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  • Sep 25, 2017 - This video catch on my mobile phone. We trust this dance will give you some enjoyment as villagers found at that variety show. A large portion of the Deshi Jatra dance shows happen at evening time in Bangladesh. I Hope you like this midnight hot Jatra dance video. See more ideas about variety show, dance videos, dance.
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Oriya jatra comedy video free download bollywood
  1. Mantri Puara Rakhita
  2. Eka Ladhiba Rai Mohan
  3. Premare Padile Emiti Hue

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Jatra is a popular form of Lok Kalamanch in the eastern part of India, in folk dance. It is a drama act by many individuals, in which music, acting, singing and dramatic debate arise. Earlier, through the powerful medium of Jatra, information was given to the masses on religious beliefs. Oriya and Bengali Jatra were born a long time ago and there are various ideas about this among historians and critics of literature.
Odia Jatra Full

Today there have been many changes in the style of writing drama for the caste. Now Jatra's plays are not limited to religious, historical or fictional themes. They have also added suitable social themes for modern interest.
Jatra is performed on a plain platform which has an audience around it. The collective song singers and composers sit at their place on the stage. There is no patchwork on this, there is only one place to sit, which acts as a throne in a variety of programs, a bed or a corner. Actors on stage are lyrical in theoretical form. They give a speech in their loud voice and have to speak so fast that the audience sitting around them can hear their voice. As a result, they speak in a very agitated style and their gesture is according to them. Their costumes are shiny and their swords produce glare and soon the struggle begins with their words. Occasionally these actors show an emotional mind, such as love, sadness, compassion, but in all these elements of excitement are always present. Because they have to present themselves to a larger size than life.
Oriya jatra comedy

1.Mantri Puara Rakhita-Odia Full Jatra

2.Eka Ladhiba Rai Mohan

3.Premare Padile Emiti Hue

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Artist: Sidharth TV
Title: GANGA PAPA KALE DHOIBA KIE - NEW SUPERHIT FULL JATRA | Binod,Bebina | Jatra Indramahal | SidharthTV
Release: 05 December 2020
Update: 20 Hours Ago
Duration: 52:21
Size: 47.93MB
Audio Summary: MP3, 48 kHz

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Odia Jatra Comedy Video Free Download

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Jatra Song Video

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Jatra Comedy Video

14 March 2020

Oriya Jatra Comedy Video Free Downloader

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