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Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is an instructive program aimed at computer novices who wish to get professional level typing skills through an enjoyable learning experience. It also provides an exciting way for more advanced users to hone their typing skills. The thumbs up gesture is used on the logo of Thums Up, a popular brand of cola from India. Starting in 2007, the thumbs-up also appeared on India's one-rupee coin. In the United States, American Sign Language users use a single thumb up tilted slightly and rapidly left and right to indicate the number ten (10). All things technology including tech news, reviews, privacy editorial, tips, and the best how to galleries on the net.

Typing is an essential skill. For the price of one takeout pizza you could:

Located on a small island where three sea lochs meet in northwestern Scotland, the current Eilean Donan Castle is just the latest incarnation of several monastic cells and Scottish clan strongholds that have occupied the tidal islet since the 7th century. Thumb definition: Your thumb is the short thick part on the side of your hand next to your four fingers. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

  • Double your productivity at work or school
  • Increase your employment opportunities
  • Reduce the strain of using your computer

Ten Thumbs Stairway To Heaven

Ten Thumbs is the award winning, easy and fun way to get typing. Learn the proper way without looking at the keys. Our unique personal trainer approach adapts to you, teaching the best habits from day one. Ten Thumbs is engaging for children and yet simple enough for adults!


Tenthumbspro.comTen Thumbs

Learn to type with Dvorak and Qwerty keyboard layouts, UK, US, as well as French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish variants. Onscreen keyboard means you never look down at the keys!

Seven Languages

Switch your interface between English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian or Spanish. Learn the appropriate keyboard for your language. Ten Thumbs is a well travelled viking!

Targets and Options

Adjust your words per minute target, decide on your spacing, choose to learn numbers and symbols as well as letters, Ten Thumbs comes with many user customizable options.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Download


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The thumb is one of the five fingers on the human hand. Thumbs are different from the other four fingers because they are in a different direction, have only two bones (the others have three) and are shorter. Thumbs help us to pick things up. This is called having 'opposable thumbs'. All primates have thumbs but humans have fully opposable thumbs.

Thumbs have an artery in them. Arteries have a pulse. This is why we should not take other peoples' pulses with our thumbs.

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