Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokedex

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokedex

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Well I could be wrong, but I don’t think the early difficulty spike was intentional in Pokemon Glazed like it was in STALKER. Getting the difficulty/level curve smooth in Pokemon games seems to be a big challenge that even the official games struggle with because Pokemon level up at different rates and give different amounts of experience points when defeated.

Pokemon Glazed Pokedex Complete Pokemon Blazed Glazed Version is the most played and downloaded hack of pokemon Emerald Version. The Stoyline of Pokemon Blazed Glazed Download from one of the reputed pokemon rom hacks website. Several changes has been made in the pokedex of the game which makes it more complex in terms of a large pokedex. When you downloaded the file for Blazed Glazed, it should contain a text file which include all the location changes between it and regular Glazed. A list of all the catch locations in regular Glazed (if a Pokemon isn't listed in the Blazed Glazed text file, assume it has its regular catch location) can be found here: Glazed Locations level 1. Head to Seaspray town and west passing the pokemart. Go north until you hit water, surf and head west then all the way south until you hit a house. Pick up the rare candy. Go inside and battle the man who will give you Victini.

Play Pokemon Glazed (beta 7: final) online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon Glazed (beta 7: final) is a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Any Pokemon game would be incomplete if it didn’t give you the chance to attain the ultimate form of a couple of Pokemon on its Pokedex. This Mega evolution concept introduced in Generation VI has given poke enthusiasts something to change regardless of the game they are playing.

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Each game has a specific type of Pokemon that you can mega evolve using the Mega Stone or other unique procedures. Here are the liable beasts and how to Mega Evolved them in Pokemon Glazed.

What Pokemon Can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Glazed?

The critters that can Mega Evolve in this version of Pokemon include:

  • Venusaur
  • Charizard
  • Blastoise
  • Lucario
  • Salamence
  • Absol
  • Manectric

To evolve any of the above Pokemon, you will need the Mega Stone. However, if all you can get it the Mega Stone X, you can still use it to evolve the Charizard only.

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Obtaining the Mega Stone and the Mega Stone X

In order to secure the all-powerful Mega Stone, you need to be running Pokemon Glazed Beta 7B else your efforts will be in vain.


To get your Mega Stone and the Mega Stone X, you will have to make your way to the Nitro Isle that is the most convenient source of the Nitro Jewel, an ancient red and blue rock formation that is the source of Mega Stone and Mega Stone X powers.


The easiest way to get here is by:

  • Flying to the Reefen Isle
  • Taking a ferry to Nitrol Isle from Reefen Isle

The rock formation is at a road intersection and it will pop up its description text once near enough to interact with it.

Once the text expose is over, you will get the prompt to recharge your Mega Stone and Mega Stone X from the rock formation.

After recharging:

  • Go into your bag, pull up the items and select Mega Stone
  • Select the use Mega option
  • Select the Pokemon you wan’t to use on
  • For instance, select Cosmic to Mega Evolve a Lucario

Once you go through the evolution process, your Mega Stone reserves will be depleted and you have to use the Nitro Jewel to recharge and repeat the process on other Pokemon.

Here is a very good video tutorial by Dandi Arif explaining the whole procedure

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Pokemon Blazed Glazed Version is the most played and downloaded hack of pokemon Emerald Version. The Stoyline of Pokemon Blazed Glazed Download from one of the reputed pokemon rom hacks website. Several changes has been made in the pokedex of the game which makes it more complex in terms of a large pokedex. You have to travel around the city for finding some mysterious kind of items and make the tasks completed. Various new and amazing missions are waiting for you to complete and win different competitions. Let’s have a look at the awesome features and updates that the game contains.

Basic Info of The Pokemon Blazed Glazed Game Download GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Blazed Glazed Version GBA
  • Hack of Pokemon Emerald
  • Release Year 2015
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA Download Now:

Perhaps you may have played different hacks of pokemon emerald version which includes all those basic pokemon characters which are part of every hack of emerald version. Luckily this rom hacks have all those pokemon and several new ones as well. New moves has been introduced by making the movement of the player more stable and awesome. Several Pokemon from different Generations like Gen 4 and 5 has been added in the game which makes the game more interesting. You can also try Tower Defense Game OR Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Version

The Pokemon Stats has also been changed and added in the game which is the unique feature of the game. Also, the movepool addition in the game makes the player movement more enhanced than the previous pokemon games versions. Let’s Explore the area with some new moves and styles with the new and old players. There are different teams and players presnet in the game which are ready for competition everytime.


Movesets and rosters has been present in the game so far for more better gameplay and aweosme quality of moves. Remember that player can move in several directions at a time and can run between the buildings. Some awesome graphics effects makes the game graphics and environment more awesome to explore and search for different hidden objects.

Pokemon Glazed Pokedex

Graphics and Moves:

Talking about the graphics of the game, you will realize that how much advance the graphics are! Because the quality is awesome and all the 3D elements have awesome quality graphics in the game. New Moves and Sets are presnet in the game which makes the player’s movements more stable in the area where he/she was not able to run or walk well. Now you can run and walk among different buildings and can move in several directions at a time.

Battle and Evolutions:

Some nice quality battle effects are being presnet which makes the game more awesome to play. Now play the battle with your enemies teams and make some awesome records. You can also hunt for wild pokemons which you have to train them before they are being released in open environment.

Also, some amazing revolutions of many characters is now part of the game because in the previous editions we have seen that many characters have no evolution at all. Now you will discover some new evolution of many characters has been added which makes the player more excited to play the game.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokedex Rojo

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List of Some Amazing Features and Updates in Pokemon Blazed Glazed ROM:

Pokemon Glazed Evolution List

  • Having a new storyline and roles.
  • Sound Effects are new and unique.
  • Extra quality moves and sets are present.
  • Pokemon from Generations 4-6 are present.
  • The Pokedex is updated now.
  • Movepool addition.
  • Stat Changes are present.
  • Plot of many dialogues are changed now.
  • New area to discover.

Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA For Free:

I played through Pokemon Glazed last summer and it is the first Pokemon ROM hack I’ve played. I originally intended to write a full review of Glazed, but given how long my review of Pokemon Light Platinum turned out, I decided to just focus on the difficulty curve aspect of it. However, I will note that Glazed is a very well done ROM hack and I would highly recommend checking it out if you like Pokemon games.

Just to give a little background first, Pokemon Glazed has three regions: a new one called Tunod, a remake of Johto, and a smaller region called Rankor. It also has rematches for most of the trainers, including gym leaders and Elite Fours & Champions.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Complete Pokedex

My difficulty curve covering the main parts of Pokemon Glazed. The beginning is pretty tough, then after some grinding my Pokemon caught up and the rest of the game was easy until the very end for the Johto Elite Four & Champion rematch. The two spikes in the middle represent the Tunod E4 and Johto E4 first rounds.

Anyway, Pokemon Glazed was pretty difficult at the beginning of the game. By the time I got to the third or fourth town or thereabouts, I really had to start grinding significantly to catch my Pokemon up to the levels of the trainers. Fortunately, the trainer rematches helped make grinding faster and less boring (since beating the trainer Pokemon gives more experience than wild Pokemon), so I think rematches was a really effective feature to add from a design standpoint.


After getting past the first two or three gyms, the difficulty level got much easier and I was able to cruise through the rest of the game without many hitches. Glazed is very long for a Pokemon game, so starting around the middle of the game the easiness actually made it get a little boring, but I still kept up enough interest to continue. This is not unusual in Pokemon games though; in almost every Pokemon game I’ve played – official and hacked ones – I get bored after beating the first Elite Four & Champion, so considering how long Glazed is, the fact that I still kept my interest is pretty good. One design choice that made the game more difficult and interesting is that the Tunod E4 Pokemon teams are based on color instead of type. Typically in Pokemon games the E4 teams are based on type, so you can usually pick one or two Pokemon that are super effective against a team and clean up; however, Glazed requires you to be more strategic in which Pokemon you use for each battle because the teams are more varied.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Wiki

At the very end of the game, the difficulty level spiked up again when I rematched the Johto E4 because all their Pokemon hold leftovers, which restores their health a little bit each turn. In my opinion this actually felt like a bit of a cheap and unnecessary way of raising the difficulty, so if I was the designer of Glazed I probably would not have added that feature.

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokedex Serebii

Although I would prefer that the beginning be a little easier and the middle be a little harder, overall I found the difficulty of Pokemon Glazed to be within my flow bounds since I never got bored or frustrated enough to lose interest.

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