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  • Sdltrs is a TRS-80 emulator for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows based on xtrs. All three versions of sdltrs have a text-based menu UI that makes it easier to insert/remove emulated floppy disks and tapes and to change other settings. The Mac version also has a nice native Mac GUI. At this writing I.
  • Data General DT210 Terminal Emulator v1.2 (1986)(Stephen Tomback)CMD 5 Ko Data Maker (19xx)(John Stein)CMD.

Sdltrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is a port of the very capable xtrs emulator for Unix by Tim Mann. It includes lower case, the real time clock, hi-res graphics, serial port, parallel printer, mouse, cassette, sound and music output, 5' and 8' floppy disk drives in single and double. The TRS-80 emulator simulates a TRS-80 Model I with an Expansion Interface, two 5' floppy drives and 48K of RAM. It does so by emulating the hardware, not by intercepting OS calls. This is less efficient, but much more compatible.

Relive the glory of 80's 8-bit computing!

Trs-80 emulator mac os x

'[Emulation] is the sincerest form of flattery.' ― Charles Caleb Colton

About Sharp 80


This is a full-featured emulator of a TRS-80 Model III microcomputer. It is free of charge and all source code is publically available. It includes:

  • Complete and self contained with ROM and DOS built in
  • Faithful Z-80 CPU emulation (including undocumented opcodes -- passes all ZEXALL opcode tests)
  • Runs at standard 2.03MHz (or run up to 100MHz on a modern PC)
  • Bundled disk and tape library includes applications, utilities, operating systems, and games
  • Supports up to four virtual floppy drives, and all major virtual floppy formats (DMK, JV3, JV1)
  • Tape drive emulation supports high and low speed reading and writing (CAS format)
  • Windowed and full-screen modes with zoom
  • Authentic sound support
  • Built-in Z-80 assembler and disassembler
  • Real-time monitor of Z-80 CPU internals and IO device status
  • Printer to file support
  • Save the entire state of the computer with snapshots
  • Support for all video modes, including wide characters and Kanji mode

Project Objectives

  • Run old TRS-80 programs for fun and general interest
  • Document the internal workings of this ground-breaking 8-bit machine in understandable code
  • Provide examples of emulation techniques for others to use


See a full list of features and commands on the command reference page.

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Source Code

Trs-80 Emulator Mac Os X

Sharp 80 is Free and Open Source. All the source code for Sharp 80 is available on GitHub.

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