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Cameron wellhead systems range from conventional to application-specific systems for geothermal wells, jackup rigs, unconventional plays, and more.Designed to reduce installation time and enhance safety, they use trims and proprietary sealing technologies for expected well conditions. This manual is designed to provide instruction in the use of the Weatherford MP-16 pump. All personnel tasked with pump operation and maintenance should study all relevant sections in order to ensure the pump continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Knowing what’s in your water has never been so simple!

When you get a free, professional water test we’ll:

  • Test your water
  • Inspect your plumbing
  • Provide you with treatment options
  • Make sure you’re completely educated on your water needs
  • Offer full laboratory water test if you’d like an in-depth analysis
ManualWeatherford If you’re on city or well water in one of our local areas (i.e Weatherford, Grandbury,Azle, Aledo, Hudson Oaks and nearby areas) the in-home water test is FREE.Pilot

In today’s day and age it seems like nothing of value is free, right? Learning what’s in your water at no charge does sound too good to be true. However, here’s why we have a free water analysis.

Culligan has been around since 1936 and we’ve been in the West Fort Worth and Parker County communities for over 73 years. You cannot serve a community for that long unless you take care of your customers.

What’s that have to do with a free water test?

Well, the reality of the situation is that it’s much cheaper for us to test your water and give you the proper equipment the first time compared to if we had to go back to correct it. The loss not only in our time and labor, but in goodwill, would far outweigh our costs involved with a water test in your home.

With the Do-It-Yourself mentality in most areas, if we started charging for a water test, we fear that too many people would get caught going with an ineffective solution that doesn’t fully take care of their needs.

After all what good is water treatment if it isn’t designed to handle YOUR water?

To the best water for you and your family,

Weatherford Well Pilot Manual User

Weatherford Well Pilot User S Manual

Rick KeckWeatherford well pilot manual troubleshooting
General Manager
Culligan of WeatherfordWeatherford Well Pilot Manual

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