software. MNova can be run on a Windows, a Mac, or a Linux computer. With MNova software on your own computer, you can process your NMR data anytime and anywhere. You will find that MNova is fairly easy to use. It has a powerful tool for analyzing multiplets of a complex proton spectrum. It creates a spectral report that contains information such as the chemical shifts, number of hydrogens, multiplicity, etc. in a format that is compatible with a variety of common chemistry journals. This feature is particularly useful to those who are preparing manuscripts for publication. Not only does it save time, but also increases the accuracy of the report. The line fitting function is also impressive. Along with its capability of processing an arrayed NMR spectra, one can use MNova to easily process NMR data associated with reaction kinetics, variable temperature experiments, and nuclear spin relaxation data. The MNova software can also be used to display 2D spectra, for peak picking and integrating cross-peaks.
To install MNova on your computer, please follow the following steps:
Mestrenova For MacMac
  • acquire a license file from
  • save the license file on you computer.
  • go on the webpage, select appropriate OS and download the Mnova package (version 11.4.0) to your computer
  • install the Mnova on your computer
  • activate your Mnova software by locating the license file on your computer

Please refer the following link for the detailed instructions about how to install and activate the Mnova software

It is easy to use Mnova. There are a number of tutorials, software operational manual, and user’s guides on the Mestrelab Research website:
Mestrenova For Mac
A quick user’s guide prepared by Dr. Chen Peng of Mestrelab Research that you might find useful. Visit Mnova website for additional technical support. Dr. Chen Peng ([email protected]) also offers his support to UD users.
To transfer your NMR data to you own computer, please follow the following instructions:
For Windows and Mac users, go to UDeploy page: and select and download the data transfer software based on your platform. For Linux users, use an embedded software gftp with a selection of SSH2 for data transfer.

Mestrenova License Files

Once the data transfer software is installed on your computer, you may use the following IP addresses to download your data from different locations:

Mestrenova For Mac

AV400 (045BRL):

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AV600 (049BRL):

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