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The balance of the Mettler brand type AB104-S is ideal for the extremely accurate weighing of different materials. Technical specifications Voltage: 8-14.5V, 50/60Hz 6VA (AC) or 9.5-20V, 6W (DC) Weighing range: 0.01 – 101 g. Accuracy: 0.1 mg and 1 mg. External dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 25 x 31 x 35 cm. Even if you already have experience with METTLER TOLEDO balances and be sure to familiarize yourself with the safety instructions. 1.1 Introduction Many thanks for choosing a balance from METTLER TOLEDO. The analytical balances of the AG line combine numerous weighing and adjustment possibilities with an exceptional ease of operation. Read Online Mettler Ab104 Manual Mettler Ab104 Manual Recognizing the way ways to acquire this book mettler ab104 manual is additionally useful. You have remained in right site to start getting this info. Get the mettler ab104 manual link that we manage to pay for here and check out the link. AB104-S Analytical Balance - Discontinued Product Accurate and reliable for occasional use Accurate, easy-to-use and reliable to provide good weighing for many years – that sums up the Classic Balances from METTLER TOLEDO in a single sentence. Download Operating instructions manual of Mettler Toledo AB104 Scales for Free or View it Online on This version of Mettler Toledo AB104 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: AB204, AB54, PB1501, PB303 DeltaRange, SB32001 DeltaRange.

Download Operating instructions manual of Mettler Toledo AB104 Scales for Free or View it Online on This version of Mettler Toledo AB104 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: PB1502, PB153, PB3001, PB5001, SB24001 DeltaRange

Brand: Mettler Toledo

Category: Scales

Type: Operating instructions manual

Model: Mettler Toledo AB104 , Mettler Toledo AB204 , Mettler Toledo AB54 , Mettler Toledo PB1501 , Mettler Toledo PB1502 , Mettler Toledo PB153 , Mettler Toledo PB3001 , Mettler Toledo PB3002 DeltaRange , Mettler Toledo PB302 , Mettler Toledo PB303 DeltaRange , Mettler Toledo PB5001 , Mettler Toledo PB602 , Mettler Toledo PB8000 , Mettler Toledo PB8001 , Mettler Toledo PB801 , Mettler Toledo SB12001 , Mettler Toledo SB16000 , Mettler Toledo SB16001 DeltaRange , Mettler Toledo SB24001 DeltaRange , Mettler Toledo SB32000 , Mettler Toledo SB32001 DeltaRange , Mettler Toledo SB8000 , Mettler Toledo SB8001

Pages: 32

All B balances are supplied in an environmentally harmless package. The standard equipment of the
AC adapter, to national codes,
operating instructions, to allow optimum utilization of the capabilities of your balance,
Description of interface commands (“MT-SICS Reference Manual, available in English only)
draft shield, mounted with AB balances, for mounting by user in the case of PB balances with a round
Mettler Ab104 Manual
Adjusting weights can be ordered from METTLER TOLEDO for all other B balances, see section 6.2.
•B balances may not be operated in hazardous areas.
•Before attachment of the AC adapter, check whether the imprinted voltage value matches the local supply
voltage. If it does not, contact your local dealer.
With the PS-EX2 power supply unit available as an accessory, all B balances can be used in hazard

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Mettler Toledo Ab104 S Manual

Mettler Toledo AB104 Analytical Balance 101 x 0.0001g

Analytical balance, Mettler Toledo AB104. Range of 101g and accuracy of 0.0001g. External weight calibration 100g (not included).


The balance is in very good condition. The draft shield operates smoothly and is free from any cracks or chips to the glass. Complete with mains cable and pdf operation manual (on request). The images form part of the description. It is covered by our 3 month warranty (see details below).

Mettler ab104 manual

Mettler Ab104 Manual Software


  • Weighing capacity – 101g
  • Readability – 0.1mg
  • Adjustment weight (not included) – 100g
  • Weighing pan diameter – 80mm
  • Height above pan – 232mm
  • External Dimension – 19 x 29 x 34cm (w x d x h)
  • Weight – 8kg
  • Electrical supply – 230V, 50/60Hz

Mettler Ab104 Manual Transmission

Warranty: 3 Months buyer pays return postage, subject to no mal-operation and insufficient packaging

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