Tagxedo Silverlight Download

  • Select 'yes' if a window pops up asking you to install Microsoft Silverlight and follow Microsoft's directions for installing Silverlight. If Silverlight is properly installed and you are using Firefox 51 or lower or Internet Explorer, a sample blue word cloud in the 'Tagxedo Creator' default 'South America' shape will appear.
  • I can't get Tagxedo to work. I do have a Mac, I did download Silverlight, I did reboot my computer and still nothing. I may be missing something obvious but I cant find any detailed directions anywhere on the sight, lol, I must not be smarter than a fifth grader: ).
  • Born out of a passion for design automation, Tagxedo generates aesthetically pleasing wordles from your text. The tool is free for basic features and offers over 300 free designs to choose from. Tagxedo works on desktop and you’ll need to install Microsoft Silverlight to use it.
  • When creating a Tagxedo for a class, I recommend saving the Tagxedo on the web making note of the URL and saving the image to your own computer. You may then use the image in either PowerPoint Presentations or on a Website and make the image itself a link to the image on the web where the interactive functions are available. See the example below.

Tagxedo Word

Tagxedo Silverlight Download

To use the word cloud generator, you’ll need to download Microsoft Silverlight which is only supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform, which includes an in-built word cloud feature.


Tagxedo Silverlight Download

Tagxedo is a word cloud generator. You can type in words that relate to a topic or you can use it to pull words from a particular twitter feed, blog, website, delicious page, news article, etc. The more times that a word is included, the larger it will show up on your word cloud.

Ways that this could be repurposed for education:

  • Students could input their readings into tagxedo as a comprehension tool to see which are the most important words or phrases from an assigned reading.
  • Students could input their own writing into tagxedo in order to see if they are using filler words too often. They can also crosscheck that the words that show up larger within their word cloud actually portray the point that they are trying to convey.
  • If learning about the election, students could make word clouds to display the viewpoints of two different political candidates.
  • At the beginning of the year, students could create a word cloud to describe themselves to their teacher and their classmates.
  • Students could create word clouds that represent their theme for a piece of writing or a project and then use these word clouds as title pages.

How To Use Tagxedo

Tagxedo Silverlight Download

Tagxedo Silverlight Download Free


Here are two great blogs with ideas for how to use tagxedo:


Tagxedo Creator


Tagxedo Create

  • The creator has the ability to differentiate more important words by typing them in to the word cloud generator multiple times so that they show up larger on the word cloud.
  • The creator has the ability to join phrases together within their word cloud by inserting a ~ between the words that they would like to keep together.
  • The font and color scheme can be changed.
  • The shape of your word cloud can change. Therefore, you can pick a shape that best fits with the point that you are trying to convey with your word cloud.
  • You can also create an abstract word cloud, if you wish, that does not take the shape of any particular item.
  • You can set tagxedo to pull the most frequently used words from almost anything including: twitter feeds, articles, websites, delicious pages, blogs, movie scripts, PDFs, etc.
  • It is free to make a word cloud, and you have the option of buying various products with your word cloud on them if you would like.
  • Any creation that you make can be shared via Facebook or Twitter or saved as a jpeg to your computer.
  • Your word clouds can be printed off the computer.
  • Students do not need a username and password in order to use Tagxedo.

Tagxedo Free Download


Tagxedo Silverlight Download Windows 10

  • You must download Microsoft Silverlight onto your computer in order to use this web tool. Silverlight is free, but it does take up space on your computer.
  • There is no imbed code in order to imbed a tagxedo creation into a blog. Instead you must save your creation as a jpeg and then upload the picture itself into your blog post.

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