Phone Not Allowed Mm6 Unlock

Unlocking a phone enables you to use your phone on a compatible carrier’s network.

Hey,I have a blackberry 9300 curve and it is saying phone not allowed MM6.please help me unlock it MY PRD:38284-016 IME:15677. Re: Free Blackberry Unlocking Codes With'Imei +prd Code';no More Mep Code(NOT OS10) by femi4: 9:21pm On Jun 05, 2013. After using a CL purchased At&T Galaxy S3 for 14 days, the phone now says 'Phone not allowed MM#6', and does not allow any calls. I verified the IMEI number with T-Mobile and AT&T and the number is not Blacklisted / Reported Stolen (had to confirm this before I tried anything).

Phone Requirements

The phone must be a Metro by T-Mobile Phone.


  • Unlocked phones can only use networks of the same type. For example, an unlocked GSM-only phone will only work with another carrier’s compatible GSM network. It will not work with another carrier’s CDMA network.
  • Unlocking your phone does not guarantee that the phone will fully work with all of a competing carrier’s services and features.

Service Requirements

Phone Not Allowed Mm6 Unlock

Your handset must have had active service for a minimum of one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days from the individual phone’s activation date.

Note: For warranty exchange handsets, the original phone’s activation date counts as the beginning of the one hundred eighty (180) days, not the activation date of the warranty exchange handset.

Unlocking the Metro by T-Mobile Phone

Phone Not Allowed Mm6 Unlock

The following phones may be unlocked via an automated app.

  • Alcatel A30 Fierce, Fierce 4, Fierce XL, Tru
  • Coolpad Catalyst, Defiant
  • HTC Desire 530, Desire 626s
  • Kyocera Hydro Wave
  • LG Aristo, Aristo Cobalt Blue, Aristo 2, G Stylo, G Stylo White, K7, K20 Plus, Leon LTE, Stylo 2 Plus, Stylo 3 Plus, Stylo 3 Plus Titanium,
  • Motorola e4
  • Samsung Core Prime, Grand Prime, J3 Prime, J3 Prime Silver, J7, J7 Prime, J7 Prime 32GB, On5, S7 Black, S8, S9
  • ZTE Avid 4, Avid PLUS, Avid Plus, Blade ZMAX, Obsidian
Unlock phone not allowed mm6

To unlock the Metro by T-Mobile phones listed above, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have an active data connection via 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi.
  2. From the Application list, tap Device Unlock. (Note: The application may be located in the Metro by T-Mobile folder.)
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Choose the Permanent Unlock type:
  5. If successful, restart the device to apply the settings.
    1. Note: If you do not restart the device, you will have a persistent alert in the notification tray.

For all other phones, including iPhones, to unlock your Metro by T-Mobile phone, do the following:

Unlock Phone Not Allowed Mm6

  1. Contact Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service or visit a Metro by T-Mobile Corporate Store and request the unlock code for the phone. You must provide:
    • The phone number of the handset you are unlocking
    • The name on the account
    • The account billing PIN

About Deploying Military Personnel

Military personnel who are pending deployment do not have to meet the service requirement described in the previous section. To receive the unlock code for their Metro by T-Mobile phone, military personnel (or family members) must do the following:

  1. Visit a Metro by T-Mobile Corporate Store with their deployment papers.
  2. At the store, the agent will provide them with their options.
  3. Once requested, Metro by T-Mobile will send the customer a confirmation email containing the unlock code for the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need an unlock code for my phone?
    You may need an unlock code in order to use your current phone with another carrier, whether to use a different service or travel internationally.

  2. When can I request the unlock code for my phone?
    You can request the unlock code after 180 consecutive (continuous) days of phone service with Metro by T-Mobile.

  3. Why do I have to wait 180 consecutive days?
    As a pay in advance service provider, this helps us reduce fraud and misuse of service. This is in line with industry standards for pay in advance services.

  4. When does the service requirement (180 consecutive days) start?
    The service requirement begins from you phone’s activation date. The first day your phone is active with Metro by T-Mobile counts as day 1. Please note that your phone’s activation date is different from your account’s activation date.
    Note: For warranty exchange phones, the activation date is the date of the phone you originally purchased, not the activation date of your warranty exchange handset.

  5. I had Metro by T-Mobile service for 90-days; afterward I disconnected service for 30-days, and finally reactivated service with Metro by T-Mobile for 90-days. Am I eligible to receive the unlock code?
    No. To receive the unlock code, your phone must be active on Metro by T-Mobile for a minimum of 180 consecutive (continuous) days.

  6. During the 180-day period, my account was suspended. Can I still receive my phone’s Unlock Code?
    Yes. You are eligible as long as your account’s billing is current, and was not disconnected during the 180-day time period.

  7. Is there a fee for requesting an unlock code?
    No. There is no fee to request the unlock code.

  8. How long will it take me to receive my unlock code?
    Typically, you will receive your phone’s unlock code within two to three business days.

  9. What should I do when I do not have an email address?
    To receive the unlock code, you must provide a valid email address. At no charge, you can create an email account with any of the major email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, etc). We will send the unlock code to that email address. If you are unable to create an email account, call our customer service after three business days for the status of your request.
  10. What happens when I do not receive the email with my unlock code?
    If you meet the requirements, you will receive the unlock code within two to three business days. If you do not receive are response after this time, please contact Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service. The agent will research your request. To ensure that you receive your unlock code, please be sure to check your emails’ spam or junk mail settings.

  11. What do I do if I receive an error using the Device Unlock app?
    If you receive an error using the Device Unlock app, review the following table for troubleshooting:
    Error MessageInformation/Troubleshooting
    Device not recognized by your service provider. Please call customer care.Rooting your device will disable the unlock application
    Download the latest Metro by T-Mobile software to continue
    Data corrupted during transfer. Please try again. Error during data transfer. Please try again.Ensure the device has stable mobile signal
    Restart the device and try again
    Server not responding. Please try again later.No response is received from the server
    Try using an alternate internet connection
    Failure in processing the request. Please reboot device and try again.Ensure that your device has sufficient memory
    Restart the device and try again
    No internet connection available. Please try again when internet connection is available.No internet connection is available:
    Device is not connected to 3G/4G LTE
    A non Metro by T-Mobile SIM card is being used on a device that is locked to Metro by T-Mobile
    Unable to connect to the server at this time. Please try back again later.Update the app using the Play Store
    Attempt the unlock using the mobile network.
    No internet connection available. Please try again when internet connection is available.No internet connection is available:
    Device is not connected to 3G/4G LTE
    A non Metro by T-Mobile SIM card is being used on a device that is locked to Metro by T-Mobile
    Unlock Failed: This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlock. For Device Unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care.The device is not eligible for unlock
    Unlock Failed : System maintenance error, try again later.System Maintenance is currently underway
    Wait and try again later
    Failure in applying the unlock settings. Please try again.The device must be connected to the mobile network (including domestic and international roaming)
    Disconnect from Wi-Fi and try again.

April 1, 2018

Mobile handsets are sometimes 'locked' to the network from which the handset is purchased. This means the handset will usually only work when used with that particular provider.


If you want to switch to a different provider but keep your existing handset, you may need to get it unlocked.

You may also need to get your handset unlocked if you want to use a local SIM card in your handset when travelling abroad to avoid roaming charges.

Handset locking policies can differ from provider to provider or can depend on the type of device and package being sold to you.

For example, all of EE’s and BT Mobile's, and most of Vodafone’s handsets are sold locked to their networks. Tesco Mobile also locks most of its pay-as-you-go handsets and some of its pay monthly handsets. Sky's, Three’s, Virgin Mobile's and O2's handsets are sold unlocked.

You can find out whether your handset is locked by asking your mobile phone provider, or by trying a different network SIM card in it.

If you get a message that indicates there is a problem and you cannot make calls, it's possible that your phone may be locked.

If your handset is locked you can ask your provider to unlock it for you. Phones reported as lost or stolen will not be unlocked.

Mobile providers have different policies and processes for unlocking phones. For example, some will only unlock your mobile phone after a certain period of time has passed and will charge a fee, while some will unlock your phone at any time for free. If you are on a pay monthly contract and are outside your minimum contract period, most providers will unlock your phone for free.


Some handsets can be unlocked relatively quickly. For other handsets, unlocking may take longer, particularly if your provider has to contact the handset manufacturer to get the unlocking code.

Details of your provider’s handset unlocking procedure will usually be available on their website.

Phone Not Allowed Mm6 Unlocked

What if I am no longer with my provider?

Phone Not Allowed Mm6 Unlocks

You may wish to unlock your handset after you have left your provider. Most providers offer this service. as long as the request to unlock is made by the former account holder of the handset. Check your provider's website or speak to their customer service team to find out the process you need to follow.

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