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NSFW Saints Row IV uncensored (without mods) nsfw I just found out accidentally, while testing for clipping problems in this thread that you can view uncensored nude characters without using any mods. Buy Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package. Includes 18 items: Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row: The Third Season Pass DLC Pack, Saints Row The Third - Genkibowl VII, Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space, Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones DLC, Saints Row: The Third - FUNTIME! Pack, Saints Row: The Third Z Style Pack, Saints Row: The Third Explosive Combat Pack, Saints Row. After waking from a coma a few years since the events of Saints Row, Ricardo Valentine, the Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, finds his city in the hands of Ultor - a former high fashion clothing company turned corporate overlord. Nude patch for Saints Row: The Third. All files in the nude mod’s folder saints row – the third copy in C / programs (x86) / THQ / Saints Row The Third.

Providing equal fanservice to the Saints Row community comes a new mod that places men in the strip club. Now when you head downtown, or enter a strip club and hangout, the game will generate a select pool of male NPCs who will dance provocatively for your viewing pleasure. This mod is slightly more explicit than the video suggests and it is recommended that you download the nude mod before installing.

Saints Row 3: Male Stripper Mod (Coop Compatible)


  • Place the files contained within the zip file into your Saints Row 3 main directory.
  • For example …SteamAppscommonsaints row the third


  • Generates a select pool of male NPCs to dance in the strip club.
  • Makes certain male NPCs perform and receive a lap dance at stronghold cribs.
  • Makes certain male NPCs perform inside cages at each red light district.
RowSaints row 3 nudeness mod


I don’t see any performers at the strip club.

  • Initially when you enter a strip club, the game may not generate any NPCs. You may have to leave and reenter a strip club to spawn them.
  • Some NPCs are generated when the camera is facing away from their direction.

I see female strippers in coop.

  • Players without the mod will be able to spawn female strippers if they arrive at the strip club first. Unmodded players will be able to see “most” of the male strippers except for a select few created exclusively for this mod.

I only see X why does X not appear?

  • The game pseudorandomly generates a select group of NPCs as you reach the strip club. Because of this, you may see the same NPCs spawn in several areas. In addition, some NPCs are more likely to spawn in strongholds. Reloading a save file or reentering the strip club may help to generate another set of NPCs.

In Saints Row: The Third (aka Saints Row 3) for PS3 and Xbox 360, obviously you’re a lot more limited on mods compared to the PC version. On the PC version you can install all sorts of mods to create nude characters and such, but is there anything you can do on the console versions that is similar?

Well, luckily the developers were thinking of us when they created the game.

Go to the Leather & Lace clothing shop in Camano Palace (on the North East side of the islands).

In Leather & Lace, under the Bra section you’ll find an item called Cover Your Nips. They’re pasties sure, but you can color them fleshy colors. If you zoom way up it’s pretty obvious, but from the typical “5 foot rule” they’re fairly convincing.

Saints Row 3 Nudeness Cheats Pc

I realize that this is just a work around, but this is really all we have on the console versions. If you want full customization, you’ll have to play the PC version instead.

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