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Simple content creation interface.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin makes it easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy. It's a whole new dimension to content creation that'll help you create your home, contact, about us or any other page where a linear layout won’t convey your message. It's a powerful enhancement to the WordPress content editing experience, yet it feels entirely familiar.

Create customised, editable tables in minutes with Editor for DataTables. Save your time writing yet another CRUD application - Editor is a premium extension created to produce complex, fully editable tables that take full advantage of all of the features of DataTables. When changing from a page 1 in the list-view of the paginator to e. The show-view and returning to the vist-view, always page 1 is been shown. This is not very handy, if you were on page 1432.

Simple drag and drop.

A simple drag and drop interface means you'll never need to touch a line of code. You can rely on Page Builder to do what it does best - all the difficult work, generating light-weight, SEO friendly code. A page users and search engines will love.

Works with your theme.

Page Builder isn't a commitment to a single theme or even a theme developer. It integrates with any theme. This capability guarantees that your content will always come along with you, even when your design tastes change. The freedom to move forward.

Use your favorite widgets.

WordPress widgets are a site owner's best friend. Who are we to jeopardize that friendship? Page Builder uses the widgets you love, and we've integrated with some incredible plugins to give you even more. Page Builder and widgets - together forever.

It all starts with the toolbar.

Pick it up.

Reorder rows, move widgets, resize columns and build your page, all with your mouse. Page Builder makes it easy to nudge every detail into place, no matter how often you change your mind. We've meticulously crafted each and every interaction to make sure they all feel natural.

It's intuitive content editing that doesn't sacrifice on functionality. The kind of power that you'll never want to put down.

Every line of code has a purpose.

Page Builder precisely generates and optimizes all the code for your page. With no character out of place, you have the freedom to create any layout you could imagine, and know that your content will load quickly. Depending on your layout, Page Builder can be 5 to 100 times lighter than other popular grid systems.

Rapid page load and complete control are just some of the qualities you can expect from Page Builder.

Live editing

The live editor gives you an exact preview of your content, that you can edit in real-time. You can use this to pin-point the sections and widgets you want to edit, then see those edits without leaving the page. Create content in a fraction of the time.

History browser

Worry free editing is having the freedom to experiment without fearing mistakes. The History Browser lets you roll forward and back through your changes. Preview changes, then roll back to that version without skipping a beat. Your personal safety net.

Row and widget styles

Give your layouts a personal feel with row and widget styles. Change paddings, spacings and borders with simple input fields. If you need something advanced, there are custom CSS and class fields. There's no limit to what you can change.

Enhanced by our Widgets Bundle plugin.

You probably have an idea of what you want to build, now you just need the building blocks. SiteOrigin Widget Bundle gives you all the pieces you need. From buttons and images to maps and sliders. You'll find everything you need in this growing bundle. It works seamlessly with Page Builder, and you can use it for other widgetized areas too.

There so much more.

Page Builder is free. You can install it on as many sites as you like, without ever having to worry about licenses or renewals. Lifetime updates are included. We see it as the democratization of content creation, you'll see it as the easiest way to bring beautiful layouts to your WordPress site.

Page Builder is free, and always will be. So download, share and enjoy.

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PageLayer is a WordPress page builder plugin. Its very easy to use and very light on the browser. Pagelayer works with any WordPress theme. Pagelayer is a real time editor and you can create beautiful web pages in a few minutes !

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Pagelayer is an awesome page builder allows you to create and design you website instantly in a simple way possible. Pagelayer is user-friendly with fully customizable widgets where user does not require any developer skills.

Design your page by dragging widgets from given choices of widget.

We have large number of widgets so you can design your page by selecting the widget from widget area.

Simply click on any text and by typing you can add your new text.

Simply click on this option and it will create exact copy of existing element by saving your time.

Create your page more attractive with animation effects that trigger when the element is in display area.

With large number of styling options you can design your page the way you want such as: background overlay, background image, box shadow etc.

Whenever you make changes on your page it gets updated instantly on your page. It helps you design your page quickly by saving your time.

With this feature you can beautify your page content by changing font-size, weight, transform, decoration. You can also add google fonts to beautify content of page.

Each widget has multiple options to fully customize the widget such as change font colors, sizing and spacing.

Take control over your page content with the most advanced page builder plugin available. With Pagelayer, you can create just about everything !.

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