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Make: Hitachi Seiki
Model: VK45 II
Year: 1995

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Control: Seicos M III

Seiki Vk45 Manual Download

Table Size: 44.1' x 19.1'
Table Load Capacity: 1650 Lbs
X-Axis Travel: 30'
Y-Axis Travel: 19.7'
Z-Axis Travel: 19.7'
Spindle Nose to Table Top: 5.9' - 23.9'
Spindle Taper: CAT#40
Spindle Speed: 60 - 8000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 10 HP

Rapid Traverse Rates (X,Y/Z): 1081 / 790 IPM
Tool Magazine Capacity: 30 Position Tool Changer
Maximum Tool Diameter / Length / Weight: 4.3' x 11.8' x 22 Lbs
Machine Dimensions L x W x H (Approx.): 124' x 91' x 99'
Machine Weight (Approx.): 14,800 Lbs

This machine is equipped with the following options:
RS-232 Port Interface
30 Station Side Mount Tool Changer
Flood Coolant
Rigid Tapping
Hand Held Remote Pendant
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