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Bar Rescue is an American reality TV series that premiered on Paramount Network (formerly Spike) on July 17, 2011. It stars Jon Taffer (a long-time food and beverage industry consultant specializing.

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Discotek Media Original network Fuji TV Original run March 13, 1987 – February 18, 1988 Episodes 43 Related. Fist of the North Star (: 北斗の拳,: Hokuto no Ken, lit. 'Fist of the ') is a Japanese series written by and illustrated. Serialized in from 1983 to 1988, the 245 chapters were initially collected in 27 volumes.

Set in a world that has been destroyed by a nuclear war, the story centers on a warrior named, the successor of a deadly martial art style known as Hokuto Shinken, which gives him the ability to kill most adversaries from within through the use of the human body's secret vital points, often resulting in an exceptionally violent and gory death. Kenshiro dedicates his life to fighting against the various, and who threaten the lives of the weak and innocent, as well as rival martial artists, including his own 'brothers' from the same clan. Fist of the North Star was adapted into two television series produced by, which together aired on and from 1984 through 1988, comprising a combined total of 152 episodes. It has since expanded into a, including a number of films, and a series of centering on other characters from the original story.

It has also had a number of video games and machines produced. As of June 2018, Fist of the North Star is the 11th of all time, estimated to have generated more than $15 billion in total revenue. The original manga was published in English by as a monthly comic book, and later by as a series of colorized graphic novels, although neither translation was completed. English adaptations of other Fist of the North Star media have been licensed to other companies, including the TV series and the 1986 film. Tetsuo Hara, illustrator of the series.

Has stated that he came up with the idea of Hokuto no Ken from his editor Nobuhiko Horie. According to Hara, Horie suggested to him that he should draw a manga about 'a who destroys his opponents by striking their points' based on Hara's aspiration to draw a manga about martial arts and his knowledge of pressure points. At the time, Hara was having trouble breaking into the market, as his first series, the Iron Don Quixote, was cancelled ten weeks after its debut. A prototype version of Hokuto no Ken was published as a in the April 1983 issue of Fresh Jump, which was followed by Hokuto no Ken II, a second one-shot published in the June 1983 issue. Both stories are collected in the second volume of Tetsu no Don Quixote. The two one-shots were well received in the reader's surveys of Fresh Jump and Tetsuo Hara was commissioned to turn Hokuto no Ken into a weekly series.

Was assigned to work with him as writer for the serialized version. The storyline was revamped, with the 1980s present-day setting in the original version replaced by a post-apocalyptic future world, and the protagonist Kenshiro, originally a teenager framed for a crime he did not commit in Hara's prototype story, became an older and more stoic hero with a tragic past. Originally, Hara and Buronson were contracted to do Hokuto no Ken for a three-year run, but due to its popularity and the publisher's demand, it was extended to a five-year run. Media Manga. Main article: Hokuto no Ken premiered in Japan in Weekly Shōnen Jump in Issue 41 on September 13, 1983 and was serialized weekly until Issue 35 of 1988, lasting 245 chapters. The original collected volumes or of Hokuto no Ken were published under 's Jump Comics imprint and spans 27 volumes.

During the 1990s, Shueisha reprinted Hokuto no Ken in 15 hardcover aizōban editions, as well as 15 corresponding economy-sized bunko editions. A 14-volume Kanzenban edition was published by in 2006 under the Big Comics Selection imprint, featuring the original water-colored artwork from the Weekly Shōnen Jump serialization. It has also been released in 27 digital editions. To celebrate the series' 30th anniversary, re-published Hokuto no Ken in an Extreme Edition comprising 18 volumes that were published two books per month from September 20, 2013 through July 20, 2014 (with a three-month gap between January and April 2014). These Extreme Editions feature new cover illustrations by Tetsuo Hara and reprints all the colorized artwork from the original Weekly Jump serials. 11 features an additional chapter by Buronson and Hara, originally published in two parts in the May and June 2014 issues of, titled Hokuto no Ken: Last Piece. The storyline covers the gap between the defeat of Raoh and Kenshiro's later reunion with the grown Bat and Rin, centering around Raoh's former steed Kokuoh and how he lost his left eye during the time span.

It also introduces a new character named Shōza, the son of Jūza of the Clouds. English translations In 1989, published the first sixteen chapters of Fist of the North Star in English as an eight-issue monthly comic. These were later reprinted in a single graphic novel collection in 1995. During the same year, Viz resumed publication of the series as a monthly comic until 1997, lasting eighteen issues (adapting chapters 17-44), divided into three parts. This second run was subsequently republished in three additional graphic novel volumes titled Night of the Jackal, Southern Cross and Blood Brothers. Viz's version featured mirrored artwork with translated sound effects and other retouched details.

In 2002, a second English adaptation was published by under the title of Fist of the North Star: Master Edition,which retained the original right-to-left orientation, but featured digitally colored artwork. Each volume from the fourth one and onward featured new cover illustrations by Tetsuo Hara that were made specifically for the Master Edition. The Master Edition ceased publication only a year after its start in 2003, lasting only nine volumes due to Gutsoon!'

S withdrawal from the North American market. Prequel In 2001, Tetsuo Hara began working on a Fist of the North Star prequel titled, which was serialized in until 2010. Set during the in 1935, the story stars Hokuto Shinken predecessor and Kenshiro's namesake, Kenshiro Kasumi. An English adaptation of Fist of the Blue Sky was published in North America by in the now-defunct manga anthology. Four collected volumes were published before the company went out of business. Spin-off works A series of Fist of the North Star spinoffs began to be published in Weekly Comic Bunch and Big Comics Superior later.

This lineup of titles has been dubbed the series, as each title focuses on a particular supporting character from the original manga. The following titles had been published so far:. by Youkow Osada.

A series that was serialized in Weekly Comics Bunch featuring Reina and Souga from The Legends of the True Savior movie series. All 42 chapters (as well as a two-part epilogue published sometime after the series' conclusion) were collected in five tankōbon volumes. It was adapted into a 13-episode anime series which aired on in 2008. The anime adaptation was licensed to under the title of Legends of the Dark King. Jibo no Hoshi by Ayumi Kasai.

Serialized in Big Comics Superior in three parts that ran from March 10 to April 14, 2006 and six subsequent chapters from March 9 to June 8, 2007. A single tankōbon volume was released. Sōkoku no Garō by Yasuyuki Nekoi. Originally began as two separate one-shot stories that were published in the March 22 and December 8, 2006 issues of Weekly Comic Bunch.

The one-shot version of the manga is subtitled The Magnificent Avenger. Rei Gaiden was picked up as an ongoing series, which began in the April 27, 2007 issue of Weekly Comic Bunch. The serial was originally subtitled The Hungry Wolf Saga, before receiving its finalized title.

Shirogane no Seija, a series by Yuka Nagate that began serialization in the August 24, 2007 issue of Weekly Comic Bunch. Gokuaku no Hana by Shin-ichi Hiromoto, which began serialization in the December 26, 2008 issue of Weekly Comic Bunch. Hōkō no Kumo by Kakurai Missile, which began serialization in the February 12, 2010 issue of Weekly Comic Bunch.

by Kajio, which began serialization in the December 2010 issue of. Kin'yoku no Garuda by Yoshiji Yamaguchi, serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon from April 2013 to August 2013. written by Yūshi Kawata and illustrated by Imōto Yukito, began serialization in 2013 on the Web Comic Zenyon website. EOneBook e-reader In 2018, a dedicated was sold that shipped with 18 volumes of Fist of the North Star, without the option of loading anything else, it is a read-only device just for Fist of the North Star.

It has two screens that fold out like a book and sold for $300 in Japan and the US. The device is called an eOneBook and is powered by removable AAA batteries. Anime TV series. Further information: Hokuto no Ken was first adapted into a weekly anime series. The series aired on from October 11, 1984 to March 5, 1987, lasting 109 episodes.

It was immediately followed by a sequel series, titled Hokuto no Ken 2, which aired from March 13, 1987 to February 18, 1988, lasting for 43 additional episodes (a combined total of 152 episodes between both series). The full series was never released on in Japan, although three hour-long compilation movies were produced by Toei Video covering the first, second and fourth story arcs in that order. On July 24, 2002, Universal Music released a box set containing all 152 episodes spread across 26 discs. These discs were later released as individual volumes from May 21, 2003 through January 21, 2004. Three ' DVD compilations were also released in 2005, each featuring seven key episodes from the series. On March 28, 2008, released a 25th anniversary edition box set featuring new video transfers of all 152 episodes remastered in high definition, once again spread across 26 discs.

This set also features two additional discs of bonus content (including the aforementioned compilation movies). This show aired with English substitled on in the late 1980s. The first 36 episodes of the first series were translated and dubbed by in 1999, although only 24 episodes were released on VHS (spread across eight tapes). All 36 episodes of the dub version were aired on in the and on in the, and were later released on DVD in 2003 (spread across six individual volumes). In 2008, the US subsidiary of produced an official subtitle-only translation of all 152 episodes, which were released on various and websites available only for North American customers. Announced on October 2, 2009 that they have licensed the entire Fist of the North Star TV series. The first two boxsets were released in that year, and the latter two in 2011.

The episodes used the sames transfers from the 2008 DVD box set in Japan, although it did not contain any of the special features. The first set featured the first 36 episodes along with Manga Entertainment's English dub, and a Japanese audio option with English subtitles; these subtitles were adjusted from the translation of Toei's streaming episodes.

Discotek later released all discs from all four boxsets (a total of 21 discs) together in one set, Fist of the North Star: The Series - The Complete Series Collection, on March 25, 2014. They were released on a SD set (with a total of 3 discs) with the same name on October 31, 2017. In 2009, Productions produced six compilation movies voiced in English. The movies cover major story arcs from the TV series, each one centering on a specific character (Shin, Rei, Toki, Thouzer, Raoh, and Kaioh).

These compilation movies had not been officially released in North America and Europe yet, but were distributed to video streaming websites in Japan in 2012. Films and OVAs The first animated based on the series, simply titled, was produced by, which premiered in Japan on March 8, 1986. Produced by the same staff and cast who worked on the TV series, the movie adapts the storyline of the manga from the beginning and up to Kenshiro's first fight with Raoh, taking several liberties with the order of events and how the story unfolds. An English-dubbed version produced by was first released in 1991 in North America and in 1994 in Europe and Australia. In 2003, a three-episode (OVA) mini-series titled was produced by OB Planning, based on a 1996 Hokuto no Ken novel, Jubaku no Machi.

An English dub version was produced by in 2004. In 2005, North Stars Pictures and announced the development of a five-part titled. The series is composed of three theatrical films and two OVAs, which were released during a three-year period between 2006 throughout 2008, culminating with the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Novels An original novel was written by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara titled Shōsetsu Hokuto no Ken: Jubaku no Machi which was published by Jump Novel in Japan on December 13, 1996. The novel was the basis of the later three-episode OVA series New Fist of the North Star. A novelization of the movie Legend of Raoh: Chapter of Love in Death written by Eiichi Sakaki was published by on March 10, 2006. There has also been two released via the mobile site Hokuto no Ken DX.

Raoh Gaiden, a novelization of the manga of the same name, and Kenshiro Gaiden, an original novel by Jotaro Higashi. Live-action film. Further information: An American-produced live-action movie version of Fist of the North Star was released in 1995, directed by based on a script by Peter Atkins and Wynne McLaughlin.

Paradise rescue bara game download

The movie, loosely based on the Shin storyline of the manga, stars as Kenshiro, as Shin and Japanese actress as Yuria, with as Ryuken and as 'Jackal' (actually a renamed Jagi). It also featured a cameo by professional wrestler as Goliath, and as 'Rao' (unrelated to the actual Raoh from the manga). The movie was released in the US and Japan (though it did receive a premiere on HBO). The Japanese dubbed version used the original voice actors from the 1980s anime series.

Video games. The four Hokuto no Ken video games for the. Numerous video game titles based on the Fist of the North Star have been produced since the 1986 release of adventure game, simply titled Hokuto no Ken for the. The earlier games in the franchise were released by for the and and by for the 's, and. These titles included side-scrolling, and competitive-style.

The two Sega titles were released overseas without the Hokuto no Ken license under the titles of and, while a couple of the Toei titles, namely for the NES and Fist of the North Star: 10 Big Brawls for the King of Universe for the Game Boy, had American releases with the license intact. Further games were released for the, and among other platforms. In 2000, Konami released an arcade game based on the franchise titled. Another arcade game, a 2D fighting game simply titled, was produced by Sega and in 2005. Both games saw international distributions, although the PS2 version of the fighting game was released exclusively in Japan. Produced a spinoff focusing on the events from the first half of the manga, titled. It which was released in Japan on March 25, 2010, and later in North America on November 2, 2010, and Europe on November 5, 2010.

A sequel, expanded on the first game and incorporated the events from the second half of the manga. It was released in Japan on December 20, 2012, and in North America on February 5, 2013. On August 25, 2017, announced a new game, for release in 2018 on. The game has been released on March 8, 2018 by the team behind the series and features similar gameplay and elements. In addition to traditional video games, the franchise has inspired a series of typing software and an online. Pachinko A number of and machines based on the franchise have been produced, mainly by since the launch of the CR Hokuto No Ken pachinko machine in 2002. Pachislot Hokuto No Ken, launched in fiscal year 2004, sold 620,000 units by March 2005, becoming the best-selling pachislot machine.

Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken 3 became Sega Sammy's best-selling pachinko machine when it launched in fiscal year 2009. By March 2017, Sega Sammy had sold 3.18 million Hokuto no Ken pachinko, pachislot and arcade machines, including 2.71 million Hokuto no Ken pachinko and pachislot machines, 30,000 Hokuto no Ken machines, and 440,000 pachinko and pachislot machines. Between April 2017 and March 2018, Sega Sammy sold a further 149,498 Hokuto no Ken pachinko and pachislot units, bringing total sales up to 3,328,844 units. At an average unit price of $5,000, Sega Sammy has grossed approximately $16,644 million from sales of Hokuto no Ken pachinko, pachislot and arcade machines. Reception and legacy Fist of the North Star was one of Weekly Shōnen Jump's most popular titles during the 1980s. It is one of the in history, having sold approximately 100 million copies.

In a poll conducted by in 2005, the Fist of the North Star anime series ranked 26 in a list of Top 100 Anime series. In a second poll in 2006, it ranked 89. In a celebrity version of the poll, it ranked 15. Creator has named Fist of the North Star as the work that has had the biggest impact on his own. Toole, Michael (July 29, 2013). Retrieved August 13, 2018. Peters, Megan (June 23, 2018).

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Archived from on 2011-07-16. Tecmo Koei America. Retrieved 2010-11-09. Tecmo Koei America is pleased to announce the release date for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, the new action-packed title based on the popular manga series Fist of the North Star. It was set for release on November 2, 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, players will soon unleash a whirlwind of martial arts fury torn from the pages of the seminal manga tale.

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Paradise Rescue Bara

Hokuto no Ken 2000: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho Part 2 北斗の拳2000 究極解説書 PART2 Fist of the North Star 2000: The Ultimate Handbook Part 2. Shiranui Pro (February 1, 2006). Hokuto no Ken Character File: Ransei Eiyūtan 北斗の拳キャラクターFILE 乱世英雄譚. Shiranui Pro (March 1, 2006). Hokuto no Ken Data File: Ōgi Hidensho 北斗の拳データFILE 奥義秘伝書.

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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Paradise Rescue Bara Game Download

(Bara, BxB, BL, Slice of Life)

Bara Boarders is a short and cute VN that takes place on an idyllic beach in Hawaii. You are a newbie surfer, whose been out on the waves enough times, but is aching to finally catch a wave and stay up on your board for the first time. You’re determined that today will be the day!

Thing is, you’re going to run into distractions, other handsome surfers - will they hinder or can they help you on your quest in paradise today?

Bara Boarders features a new Soulsoft EA game mechanic. At any point, you can click the “Phone Number” button on the HUD, essentially asking a guy for his phone number. If he’s feeling you, he’ll exchange numbers with you, but getting it is all about understanding the flow of conversation, social/emotional intelligence, timing and let’s face it…luck! (Like in real life)

Proud to be a submission as part of the first ever BARA JAM (2018)!


  • 100% free!
  • 3 Buff Love Interests
  • 3 Good, 6 Not-So-Good Endings
  • Wonderful tropical and relaxing hawaiian tunes, including some classics
  • New 'Phone Number' Game Mechanic, control when you initiate love
  • Cute classic 2D cartoon aesthetic

Soulsoft EA also has other great games at

If you find bugs or typos please contact me at [email protected]

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, barajam, bxb, Gay, LGBT, muscle, renpy, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Paradise Rescue Bara Game Download


Click download now to get access to the following files:

Development log

  • Bara Boarders is OUT!
    Nov 11, 2018



Paradise Rescue Bara Games


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