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Free download Opcom firmware v1.65 v1.70 VAUX-COM software 120309a on Mega:

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  • Aug 24, 2016 OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a Windows 7 32bit: Recently, some OPCOM users respond that “I couldn’t get the cracked software to run on my windows 7 laptop but it was fine on my old XP one.” Free download VAUX-COM 120309a.
  • To program Opel keys with Opcom clone, you need LUCK!!! Opcom is a PC-based diagnostic tool for Opel. Now there are 4 versions of Opcom in the market, incl. Opcom firmware 1.70. Opcom firmware 1.65. Opcom firmware 1.59 with item no. Opcom firmware 1.59 with item no. Opcom firmware 1.45.
  • May 17, 2018 It means a small program that can generate an activation code, serial number,. If you search a site for Opel Opcom Keygen,. Download free norton antivirus 2012 full. Code/Serial key: 9669-0-2595. Free norton antivirus 2012 full version crack keygen.Selection of software according to 'Op-com activation code generator' topic.



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2017 new VAUX-COM software 120309a test report:

Op-com 2009v …………….. NOT worked!

Opcom firmware 1.45……………..Confirmed!

Opcom firmware 1.59……………..Confirmed!

Opcom firmware 1.65……………..Confirmed!

Opcom firmware 1.70……………..Confirmed!

Opcom Keygen 1

Opcom fw 1.65 vs. Op-com fw 1.70:

Opcom 1.65 vs. Op-com 1.70 only differs from the PCB design;

Share the same features and functions

Optional to work with opcom software vaux-com: ver. 2010, ver. 2014

confirmed to work perfect with opcom 2010 or 2014 software

No issues with Opel cars up to 2014

How to install Opcom firmware v1.65 v1.70 VAUX-COM 120309a:

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Opcom Keygen

Opcom Activation Keygen

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Opcom Keygen Crack

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