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Hello all, this is my first major post. Today I will be talking about a Brawl mod which I find the most enjoyable, even more than Project M, it is called Super Smash Bros. Infinite!!! This mod in particular is made by Youtube user Secretchaos1, however he does make it clear in his release videos that these are all made by the community, not only him. His Channel

What Additional Content Does It Add?

SSB Infinite is a mod of Super Smash Bros Brawl that adds many new characters, stages and alternate costumes, most alts being different characters completely. I.e: Parappa the Rappa over Knuckle Joe, or Banjo Kazooie over Mario, or even Ronald Mcdonald over Goku, THAT'S RIGHT!!! EVEN DBZ CHARACTERS ARE IN THIS GAME!!!


All the characters you know from Brawl are here along with revamped alts that are either different versions of that character or completely different fictional characters that don't relate at all.

The Additional Characters Include:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Iso Download

Download The Mod. Extract The Files Into A New Folder Using Winzip/Winrar. Load Up Brawlbuilder and locate the patching files to the PF files in the extracted SSB Infinite folder and the Rom location to wherever you have your US Brawl's ISO. Press Patch/Build Rom and wait. SSBU +19 ↺3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Among Us +6 ↺8 TF2 +9 ↺3 Team Fortress 2; S3AIR +4 ↺3 Sonic 3 A.I.R; HL2 +3 ↺3 Half-Life 2; BotW +2 ↺3 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU) CS1.6 +5 Counter-Strike 1.6; Celeste +2 ↺3 SSB3DS +4 Super Smash Bros.

Download and play the Super Smash Bros Brawl ROM using your favorite Nintendo Wii emulator on your computer or phone. Hi guys, Tech James here,In this video, I’ll show you guys how to install Super Smash Bros Infinite Mod on the Dolphin emulator for PC! You will need a Smash. Download Nintendo Wii ISOs. Community Uploads: These titles are uploaded by our forum members to file hosting services. This list is automatically updated based on the various Master Lists that our moderators maintain at epforums. MOD Super Smash Bros Brawl NTSC-UDVD5 MOD Super Smash Sisters Generations 2 WBFSNTSC-U MOD Takt.


Honorable Mentions:




Super smash bros iso wii



Skull Kid




As you can see, this is a butt load of characters, but the Alts are even better, there are again, WAY TOO MUCH TO MENTION, OVER MORE THAN 1,300 (13 for each character) costumes consisting of both (as previously mentioned) different forms of established characters and COMPLETELY UNRELATED CHARACTERS!!!

Honorable Mentions:

Superman (Over Broly)

Donald Duck (Over Sans)

A bunch of random anime females (over Bayonetta)

Grand Dad (Over Crash Bandicoot)

Pepsiman (Over Viewtiful Joe)

Gordon Freeman (Over Snake)

Iron Man (Over Dark Samus)

(Image Taken from Vinesauce)



For most stages, there are 5 or 6 different stages that can be accessed using button prompts. Think around half the Stages of Legacy XP if you count them all up.

How To Install It (On Dolphin)

1. Use a virtual SD card maker. (Make sure it is 4GB, you can find it anywhere online)

Super Smash Bros Infinite Mod Download

2. Download The Mod

See Full List On

3. Extract The Files Into A New Folder Using Winzip/Winrar

4. Load Up Brawlbuilder and locate the patching files to the PF files in the extracted SSB Infinite folder and the Rom location to wherever you have your US Brawl's ISO. Press Patch/Build Rom and wait.

5. After completion, you will find a new copy of SSBB in the folder, rename it SSB Infinite and move it to your games folder.

6. Open up the Virtual SD Card from earlier in a program called WinImage (You have to download It), and copy all the SSB Infinite files from the extracted folder into your SD Card.

7. Move your SD card into the Wii folder in your Dolphin Emulator folder located in your Documents.

8. Boot up Dolphin, disable cheat codes and Panic Handlers, Disable the Wii controller option and Set the Gamecube Controller up. (YOU CANNOT CONTROL GECKO UNLESS YOU USE THE EMULATED GAMECUBE CONTROLLER (This can be any controller, PS4, Xbox controller etc)) right click on your SSB Infinite iso and select the option (set as default iso).

Super Smash Bros 4 Iso

9. Press 'Open' in the top menu and locate your SSB Infinite folder, select Apps, then go into the following Gecko OS folder and select 'boot.elf'. If done right, it should load up Gecko.

10. Go to Config and scroll down until you see 'Set Hook Type', while highlighting 'Set Hook Type' press right on the D-Pad until you have it on 'AXnextType'. Scroll down to save config and press it (saving will take around 15 seconds at max). Once finished saving, press B to return to the Gecko Menu. If done right, Select 'Launch Game' and Walaaahh!!! You should have SSB Infinite working up and well.

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Nintendo Wii(Wii ISOs) ROM Download

Thank you for spending your time reading. Please comment if you have any problems installing it. Have fun and stay safe!!!

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