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In this article we’ll talk about How To Get the new O.P.Q. System Legendary Assault Rifle in Borderlands 3

Borderlands has always been flaunting the fact that the game has a billion weapons. Remembering the name of each gun is practically impossible. While doing my Revenge of the Cartels missions, Cost-Effective Optimized O.P.Q. System dropped for me. I was sure that I haven’t heard of it before, so I tried it, oh boy, this might be one of the best assault rifles in the game at the moment. Let’s find out how to get it and what are the stats like.

And remember, using the +puncture, +impact, and +slash damage mods only increase your damage based on the base value of that damage on your gun. So if you have a higher base impact damage (say 50) than puncture (say 20), then a 60% increase in impact would give you 80 impact damage and 20 puncture (and for the total, 80+20=100), while using a mod to increase puncture by 60% would give you 50. Pump action shotgun with loading shell reload that you can cancel and fire off what ever amount you loaded in. Great for when you panic hit reload and don't want to commit to it. The alt fire is a Air Burst Explosion. You fire off a small nade that explode in the air and hits everything in the smoke. Astilla is a rapid fire slug shotgun. Status shotguns - The 60/60 status/element mods. Punchthrough is pretty useful. Can go full on with Seeking Force or go less with Seeking Fury but get some reload speed. Other than them it depends on the specific shotgun. Hell's Chamber is a mod that increases the Multishot percentage of Shotguns. Add a photo to this gallery.

How To Get O.P.Q. System – Borderlands 3

O.P.Q. System Stats

  • Manufacturer: Atlas
  • Damage : 2738×2
  • Accuracy : 50%
  • Handling : 58%
  • Reload Time : 2.3s
  • Fire Rate : 8.58/s
  • Red Text : B.Y.O.B.B

The weapon has two firing modes; first is Assault Rifle mode and the other one is O.P.Q. System. The first one should be self explanatory, the one we are looking for is the O.P.Q. System mode, the gun spawns clones around you to assist you in fights.

My variant had the Cost-Effective Optimized pretext, not sure the same will drop everyone. The weapon also has anointed text that says: On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus cry damage. Not exactly the roll I wanted, but my friend got the same one with bonus 200% damage on skill end, which is going to be beastly.

Warframe Wiki Shotgun Mods

O.P.Q. System BL3 – Drop Location

Note: As mentioned in my previous article about How To Start Revenge of the Cartels, I had mentioned that this is a free event and you don’t need to own any DLC.

There are two ways to farm this weapon; either farm the new boss called Joey Ultraviolet or farm the Cartel Thugs located in Ascension Bluff. Keep on repeating until you get the variant you want. In the end, RNG has to be on your side. Good luck.

Warframe Best Shotgun Mods

Update: Seems like the drop chances are high when you take down Joey Ultraviolet.

Do you like this new legendary assault rifle? Do comment below and let us know.

Warframe Wiki Shotgun Mods American Truck Simulator

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