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  1. Download latest version of The Stanley Parable for Windows. Safe and Virus Free.
  2. The Stanley Parable Download is presented to the player from the first-person perspective. The player can move around and interact with certain elements of the environment,such as pressing buttons or opening doors, but has no other controls.
  3. The Stanley Parable a Galactic Cafe game. The Stanley Parable is an exploration of story, games, and choice. Except the story doesn't matter, it might not even be a game, and if you ever actually do have a choice, well let me know how you did it. Or, download the demo Free!
  4. The Stanley Parable is a research non-linear first-person game on Android. You are an office worker named Stanley, who has spent his life pushing keys on the requirements on the screen of your computer. However, once when the command is not received, Stanley, that one of his colleagues there.

Click on the “Download Now” button. Download “The Stanley Parable” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads). Open the Installer, Click Next, and select the listing the place to Install. Let it Download Full Version recreation in your specified listing. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Stanley Parable.

The live demo(nstration) for The Stanley Parable, which seems very different for a video game demonstration compared to other games. Although, it surprisingly has some unused things...and of course, the fabulous eight game!

  • 3Unused Narration

Developer Messages

A developer message present in the cup's texture, cup.vtf.

A message from Collin Eddings, one of the game's level designers. He also left some messages in the first few lines of subtitle_english.txt:

Unused Graphics

A pushed texture for the disagree button. In the hallway after the cup game, the button can be seen, but not pushed.

Unused Narration

According to most of these sound files' original filenames, it seems they are intended for The Stanley Parable at the PAX event or were early versions, judging by some of the 'PAX'-mentioning lines going used. This can be seen in the npc_sounds_narration_pax.txt file, in addition, there is unused text in npc_sounds_narration.txt too, showing likely remnants of one of the early versions of The Stanley Parable as can be seen in the Museum.


Another proctor


Are you prepared for THE STANLEY PARABLE?

Return to the receptionist

The Stanley Parable Download


Waiting in the Waiting room

Back on Board

Back at the demo

What did the demo look like?

Thing found

Eight Game

This seems to be an early version of leaving the eight game immediately, or part of a version where the eight game wasn't created yet.

There are no subtitles for this early version, but it has Text-to-speech Mike saying Yes, oh God. Yes, I would sell my body for The Stanley Parable!

Surprisingly, the latter two lines related to bringing the cup along the demo have closed captions, but have the same double-digits '00' making them glitch up and end up using the last mentioned one if it exists. The lines and interactions with bringing the cup to the door are unused, however.

The Stanley Parable Download Pc

'You can't bring that cup with you in here, what are you thinking? Set it down outside, and I'll open the door again.'

'No really, I mean it; you don't know where that cup's been, *I* do.'

This seems to be an extra part that had to do with finding a hallway, and getting to make a choice before the final choice.

Unused Closed Captions

The stanley parable download freeThe Stanley Parable Download

From subtitles_english.txt, for the subtitles that go unused because again, same double digits making the captions glitch out. (Note: the '<clr:' is for defining what color to use when the caption is displayed.)


Download The Stanley Parable Unused Soundscripts (info)
The Stanley Parable Download

As mentioned before, soundscripts in Source can and will sometimes contain unused content that date back to development similar to those ones in Half-Life 2 with 'e3' in them.

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