Naim Cd3 Service Manual

You don’t have to worry about us bodging your amplifier because all of our engineers have previously worked at Naim for several years.

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We’ll answer any questions and help you find the best option for your unique situation.

Texaspotent - Blog. Service Manual Laptop NAIM CD3 NAIM CD3 June 20 2008 This player definitely deserves some serious attention. Where this machine excells constructionwise is the PCB layout, simplicity of digital section and cool mechanism. Naim Audio NAP 110: P.O.A. NAP 110 PSU service with upgrade PCB installed: Naim Audio NAP 180: P.O.A. NAP 180 service with Avondale NCC200 modules upgrade installed: Naim Audio NAP 250: P.O.A. NAP 250 service with Avondale NCC200 modules upgrade installed: Naim Audio NAP 250: P.O.A. NAP 250 service with Avondale HCR200 regulator modules upgrade.


Naim Cd3 Service Manual

Then we’ll organise a collection from your home, office or one of 1,000s of drop-off points across the country.



Once we’ve got your amp, you’ll receive regular updates, so you don’t have to worry.


Then all that’s left to do is to sit back, relax and listen… You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!


We’ll Keep The Naim Note… Or Improve It

Components are rarely what they say they are, which is why the manufacturer gives them +/- values. These differences can have a huge impact on the sound which is why our engineers test and adjust every capacitor to keep Naim’s signature sound. However, if you’re the adventurous type we also have a range of upgrades.

They’ll Be Thoroughly Tested

Our engineers have created an extensive testing procedure based on the one they were taught by Naim themselves. This expertise gives us the freedom and confidence to fix even the strangest of problems. You can trust us to look after your amplifier, give it proper factory service and not panic when something goes wrong.

It Won’t Hurt The Resale Value

In the HiFi world people regularly buy and sell their equipment until they find a sound they love, so you’re rightl cautious about any work you have done. We provide a 3 year warranty, full service records and have a great reputation among Naimiacs, so you can rest easy knowing this service won’t affect the resale price.

Naim Cd3 Service Manual Download

Naim Cd3 Service Manual

Clear up your living room shelves and play any music you want easily and quickly, without discs.

The Zen plays Internet Radio and Online Services such as Spotify, Qobuz or Deezer. Connected to your Hi-Fi, they’ve never sounded so good.

With support for 32bit/384KHz and DSD256 high resolution audio, gapless playback and asynchronous USB DAC support, the Zen is a high-end music player but without the high-end price tag.

Glowing reviews from Hi-Fi Choice and AVForums underpinned 2 Recommended Awards.
'Ripping and streaming with a lack of fuss or stress' HiFiChoice
'Reliability, user friendliness and flexibility in one package' AVForums

Your music, in one place, With the best Sound Quality

Naim Cd3 Service Manual Pdf

The Innuos Zen. Your entire music collection on a single, sleek box, ready for playback in any room, any time. Imagine all your CDs available at the press of a button, providing a constantly changing soundtrack for your life.

But with the Zen, there is no need for discs. No computer required for ripping or file conversion. No waiting for tunes to transfer to your network hard drive. No need to dedicate hours to setting everything up. In fact, no excuse for neglecting your CD collection any longer. The Zen is so quiet (having absolutely no fans) that you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away.

And the Zen is based on open platforms, so it supports almost every audio device out there. Want multi-room audio with your Sonos system? Check. Want to stream high-resolution audio via UPnP to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer? Check. Want to use the Zen as a high-end music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi? Check. All three at the same time? No problem. The Zen is vastly more powerful than most NAS devices on the market, so no matter how large your music library is, the Zen will provide a great user experience.

Naim Cd3 Service Manuals

Automatic CD ripping

Just insert the CD and the Zen will automatically store it on its hard drive, retrieving CD cover art and track listings automatically. Once finished, the Zen automatically ejects the CD and it’s ready for the next one.

Store your digital files too

If you already have digital music on your PC, such as iTunes music or high-resolution downloads, you can copy it to the Zen easily over the network. All your music in one place, available all the time.

Lossless audio format

The FLAC format used by the Zen prevents the loss of even the smallest audio detail during transfer. Your music sounds as good as a CD, without the CD.

High-end audio

With features such as support for 32bit/384KHz and DSD256 audio playback, gapless playback, bit-perfect output via asynchronous USB, optional linear power supply and internal low-noise regulators, the Zen will amaze you with its sound quality.

All the music in the world

Discover new music with the best sound quality. The Zen connects to Internet radios stations from around the world and online services such as Spotify, Qobuz and Deezer. With the Zen’s audio quality, they’ve never sounded so good.

Fully flexible set-up

No matter how exacting your audio tastes may be, the Zen allows you to create the audio experience you want. Whether you simply need a stylish music server to provide music to wireless speakers, or want an audiophile-grade music server to sit at the heart of your Hi-Fi set-up, the Zen can do both perfectly.

Multi-room support

Twin your Zen with popular wireless music systems such as Sonos and Squeezebox to play music in any room in your house. Enjoy an album in the living room, whilst your kids are listening to Spotify upstairs and BBC Radio plays to the rest of the family in the kitchen - all at the same time.
The Zen updates the music library automatically once it finishes storing the CD so your music is immediately ready to play anywhere.

Perfect UPnP streaming

The Zen can also serve music flawlessly as a UPnP Server to network music players such as:
- Naim Uniti- Linn DS- Simaudio Mind
- Pioneer N50- Cambridge Audio NP30- Denon 720AE

And if that’s not enough, you can even stream music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other smartphones and tablets. Your music, available in any room, however you like.

Sleek design looks great on any shelf

The high grade aluminium finish of the Zen is a work of art in itself. The Zen looks as good as it sounds.

Your music library is safe

Just plug our pre-configured USB external drive into the Zen and you can backup all your music with a single click. The backup is incremental so any subsequent sessions will only copy your new files. The backup drive can be read from any computer so you can even take it with you anywhere.

Silent operation

With no cooling fans and an ultra-quiet enterprise grade hard drive, the Zen is silent. You can enjoy your music at very low volume levels without interruption, distortion or distraction. So there’s no need to hide it away in a cupboard either.

Low power

Drawing just over 10W, you can leave the Zen running 24/7, making your music available whenever you want without worrying about huge electricity bills.

Unparalleled Service

The Zen comes with our “love it or return it” guarantee – if not completely satisfied, you can return the Zen for a full refund (terms and conditions apply). Your new Zen is also protected by our dedicated support team who will help you resolve any issues you may have.

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