Saiki Mugen

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Saiki is the main antagonist and sub-boss of The King of Fighters XIII. He is the leader of Those From the Past, a mysterious organization that aims to use Orochi's power for their Master. He also is an ancestor of Ash Crimson. General Saiki ⇒ The Great Satan ⇒ Raika ⇒ A-Zepia. Julie and Anna ⇒ SSJ4 Tharja ⇒ Alice's Goliath Doll ⇒ Psyqhical. Matchmaking #18348.

Hereisthe list ofcharacterspostedfor downloadon the blog. To downloadgo to thepage: 'Download Characters KoFXIII' and clickdownload todownload it. The option'Biografy' tells a littleabout eachcharacterinthisKoFXIII. But rememberthe characterswork onlyin version1.0. Ifyou do not havethis version ofMugen, 'About Mugen' togodownload iton the official websiteofEletrobity.
1-Ash Crimsonby Randy Fenrir
2- Saiki X (Human form)by or2=3
3- Iori Yagami (Flame)by TightRiamMugen saiki kusuo
4- Mr. Karateby Ahuron
5- Duo Lonby DLS
6- Shen Wooby AhuronSaiki mugen youtube
7- Kyo Kusanagiby nekohoshi
Mugen8- Leona Heidernby P-tan
9- Ralf Jonesby REJY2505
10- Clark Steelby REJY2505
11- Mai Shiranuiby P-tan
12- Yuri Sakazakiby REJY2505 && NIGTH
13- Iori Yagamiby or2=3
14- Viceby or2=3
15- K'by TightRiam

Saiki Kof Mugen

16- Maximaby Ahuron
17- Kula Diamondby P-tan
MugenMugen18- Athena Asamiya(beta version) by Dharkst Dhost
19- exkyo (beta version)by xXLusterXx
20-exkyo (beta version 2)by xXLusterXx

Saiki Mugen Char

21- Athena XIII (Beta version) by k6666orochi
22- Athena XIII (Beta version 2) by k6666orochi

Rc Mugen Seiki

23- Athena XIII Version 2.0 by k6666orochi
24-Athena XIII Version 2.5 by k6666orochi
25-kof13saiki (version 15-5-2012) by werewood & BoyBoyz
26- EX-Kyo_XIII by k6666orochi

Mugen Saiki Stage

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