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License for 1 additional camera for the Synology Surveillance Station. Synology Surveillance Station 8.2.7 license keygen. . OFFERS ARE CLOSED (8). I will NOT share for Armadaxp, Armada38x, Armada375, Armada370, ARMv5, ARMv7, ARMv8, Monaco.

The new Archive Vault and Home Mode features in Surveillance Station bring more convenience and reliability. Integrating with POS, Intercom, and advanced I/O module features, Surveillance Station serves as a powerful central management platform. In addition, the support for GPU decoding and HTML5 provides significantly improved performance and compatibility.

Monitor transaction environments with the POS system

Integrating with POS1, Surveillance Station is now able to deliver solutions that meet retail business' requirements. Users can manage transactions with corresponding video clips, and receive notifications when abnormal transactions are detected. Watch the video tutorial

  • Transaction details can be shown in live view and historical recordings when pairing transaction devices with cameras.
  • Search historical transactions easily via an intuitive interface. Historical records can also be displayed with its corresponding video clips.
  • With pre-defined keywords or events, you can get instant alert notifications when abnormal transactions are detected.

Archive recordings in a flexible way

Archive Vault is a recording backup solution dedicated for your Surveillance Station. You can archive recordings to remote Surveillance Station servers using customized settings. Additional features such as bandwidth control and an intuitive playback interface enable more convenience and functionality.

Flexible archive settings

Customize various settings such as specifying the number of days recordings are to be kept, and selecting specific cameras, recording time, and event modes to run archiving tasks.

Bandwidth control

With bandwidth control, running archiving tasks will not dramatically impact network speeds.

Intuitive interface for archive recording playback

View archive recordings conveniently via the Recording and Timeline applications in Surveillance Station.

Extreme Performance

The support for GPU acceleration2 and HTML53 improves display performance while extending browser compatibility for Surveillance Station.


Experience versatile web-based surveillance features with Chrome™.

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GPU Acceleration

Smooth streaming and improved display performance with GPU acceleration in the Windows version of Surveillance Station Client. Learn more

Automatically switch security levels when coming home

Home mode is designed to let you quickly switch system settings and adjust to a different security level depending on where you are, at home or away.

  • Customize recording schedule, notification, stream profile, and action rule settings according to your needs.
  • You can switch to Home Mode either manually or by schedule. Home Mode can also be switched automatically when users enter or leave a specified area with the geofence function enabled on DS cam.

Deep integration with various devices

With more integration with Intercom cameras and I/O modules, Surveillance Station serves as a powerful central management platform.

Intercom camera

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Users can receive instant notifications when the doorbell rings, and respond to visitors in real-time through two-way audio and manual access of the door. Visitor logs and recordings of the visitors also can be viewed afterwards.

I/O module

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All I/O module ports can be paired with individual cameras. Alerts from each port will be displayed in live view independently. You can also monitor the status of the ports on E-map. Corresponding camera snapshots will be attached in the notifications.

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Synology Surveillance Station 8.1 License Keygen Windows 7

  1. Each transaction device requires two Surveillance Device Licenses.
  2. Only H.264 images in Live View, Preview, Timeline, and Recording support GPU acceleration, advanced video processing such as fisheye dewarping and live view analytics is not yet supported. The image types that do not support GPU acceleration will still use CPU decoding.
  3. Only MJPEG and H.264 video codec are supported in the current version, and some advanced image features such as fisheye dewarping, live view analytics, and smart search, are not supported. For complete features and services, you can use the browser interface on Internet Explorer and, Safari or Surveillance Station Client. Learn more

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